Will Michigan wear new uniforms in 2012-13?

Dylan Burkhardt
MDen-1[1]There have been whispers around the internet throughout the summer that Michigan will feature new uniforms for the 2012-13 season. It appears there might be some merit to those rumors.

With a top ten team breaking in a newly renovated arena, it’s no surprise that adidas would like to tinker with the gear for one of its largest schools. The most recent MDen catalog called out the fact that new jerseys are due in September. (HT: MGoBlog forum)

So MDen reiterates that some sort of refresh is coming but it remains unclear exactly what. After some sniffing around and deductive reasoning, we’ve got a sampling of what we might expect for the upcoming season including a mock up of Michigan’s new shorts and photos of other schools that might be wearing the same uniform design as the Wolverines. Pictures after the jump.

Update: Added shots off the rack of the replicas.

These product images from FansEdge.com appear to be the Michigan basketball shorts for 2012-13:


These shorts are listed as the adidas College Point Guard Short for 2012, the same name listedfor Michigan’s 2011 shorts at other outlets.

UPDATE: Here are additional photos of the replicas on the rack via @StevenCullen3

The mesh gradient effect appears to be used by in a number of other new uniforms for Adidas schools, many of which have already leaked photos of their uniforms. Here are some shots of both Texas A&M and NC State’s uniforms for the upcoming season. Note that the star pattern on Texas A&M’s uniform appears to be replaced with a block M pattern on Michigan’s uniforms above (click to enlarge).

There are no leaked photos or mock-ups of Michigan’s new tops but given the other adidas releases, it wouldn’t’ surprise to see a similar look.


There’s an additional mock-up circulating the internet from the 2013 Adidas Spring Catalog. The special line of jerseys, titled Bleed Out by Adidas, feature an all maize-on-maize design. The Adidas catalog specifies that the jerseys will be worn during “February & March of 2013-exact dates will be communicated at a later date”.

This line could be similar to the adiZero line that Adidas released last year for March Madness. (Baylor’s image provided for better clarity.)


It’s worth noting that Michigan players haven’t received any new gear. Glenn Robinson III tweeted a picture of himself today wearing Michigan’s 2011-12 jersey.

  • Northern Blue

    not a huge fan of the shorts on first glance. hopefully they look better with the jerseys. I would love to see the big block M on the side of the shorts again

  • A2JD

    Crap. I was excited for a moment there. If they went back to the Fab 5 look I’d be quite happy. If they went for the Glen Rice-era look, I’d be overjoyed.

    Those just look cheap and remind me of the 76ers “Lucky Charms” jerseys from around 1991.

  • David
  • Webbdog

    I say we should go back and stay with the 89 throwback Uniforms!! Those were And are still the Best Uniforms Michigan Basketball Has EVER WORN!!!! Of course I would love to see a White rendition and a Maize rendition as Well. If Someone could Post a Pic it would be appreciated.

    • A2JD

      Already took care of that.

  • I love the Fab Five unis and the 89s but I don’t think we’ll ever see them released as Michigan’s standard jersey.

    These new adidas uniforms remind me a lot of the current Nike uniforms that have some sort of pattern individual to any school baked into the back of the top. It looks like a little much in the spec pic but I don’t think the A&M uniforms look half bad.

    • A2JD

      buthisismichiganfergodsakes! Aim higher than A & M.

  • Austin

    Uhhh, GRIII is ripped. Dude is going to make waves!

    • Mostly why I included that photo.

    • Wayman Britt

      I agree, man has he bulked up. With his jumping ability and now some muscle he should make an immediate impact in the Big Ten.

  • Chris

    Those shorts are an absolute joke. It looks like something you get from a Walmart rack, not something that should be an official uniform. Please knock it off with the gaudy uniforms DB.

  • Looks like Nebraska also has a similar look:

    • A2JD

      That different material at the top of the chest makes it look like a dress over an undershirt.

    • Chris

      Most people up at Nike and Adidas are absolutely clueless when it comes to uniform design. Where do these major companies find these bozos?

  • maxwell’s demon

    The shorts are horrid.

  • Kool Breeze

    Not real fired up about the new uni’s, last years model is better. I agree with A2JD, they look cheap.

    • A lot of people say they look cheap. Do the A&M shorts (the actual ones) look cheap or just the catalog pic?

  • Mac

    I bet Brandon will bring in the ’89’s every now and then, just like with football.

    • A2JD

      No. He’ll create some new jersey that has nothing to do with the basketball team history.

  • Polsci

    Those shorts are awful.

  • Brick93

    I just threw up a little…

  • section13row15

    I think the new shorts look pretty cool although the 89 jerseys would be sweet during big games. They did wear them a few years ago when the 89 team was honored at Crisler for the 30 year anniversary. UM lost to OSU that day if I recall correctly.

    • A2JD

      20 year. Yeah, they lost to BJ Mullens who had one of his better games in his short bucknut career.

  • ChocoJoe

    Cool, I love how the design is actually little M’s.

  • Indiana_Matt

    Besides not liking the style, why does Adidas allow UCLA and Indiana to have somewhat unique uniforms and we have to get the “standard” style that is worn by everyone? Why are we using a template that Nebraska uses? Yuck. Let’s go back to Nike (even though they gave us the hideous block M on the jersey, once upon a time).

    • A2JD

      Yes, Nike started the trend of ugly unis and Adidas is now taking it to the next (lower) level. I used to like Adidas more for being the classy one. Maybe it’s time to switch to Puma?

    • Taylor

      Nike didn’t start making UM jerseys until 94/95 time frame (end of Fab 5 run). They were not the manufacturer of the block M jerseys, although they did make throwback replicas a few years later. The manufacturer of the block M jerseys were Russel Athletic. Don’t ask me why I know this.

  • geoffclarke

    not a fan. the Nebraska pic sealed it.

  • JimmyZ5

    They’re going to look fine. Let’s all calm down. The shorts in the photo are replica, and as always quality will enhance the appearance. I’m a classic man personally but I can see these looking just fine on the court. Overall still much better than the jerseys from the early millennium (Huge Block M on the chest = worst ever)

  • MH_20

    Quick hits: Those shorts are ugly as sin and GRIII is one ripped son of a gun.

  • jblair52

    Amazes me how this site came alive with comments about CLOTHING of all things…haha!

    • It amazes me but doesn’t surprise me. There’s nothing like jerseys to get people fired up.

      • jblair52

        I guess so! Man…haha bizarre to me. Put on a t-shirt and ball it up for all I care. I guess I never really pay THAT much attention to them.

    • A2JD

      Dress for Success! Or, in this case, “dress like you’re the cover of a kid’s cereal box”. Wheeeee!, we have stars on our shorts! :-)

  • moorebluego
    • A2JD


  • james

    Great the one year we are going to be really good we will look like a joke.

    • geoffclarke

      We’ll be really good for more than just one year…

  • Mattski

    The shorts have a cheap-o look, but might not be so bad on. I just think there’s an inherent problem for a school with strong tradition, like M, where it’s all about enduring values and you have a great established look, and (meanwhile) there’s a need to change things up to sell stuff. Oh well–at least the blue clocks toward midnight and the maize is maize-y.


    Those are fugly – Early 90’s graphics making a comeback!