Thursday Notes & Links: Reggie Cameron visit canceled

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Alex

    Really excited and think that the players have the right attitude. Take nothing for granted and focus on the present. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn from the past or think about the future at all but the majority of the focus seems to be on the hear and now and improving a little bit every day. Excited for the season.

    • Alex

      Here not hear.

  • BlimpyBlue

    On Cameron, I posted the following on another site, but thought I’d throw this out here as well. I’d be interested to hear Dylan’s thoughts on this:

    …I’m guessing that Beilein cooled on Cameron. He was in New Jersey earlier this week to watch Cameron work out, and I’d speculate that the limitations in Cameron’s game (he’s a great shooter at 6’8, but the other parts of his game are extremely limited) gave him pause.
    Cameron could certainly have some value as a bench player that can come in and shoot the lights out, but in the limited video I’ve seen of his game, I don’t think he’s a player that can play a significant role on a team without major development in his game.
    On Offense… even though he’s 6’8, it doesn’t look like he has the handle or the quicks to exploit opposing big men if they’re guarding him on the permiter. And I don’t know that he has enough of a post game to take advantage of mismatches if he’s defended by smaller players.
    On Defense… He could be a liability on the defensive end of the floor, as he doesn’t appear to have the body to bang inside when matched up against opposing bigs, and he could have a lot of trouble when matched up against a 3 or small 4 that has the ability to put the ball on the floor and attack the hoop.
    Cameron is a great shooter that moves very well without the ball — especially coming off screens — and has the quick release to get his shot off. But with the players that Beilien is bringing in with their ability to shoot — specifically Stauskas, Levert, Irvin, and Donnal — Cameron’s shooting ability may not be enough to make him a contributor.
    If this does spell the end of 2013 recruiting, then that creates two situations:
    1) There will no longer be a roster crunch if the unexpected happens and nobody leaves early for the NBA. The addition of a player like Cameron was predicated on the assumption that Burke and/or Hardaway (or possibly GRIII or McGary) would leave early and open up a scholarship spot.
    2) Assuming that Burke does go pro next year, that creates an additional scholarship that could keep McLimans around for another year. I haven’t heard or read anything that indicates McLimans has developed his game in a way that he’s expected to have an increased role over last year, but as a 6’11 player that can shoot and that continues to add bulk, the potential that he could develop is makes him a lottery ticket of sorts for the team.

    • Steve2081

      Saw this on the other site and agree with everything you said.

    • Kenny

      This is exactly my reaction after seeing the news.

    • Assume…. Not fact

      GUESSING was the correct word to use , the workout was not the reason. So before you cast your info get facts.

      • jblair52

        enlighten us

  • A2JD

    I guess I will cancel my plans for yelling out “DA SHOOOTAHHH” every time Reggie shoots a 3. I was really warming up to that idea.