Top NBA Draft Prospects in the Big Ten: No. 2 Trey Burke

Dylan Burkhardt

i[1]Draft Express goes in-depth while scouting Trey Burke’s NBA prospects, slotting him as the league’s second best prospect behind Cody Zeller. A few highlights:

As the primary ball-handler of the slowest tempo team in the Big Ten conference, with no real post presence and very few creators besides him, Burke is by nature a very ball-dominant point guard. A huge amount of his offensive possessions (nearly half) come in pick and roll situations, where he is pretty effective.

Extremely fast in the open floor, Burke is an excellent ball-handler, capable of playing at different speeds and showing a terrific burst blowing by opponents en-route to the rim. He does a good job of keeping his dribble alive and weaving his way around traffic, which allows him to draw the defense and find open shooters spotting up on the wing or cutters diving to the basket.

The thing that hurts Burkes’ offensive efficiency the most is his propensity for losing patience and falling in love with the pull-up 3-point jumper, something he does on a couple of occasions per game, sometimes before any of his teammates get a chance to touch the ball. Nearly half of his field goal attempts come from beyond the arc, and he makes 35% of them. Pull-up jumpers from 3-point range aren’t a particularly high percentage shot for anyone, but he takes plenty of them every game, sometimes by necessity. Now that he will have more help around him this season (Michigan’s incoming recruiting class is very strong), it will be interesting to see how well Burke can utilize the new different options he has at his disposal, and whether he can improve his fairly paltry 0.73 Pure Point Rating.

Much more at DraftExpress, where Thomas, Craft and Dawson check in at slots 3-5. Draft Express has Burke projected 24th in its 2013 First Round Mock Draft.

  • jblair52

    Burke late first round sounds like a good spot for him. Crazy to think he could have ended up at Penn State.

    Craft I’m not sure – it’s hard to grasp how a good defender, ball handler, passer will translate into the NBA. I mean, could Craft really slow down Russell Westbrook? Derrick Rose? Then again…who can…

  • A2JD

    I think he has the potential to be a 1st round pick and even make it into the late lottery. His size, unless he just sets the world on fire, will still scare some teams off.

  • Alex

    I hope that Burke has a great year so that his probable decision to enter the Draft this year works out.

  • Somewhat related… Draft Express put out 6-10 of the list and Tim Hardaway Jr. is not included in the top 10. Thoughts?

    • geoffclarke

      I might put Hardaway above Appling and maybe Paul, but this looks about right. It’s a tough one.

  • section13row15

    If Hardaway can gain some consistency, he’d be right up there. He has good athleticism and decent size for a 2 or 3 in the NBA, just needs to work on his assertiveness, ball handling, and consistency.

  • More from Draft Express… Mock drafts
    Burke in 2013… Robinson a 1st rounder in 2014, Hardaway a second rounder…


    • jblair52

      Hardaway has potential. I believe after his freshman year Draft Express had him mocked into the Top 15 in one of the future drafts. Kind of like McGary, jumped up and down so who knows.

      Has good size and athleticism, just needs to work on consistency and the mid-range pull-up IMO

      He could be Top 5 in the Big 10 or he could be out of the Top 10.

    • Quick Darshan

      Looks like they have Hardaway right behind Appling in their mock, so he’s probably the #11 player in the Big Ten in their eyes. They have GRIII above Payne in their mock too, so they must consider him a Top 10 player as well