Rare Steve Fisher sighting at Jalen Rose’s event is just Fab

Dylan Burkhardt

415071_408440905871685_469469202_o[1]Steve Fisher made an appearance at Jalen Rose’s charity golf outing for the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy and, as seems to be the case at most events involving Jalen Rose, there were plenty of quotes suitable for printing. Here are three highlights from Rose and Fisher:

“I think [Steve Fisher] got screwed,” Rose said. “I don’t think he deserved the way he was ousted. I don’t think it was fair. I think it was an overreaction. And he’s shown that by creating a program that has been, over the last few years, better than the one at Michigan.”

“Now, I go places and more people think of me as the San Diego State coach more than the Michigan coach, for sure west of the Mississippi,” Fisher said.

Rose was at the U-M football game against Alabama. “I support the players and teams,” Rose said. “I love Dave Brandon. I would not be surprised if they found a way to embrace the Fab Five.”

Plenty more from Rose and Fisher at the Detroit Free Press.

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  • Steve2081

    I really dislike Jalen Rose.

  • geoffclarke

    I like Jalen Rose and can appreciate his loyalty to Steve Fisher. First let me say that I don’t know Steve Fisher, but in general, if I were to “judge” another human, I would put appropriately more weight on their morality than their ability to follow NCAA rules. I’m curious to know how other former players for Fisher feel about him. He was a genuinely courteous and nice man the one time I met him.

    As a Michigan basketball fan, did I like that the program had a decade-plus period of irrelevance due to the infractions and subsequent apathy from those who should have cared? No. But it is what it is. I can move on. Does Michigan need to somehow honor the teams whose records are vacated? I don’t think so. But I agree with Rose that the basketball program should embrace *all* its former players and coaches.

    • Matt

      Great point. Obviously there was resentment from certain players that were overlooked during the 1991-1993 teams like Talley and Riley who were actually Frieder recruits, but I’d love to know how these guys feel about Fisher today. Jalen and Fisher both have said that they communicate among the fab five, but what about guys like James Voskuil, Jason Bossard, Kirk Taylor to name a few? As you said, Fish always seemed like a generally courteous and nice man which made it tough to see him go. I personally would love to see a reunion in the very near future.

  • V.O.R.

    I remember the “Fab five” years; “on the court” it was one of the high points of Michigan basketball that should be embraced, they were that good. They were the envy of many schools and will be remembered for future generations. As Jalen once said, “can anyone remember the names of the starting five of the two teams that won the national title from Duke and North Carolina?” No, not without looking it up. Of course what happened as a result of the scandal was unfortunate and I wish hadn’t happened, but the Fab Five (plus coach Fisher) will always be close to my heart. Go Blue!!!