Irvin, Walton rise in post-summer Rivals ranking update

Dylan Burkhardt
on released its updated post-summer class of 2013 rankings this afternoon and two Michigan commitments saw their stock rise once again.

Zak Irvin is Michigan’s highest rated commitment on Rivals, checking it at No. 31. Derrick Walton  isn’t far behind at No. 44 while Mark Donnal is at No. 104. All three prospects are rated as four-star prospects.

Irvin jumped 37 spots from 68th to 31st in the rankings while Walton rose 13 spots, to 44th up from 57th. Donnal saw his stock drop but only minimally as he fell from 103rd to 104th.

Michigan’s commitments are also ranked in the top 100 at ESPN and after post-summer updates. Irvin is ranked 62nd on Scout and 21st on ESPN. Walton is ranked 43rd on Scout and 32nd on ESPN. Donnal is ranked 80th on Scout and 96th on ESPN.

Michigan target Reggie Cameron is also rated a four star recruit and ranked 84th in the updated rankings.

  • Troy

    Not that it affects anybody here, but James Young just tweeted that he’s left Troy High for the greener pastures of… Rochester?

    I’m not 100% sure it’s true – he could just be looking for attention. But if so then that’s two Division 1 caliber players Troy has lost in the last 6 months (and the only two they have had in the last 20 years)

    • Pretty sure that Young’s transfer is accurate. Don’t think him transferring should really be a surprise at this point.

      • Troy

        Yeah it doesn’t surprise me but not sure why it’s 5 miles north to a similar program. If he wasn’t happy at Troy getting the ball every time down the floor, what will do the trick? And why does he say it on the day of orientation? Very strange. But I agree it’s not a huge surprise.

    • umbballfan

      not sure what’s going on with him… is he related to alex legion? is msu still seriously pursuing him?
      why hasn’t uk offered yet if he’s a top 10 talent and openly says he’ll go if they offer?

      • Guest

        Academic issue and has tons of handlers surrounding him. He’s bad new all way around. If UK haven’t offered him yet, something’s wrong.

        • geoffclarke

          I would think having tons of handlers would be a positive for Kentucky.

  • jblair52

    Legit top 50’s…I think Donnal is worth a #80 ranking IMO

  • It’s fantastic that coach is seeing great talent early and getting the players here. It will be great to see the final rankings next year for the 2013 class. Both Zak and Derrick could easily be top 25. Mark could be top 75 too when all said and done. It’s getting exciting.

  • geoffclarke

    I really haven’t looked at other universities’ 2013 commitments, but I’ll take Walton, Irvin, and Donnal in a 3-on-3 against any they have to offer.