U-M commits rise in first batch of post-summer ranking updates

Dylan Burkhardt

bilde[1]Michigan’s three active class of 2013 commitments all enjoyed successful July evaluation periods to cap off strong AAU careers. Now that the evaluation period is over, all three have seen their recruiting rankings continue to rise.

The first two scouting services to update their class of 2013 rankings are Scout.com and MaxPreps.com. All three Wolverine commits are regarded as top-100 prospects by both services.

Scout.com slots Derrick Walton at No. 43, Zak Irvin at No. 62 and Mark Donnal at No. 80. All three prospects were given four stars. Irvin made the jump from outside of the top 100 all the way to No. 62 and is now regarded as a top 100 prospect by all three major services.

MaxPreps.com calls Irvin Michigan’s best 2013 prospect, ranking him at No. 26 and handing out five stars.  Derrick Walton checks in at No. 42 with Mark Donnal at No. 73.

Rivals.com and ESPN.com have yet to update their 2013 rankings but both services have mentioned Zak Irvin as one of the fastest rising prospects. ESPN.com’s Dave Telep also mentioned Derrick Walton as a potential McDonalds All-American candidate after an impressive performance in Las Vegas.

  • jblair52

    3 Top 80 players is a nice class Beilein! PG, Wing, Big

  • Bluebufoon

    Rankings are a farce– they are nice to talk about but no validity to them.

    • Adam

      No validity to them? Sure seems like rankings are a pretty big deal… out of the top 5 NBA draft picks last year 4 out of the 5 were 5 stars in HS and the one who wasn’t (Dion Waiters) was the #4 SG in the nation…

      And of the top 10, 7 of them were 5 stars with another (Terrence Ross) being the #3 SG in the nation… so 9 out of the 10 were either 5 stars or top 4 at their position coming out of HS… I’d say rankings are a pretty big deal in basketball especially… sure there are always examples of guys who play way above their ranking or don’t live up to their billing but more times than not in basketball the top recruits are the best players in the land

  • Beating the Odds

    D Walt has out played the top pg all summer no respect but keep grinding but its cool congrads to Irvin Donnell

  • Colby

    Any chance we go after Trey Lyles who just decomitted from Indiana? Just the type of 4 man we need in 2014.

    • Would be surprised to see that recruitment go in that direction. Would bet that this might help IU a bit with Trevon Bluiett as well.

      • jblair52

        Why would it help with Bluiett? Different positions. Do you mean by scholarship count?

        • More room on the ship. Don’t think it would be a game changer or anything, but things were crowded there in terms of opportunities.

  • troy

    I am so excited about the future of Michigan basketball!

  • Bud

    Is there any up date on Austin Hatch?

  • section13row15

    I love how Beilein recruits guys who have the highest ceilings and propensity to improve. He recruits gym rats! I love it. That scouting video of D Walton was amazing. Great handles and court vision. We won’t skip a beat when Trey gets drafted next year.

  • Steve2081

    ESPN’s new rankings are supposed to be out today.