Scouting Video: Trevon Bluiett at GRBA Nationals


After offering a scholarship in late June, Michigan coaches have watched nearly every game that Trevon Bluiett has played this July. That was the case once again last weekend in Fort Wayne as John Beilein spent significant time focusing on Bluiett’s Spiece Indy Heat squad at the GRBA Nationals in Fort Wayne. Here’s footage of Bluiett in action:

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  • You’re wasting your time. He will join his former team-mate Yogi at IU.

    • serious

      Ah, the omniscient Indiana fan. Tell me more, great one.

  • Steve2081

    So he CAN do more than shoot! :)

  • Daburns0

    Can this guy actually dunk the ball, or jump over a foot for that matter.