Michigan harvests AAU power

Dylan Burkhardt

imageMike Rothstein on the Michigan’s connection to the SYF AAU program:

“[Glenn] was just like ‘Man, when are you going to get on board with Michigan,’ ” McGary said. “I’m like ‘Eh, when Spike comes with me.’ ”

“Spike” was point guard Spike Albrecht. When McGary said it, he didn’t think it would actually happen. He didn’t even know if he was going to Michigan yet.

A year later, Robinson III, McGary, Albrecht and redshirt freshman Max Bielfeldt comprise almost one-third of the Wolverines’ scholarship players this season, and they all come from one AAU team, SYF Players, and one man — Wayne Brumm.

As intertwined as the foursome is, reaching Michigan involved four individual choices.

“When you ask was it a coincidence, it really was,” Brumm said. “There’s a unique story that goes behind every one of these guys.”

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  • Steve2081

    Thank you Wayne. Keep’em coming.

  • gobluemd16

    Corey Person will be returning for a fifth year! I think this is a great move, especially after Novak and Douglass’ departures, Corey can add some much-needed veteran leadership to the team.

  • section13row15

    Corey Person looks like he can play a little bit too besides just his energy and leadership skills. I was really impressed with him in the very few mop up minutes he played.

  • rkw

    Hey dylan any crisler updates?