Mark Donnal Spring Highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

Via Prep Hoops TV:

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  • geoffclarke

    Like Donnal and looking forward to him in the maize and blue. Very skilled and still has time to add muscle and increase his vertical before he gets on campus!

  • jblair52

    Who would you “compare” his game to? (more style than production)
    I was thinking…something between McGary and Zach Gibson (haha!) Somewhat of a big that COULD do some damage in the post if he gets the desire but likes to step out some and shoot the outside shot. Also a decent runner up and down the court.

    • geoffclarke

      How about Ryan Kelly from Duke? Is that a good comparison or am I way off?

      • SamGoBlue

        That’s probably not a bad comparison. Legitimate size, ability to knock down the three or mix it up down low a little. I think Kelly probably shoots a bit more than Donnal will and Donnal should play on the blocks a little more.