Scouting Video: Mark Donnal at 2012 Spiece Run ‘n Slam

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan commitment Mark Donnal had a solid weekend at the 2012 Spiece Run ‘n Slam in Fort Wayne, Ind. We scouted Donnal and compiled over three minutes of video footage of the future Michigan big man during pool play action which you can watch in the embedded media player below:

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  • GregGoBlue

    The more I see of Donnal, I continue to be impressed with what he brings to the table. His demonstrates great vision, and good comfort with the pick and roll game. His ability as a shooter to spread the floor is well-documented, but in these clips his willingness to take it to the rack and/or receive the ball in the post should make him an ideal fit for the 4/5 in Beilein’s offense. With skill development and added strength, I can see Donnal being an impact player at Michigan. The potential of this 2013 class is very exciting.

  • Quick Darshan

    He needs to work on finishing with his left. He makes some nice moves that way, but keeps having to bring the ball to his right. By the time he’s a senior, he’ll be tough to stop.

    • South Florida Maize Rage

      reminds me J-Mo in not finishing with the left.

  • couldashouldawoulda

    Brings back memories… Played so many games at Spiece. Even a few at Concordia. IUPUI was another common gym we played at. Where is my Michigan offer?

  • A2JD

    He’s a little mechanical but he has good court vision and obviously a nice shot. If he can get more nimble, he’d be a serious threat. As it is, I think he’ll be pretty good.

  • SamGoBlue

    This is not to compare the two players, both because it would be unfair and I don’t think they are all that similar overall, but does anyone else see shades of Tyler Hansbrough’s game in Mark Donnal? Some of his back-to-the-basket moves really remind me of Pschyo T, particularly when he spins to his left and puts up an awkward-looking jump shot that always seems to fall. I like the development of the spin move in general in Donnal’s game overall as well. Continues to impress.

  • South Florida Maize Rage

    I hate to be “THAT GUY” who makes this comparison but I see Kevin Pittsnogle in this guy’s game. Big man who can shoot it from anywhere and make every pass. Not a beast in any particular aspect but can do everything well. I am excited for this kid. He’s going to be a player. Hope he can consistently rebound in the Big Ten.