2013 Q&A: Vitto Brown on Michigan radar after strong camp performance


Vitto Brown is a 6-foot-8, class of 2013 big man prospect from Bowling Green, Ohio. He made the trip to Michigan to play at the College Practice Camp on Saturday and stood out as one of the best players in attendance. We caught up with him earlier this week to talk about his game, who’s interested in him, and what he was talking to the Michigan coaches about on Saturday.

How would you describe your game?
“I’d describe my game as a 3 or 4. I think I can shoot the midrange real well, but also go down low and post up. I like to take my man off the drive. also. I need to work on my 3-point game.”

How did you like camp? Did you enjoy it?
“Yeah, I really enjoyed it. I thought it was a great experience and it really gave me some insight into how college is going to be in the future.”

How do you think it went for you?
“I think it went well. Some of the drill work was kind of shaky, but I got used to it as the camp went on. I think on the 5-on-5, in-game stuff, it went real well.”

Have you been in contact with the Michigan coaches?
“I actually hadn’t talked to them before that camp.”

Are you aware of the interest level on their part?“They said they would definitely be following me in July, and that they’d probably give me a call when June 15th rolls around. That’s what they told me.”

Did they say anything else to you regarding a possible offer?
They didn’t really say anything about an offer yet, but coach Beilein and coach BA were just saying they like my game and my work ethic and my passion for the game. They said they’d be following me in July, at the Peach Jam and the Nationals. That’s pretty much all they said.”

Was that your first time visiting Michigan?
“Yeah. that was my first time on campus. I loved it, actually. I thought all the facilities were really nice, especially the weight room. There was plenty of space and I could definitely get better in there.”

Who else is showing interest in you?
“I just got an offer from Minnesota about two weeks ago, so they’ve been showing me a lot of interest. Kansas State also (offered).”

Do you have any plans for visiting any schools in the near future?
“Yeah. I’m not sure which ones, but I’m definitely trying to get in some unofficials this summer, then maybe some more officials once the fall rolls around. I just have to see which schools show the most interest.”

What are you looking for in a program?
“Just somewhere where I can come in and make an impact at the beginning. I might not start, but I want to be able to have that as a goal in my first year and help the team out. I also want good academics. I value my grades a lot.”

What do you like about Michigan?
“I definitely like the coaching staff, I like everybody on it. Most of them are young and energetic and that’s great because they can show you how to do things more than just telling you. I also like the location. It’s not far from home, only about an hour and 15 minutes, so my parents would be able to come and see me any time.”

What are you working on improving about your game this summer?
“For July I’m trying to shoot more 3’s. And also I’m just working on my overall aggressiveness offensively. I’m usually good on defense but I need to attack the bucket a little stronger. Because, I have the athleticism but I have to attack harder.”

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  • Steve2081

    I would not be sad if we threw this kid an offer. I think he’d make a nice 4 in our offense. He might not have the 3 point shot (yet) but he has good handles and seems like a pretty good passer. Plus he’s clearly not afraid to go down low and bang.

  • SamGoBlue

    This is good news to hear. I thought he clearly was the best performer at camp and I’m glad we are at least giving him a good look. I’m also a littler surprised he had never heard from the Michigan coaches before, but I have a feeling if we ever did send him an offer he’d instantly commit.

  • Colby

    Dylan, any opinion on Goodluck Okonoboh getting an offer? Thanks

    • He hasn’t visited. Wouldn’t expect him to get an offer until he does and haven’t heard plans of that recently.

  • Bluebufoon

    Excelent video–this is the type of player we have been missing. Potentially an excellent defender and shot-blocker. Plus he can play with his back-to-the basket–Sign him up. I much prefer Mr Brown to Reggie Cameron, who appears to be one dimensional– we need to improve the Wolverine rebounding and defense and this kid does that. In this conference we need more muscle in the paint.

  • DingoBlue

    Definitely seems like a solid prospect. I saw a lot of blocks but I also saw a lot of fouls. Definitely good agression and demanding the ball though.

    I noticed he plays on Spiece Indy Heat, does that mean he was on Austin Hatch’s AAU team last year? Or is there an actual age difference between the two that had them playing on different teams?

    • Hatch played on a different Spiece team. Vitto plays on Trevon Bluiett’s team that is playing in the EYBL. I also believe Vitto used to play with another Ohio based team before that but I might be wrong.

    • Steve2081

      Looks like he averaged 6.6 pts and 5.4 rebounds a game in the EYBL. He also led the team with 20 blocks.

      • Also like that he didn’t attempt a single three pointer but says he’s going to focus on shooting more. Beilein ball is getting to him! Ha.

  • Fresh

    definitely looks like an aggressive shot blocker which is always fun to watch……..looks like with some agility work this kid could be really solid……..looks to be about college ready as far as his body structure goes as well (10-15 lbs wouldn’t hurt) ………if he can shoot the ball as well as post up then he becomes a really intriguing prospect

  • Wayman Britt

    He looks good in this video, but I question the competition. Like to see him against guys his size and talent level. A little early yet.

    • SamGoBlue

      Unfortunately being in the 2013 class we don’t have a whole lot of time left to evaluate him. Unless we decide to hold a scholarship til the end of his senior season and then decide.

    • geoffclarke

      The last clip of the game at the Huntington Center seemed to be a little better competition, at least more guys his size. Like others, I think I would prefer Brown to Cameron. But how is Beilein and staff going to approach 2013 recruiting? If they really like someone like Brown or Cameron, do they ask him to wait to make a decision until the Spring (if they think there’s strong mutual interest) so they can have a better handle on their scholarship situation? In that same line of thought, what do you think the odds are that there is NO attrition to the team other than graduation?

  • Balg

    6’7 with a 7ft wingspan -yes please. Great vision, nice shooting touch and not.done.growing.
    Two nice summer growth spurts and he could turn into Anthony Davis.
    Offer him quick, he’s about to blow up!

  • section13row15

    He could be like Deshawn Sims but a better defender potentially.

  • GregGoBlue

    For Vitto to get an offer, we would have to assume that Burke goes pro AND Hatch doesn’t enroll in 2013 (or some other unforeseen form of attrition), yes? Seems like a lot of compounded “if”s, yes?