Recruiting Bullets: Devin Booker to Visit, Big Offer for Bates-Diop, More

Dylan Burkhardt

Devin-Booker-at-Michigan-OSU-Game-2-597x398[1]Some quick recruiting notes on a Friday morning with Michigan’s College Practice Camp just eight days away on the calendar and two weeks until John Beilein will extend his first batch of 2014 offers.

  • 2014 guard Devin Booker tweeted that he is en route to Ann Arbor this afternoon to make an unofficial visit. Booker has emerged as one of Michigan’s top recruiting targets in the class of 2014 and has visited Ann Arbor several times over the last year including last year’s camp, a football game and the basketball win over Ohio State. Booker is regarded as a top 35 prospect nationally by all three major scouting services.
  • 2014 Illinois native Keita Bates-Diop picked up a big offer from new Illinois head coach John Groce on Thursday evening. Bates-Diop is scheduled to visit Louisville unofficially this weekend before tripping to Ann Arbor for camp next weekend.
  • The 2014 trio of Peyton Allen, Darreon Reddick and Darius Austin reportedly enjoyed their trips to Nebraska. All three prospects are scheduled to visit Butler this weekend while attending Brad Stevens’s Elite camp.
  • 2013 shooter Reggie Cameron was invited to the Pangos All-American camp this weekend but won’t be participating because he’ll be taking the SAT on Saturday instead. Cameron reported that he is still weighing the possibility of attending Michigan’s College Practice Camp next weekend.
  • 2015 phenom Karl Towns tweets that he is visiting Kentucky this weekend. Towns will play on the Dominican National team, which is coached by Kentucky head coach John Calipari, this summer. Towns is in Lexington to practice with the Dominican National Team.
  • TKWolverine

    I hate Calipari.

    • Hackasw

      hate really just because your Wolverines are non exsistant in any of the major sports don’t get mad at those that are hanging banners. And I also most forgot you guys have been on probation not UK . SEC wins is all football. basketball ands baseball we hold all three.

      • KRN

        “Also most forgot?”
        “SEC wins is all football. basketball ands baseball?”
        I see your name is Hackasw. Are you by any chance related to Hacksaw who posted above?
        Also, it’s kind of funny hearing about probation from a fan whose basketball program is one of only three Division I programs to receive the death penalty.

      • Adam

        where did all of these Kentucky fans come from? Easy to like a coach when you are winning, but Calipari is going to get caught one of these days based on all of his shady behavior and I hope UK gets nailed

        Anyone who doesn’t think Calipari is a slimeball is living in la-la land… everywhere he has gone has had problems with the NCAA after he left.. he is “friends” with all of these NBA players and for what? Oh to help him recruit… he plays his game in the gray areas of the NCAA rules just like Nick Saban does in football.. they may or may not break any rules but they sure don’t run their programs ethically (and I’m sure they do break rules but they just have it down to a science how to get around the NCAA rules because the NCAA is a joke)… when it comes to situations like these, where there is smoke there is usually fire… it’s no coincidence that Memphis and UMass had wins vacated while Cal was the coach, and that as soon as he got to UK problems started circulating around Eric Bledsoe

        the sad thing is that Calipari probably doesn’t even need to cheat anymore because he has established Kentucky as the one and done program and people will go there every year on their stop gap to the NBA

  • Adam

    Of course the Dominican National Team is coached by Calipari… I’m sure it’s no coincidence that he happens to be coaching the team that Karl Towns is going to play on.. Calipari will stop at no costs to land the top recruits.. such a slimeball

    • Hacksaw

      Really- He decided to coch this team for two years to get one kid. ? What a f joke get a life and by the way we just hung banner number 8 , all time wins, all time tourney wins, only school where 5 different coaches have won NCAA, read and weep

  • mzorstar

    Coach Bacari will stop at no costs to land the top recruits.. Go Blue!

    • Bluebufoon

      My wish list is Booker, Bates-Diop, Sean OMara, Sean Sellers and Tyler Ulis or Bryant McIntosh at PG.

    • lou eaton

      Does Calipari MAKE the rules Or does he simply take advantage…or is he just a great coach and players want to play for him??? Rose, Wall, Evans, Cousins, Davis, etc, etc….

  • GR Wolverine

    You can have whatever opinion of Cal that you want, and some might be warranted. But if Coach B was asked to coach and was coaching everyone would say what a great opportunity. Let’s just look at it objectively. GO BLUE

    • GR Wolverine

      On another note, Booker is a stud as I have seen him when he was in GR and I hope we get him.

    • Steve2081

      Not to mention Carl Towns was in like the 6th grade when Cal took the job.

    • A2JD

      I think it would be a good idea for college coaches to not be able to coach players under the age of 18. That would clear up some potential shadiness.

  • TKWolverine

    O.K., offer day is exactly two weeks from today. Who gets offers?

    • Good discussion point most certainly. We’ll have a 2014 hotboard coming up early next week. As with last year, I think camp will be a huge factor in evaluation and offers yet again.

      • TKWolverine

        Dylan, UM runs several camps each summer. Which is the most important camp re. recruiting? Is it the “College Practice” camp on June 9? (I noticed that the Team Camp doesn’t take place until late June, after the June 15 offer date)

    • Steve2081

      I’d say Booker, Bate-Diop, Harris, and Bluiett are all locks to get offers on day 1. After that its a bit more muddled.

    • SamGoBlue

      I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I think first day offer locks are Keita Bates-Diop, Trevon Bluiett, and Devin Booker. Wideman, Harris, Sellers, O’Mara still have work to do in my opinion.

  • Braveswin

    You folks are sick so Cal takes the Dominican coaching job just to recruit Downs

  • everybody just hates Calipari cause he is the best coach in the game right now

    • Adam

      best coach or he lands all the top players in the country and all he has to do is be a figure head on the sideline? Put almost any coach with that team last year and they still win the national championship.. it’s an NBA team playing against college teams.. I could’ve stood on the sideline and just told them to play and they would’ve made the final four.. any legit coach wins a title with that team

      and before you start talking about how recruiting is part of being a college coach (and I agree in a sense), what do you have to say to all of the “issues” that his former programs get into as soon as he leaves? He skirts away and really toes the line around what is allowed.. a lot of shady stuff always surrounding him.. his final four with UMass was vacated and his final four with Memphis was vacated… he is the only coach in history to have a final four appearance vacated at more than one school.. have anything to say to that?

      • steve

        since you know so much tell us what he did wrong

    • bird

      I’m just bummed he’s chicken to play the Hoosiers now that they’re back. That’s a non-conference game I wish I could perennially enjoy. Unfortunate.