Tuesday Links: Challenge Reactions, Trey Burke, Eso Akunne, Transfers and more

Dylan Burkhardt
  • TKWolverine

    2014 offers go out one month from today!! Begin the countdown… :)

  • ten

    wow that was a great article about eso! Now i know why his grades slipped so much his soph. year when he was on scholarship and he got it taken away. That last scholarship is going to go to ESO

  • Kyle

    Dylan, do you have any ideas on who might commit right away from the 2014 class when extended an offer? I know that Booker really likes us.

  • Steve2081

    I’m interested in seeing who will get a day 1 offer on the 15th. Booker, Bluiett, and Bates-Diop all seem like locks. After that it seems to be a bit more cloudy.

    • Steve2081

      O’Mara maybe too just because he seems to me the only true center that we are going after right now.

      • SamGoBlue

        I don’t think there’s any chance O’Mara is the best big man on our radar. I sure hope not.

        • Steve2081

          Who else is out there that we even have remote shot at? Cliff Alexander is the only other big I’ve seen mentioned and I don’t think we have much of a shot there.

          • SamGoBlue

            Yeah, you are right in that few big men (other than maybe Alexander) are being mentioned as receiving high interest in the 2014 class. I think Wideman is an option out of Lake Central, but I think the most likely path our coaches take is holding out on offering any true 5s on June 15th. Keep in mind big men often take the longest time to develop, so it is very difficult to gauge a big man’s college potential after just two years in high school, especially when some kids could still be growing significantly (think Anthony Davis). I think you have the wrong mindset in simply assuming that we will throw out an offer to a big right away just because we might have a need at the 5 spot. I assume we will take a wait-and-see approach, and if no big men flourish, it wouldn’t be the end of the world to wait until the 2015 class and ride Bielfeldt, Horford, maybe McGary, and Donnal for the next couple years. Transfers are another possibility.