Michigan to host North Carolina State in Big Ten-ACC Challenge

Dylan Burkhardt

ESPN-Big-Ten-ACC-Challenge_display_image[1]Michigan will host North Carolina State in the 2012 Big Ten-ACC challenge.

The Wolverines will play the Wolfpack at Crisler Center on Tuesday, November 27th. Times and television information are expected to be released at a later date.

North Carolina State returns four starters from last year’s Sweet 16 squad which went 24-13 (9-7 ACC) on the season. ESPN.com has North Carolina State at No. 6 in their early top 25 while CBSSports.com has the Wolfpack at No. 18. Michigan is ranked fifth by both ESPN and CBS Sports.

Mark Gottfried also brings in a top 10 recruiting class featuring three McDonald’s All-Americans, Rodney Purvis, TJ Warren and Tyler Lewis. Returnees CJ Leslie, Richard Howell and Lorenzo Brown are all projected as potential 2013 NBA Draft picks.

After losing the first 10 challenges, the Big Ten has won the challenge in each of the past three seasons including a decisive 8-4 victory in 2011. Michigan is 1-4 in the Big Ten-ACC Challenge under John Beilein and 4-7 overall.

All confirmed and rumored future scheduling dates can be found at this page. Michigan is scheduled to participate in the Preseason NIT, which features Pittsburgh, Kansas State and Virginia, and will also face West Virginia at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, NY.

Find the Big Ten-ACC Challenge match-ups for the entire conference after the jump. 

Date Game
Tue, Nov 27 No. 13 North Carolina at No. 1 Indiana
  No. 6 NC State at No. 5 Michigan
  No. 25 Minnesota at Florida State
  Maryland at Northwestern
  Iowa at Virginia Tech
  Nebraska at Wake Forest
Wed, Nov 28 No. 8 Ohio State at No. 15 Duke
Virginia at No. 22 Wisconsin
No. 9 Michigan State at Miami
Purdue at Clemson
Georgia Tech at Illinois
Boston College at Penn State
  • Let’s hear some reactions. What do you think of Michigan’s match-up? What do you think of the Challenge match-ups as a whole?

    • BostonBlue

      I’d like to see a random draw or a system where we get to play all the teams over successive years.

      • What happens is that teams are mostly stuck on the same away/home schedule (no one wants a road game two years in a row) and generally the top half of teams stay good and the bottom half stay bad. You continually pair them up and there are only so many combinations.

        But who wants to play the teams at the bottom? UNC would have been fun for prestige but NCSU will be fun as well. Tons of talent on the floor in that one.

  • Kyle

    I like it. Even though I rather would have had Duke or UNC.

  • Steve2081

    Bring’em on!

  • Here’s another question. With five high majors on the schedule already (http://www.umhoops.com/information/2012-13-schedule/ ) in two of Pitt/KSU/UVA, NC State, WVU, Arkansas… Will Michigan add anymore HM teams?

    • UM Hoops Fan

      The only problem is no true road games among those. There would be 3 neutral-site games, plus home to NCS and Ark, and @Bradley. Not sure it’s too great a problem with enough neutrals, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see UM start a home and home with an away game, which would also bring someone big in to Crisler the following year.

      • Steve2081

        That is how schools like Duke and Syracuse do it every year. I guess that means we have arrived. :)

      • 3 HMs on neutral floors is good.

        Next year we host Arizona and play at Iowa State so adding a home-and-home that starts on the road this year could workout.

        Leaving Arizona at home, at Iowa State, home against new team, at Big Ten-ACC game.

        • UM Hoops Fan

          There’s also the (hopefully) outside chance that we lose to Cleveland State of whoever we play in the NIT regional, in which case we wouldn’t go to MSG, right? That would leave us one upset away from having one neutral game and no road game vs HMs.
          Not that I think we’ll get upset, of course.

          • Yeah, if we were to lose we would play two games against a couple of the other regional squads that also lost as far as I know.

            We are going to learn a lot about this team in the final 10 days of November with the trip to NYC and the B10/ACC Challenge.

          • Steve2081

            Cleveland State is losing most of their top guys. I don’t see them as a threat.

          • They lose people but Waters runs a tough program. I like that game in terms of preparing us, but it won’t be a walk in the park.

          • DingoBlue

            If there’s one thing I’ve learned in CBB is never underestimate any team (“There’s no way DJ Cooper can have another huge game in the NCAA tourney!”). I think we have room for another HM game or competitive mid-major type (a la Memphis).

          • Steve2081

            Ohio was a very good team last year. Cleveland state was not nearly as good and will be worse this year while. I feel pretty safe counting them as a win.

  • scott

    Great schedule so far….should help our overall rpi if we win our share of these.

  • p-nickel

    though draw but we can handle it!

  • Alex

    At first I wanted North Carolina but it looks like NC State could be on of the top 2 teams in the ACC. Very nice resume builder if we can hold the line.

    If we did lose it would still probably be decent for the RPI.

    Either way a great opportunity and hopefully a game I can make.

  • SamGoBlue

    In my way too early prognostication, I think we will actually tie the Big Ten/ACC Challenge at 6-6. Not sure what happens in that case, but it looks like it will shape up to be another close battle.

    As for our match-up, NC State has obviously been a popular pick since last season to really break out this upcoming year with the way they closed out their year and their incoming class. Should make for a clash of some great young talent and some tremendous coaching, but I think Trey will be the difference-maker for us in a win.

  • A State Fan

    I’m really excited for almost all of these top tier matchups. UNC v Indiana pits two of the biggest fan bases in the nation. OSU v Duke are two of the most hated teams. Michigan v NC State are two up and comers with great recruiting classes. I don’t know how MSU ended up with Miami, but I hope we win it and the B1G can make it four in a row!

  • Kenny

    Virginia vs Wisconsin, given all the coverage on Bo Ryan’s transferring rule, would be a very interesting game.