Scouting Video: Sean Sellers and Bryant McIntosh at Shootout


Michigan coaches were in to watch 2014 combo forward Sean Sellers earlier this week. The talent prospect was impressive over the weekend at the Shootout. We scouted Sellers here and posted a video interview with Q&A earlier this week. Here’s footage of Sellers in action:

Find footage of Sellers’ teammate, Bryant McIntosh, after the jump.

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  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    I have no idea how Beilein and Company scout so well. It’s so hard to distinguish these kids and their potential as a Div I college bball player. Those guys look good, but I’d honestly have no idea if they had legit B1G potential or were destined to play DII ball.

  • A2JD

    Maybe I’m getting spoiled but since Coach Beilein and Co. broke their Top 50 Cherry this year with GR III and Mitch, I keep expecting each scouting video to have some “Wow” factor to it.  This video doesn’t.  He may still be a nice player offensively.  We have no idea what he does on D.  

     I guess I just have to trust the staff knows what they’re doing.  They usually do.  I just hope we get in on some big time guys as well as the diamonds in the rough.

    • A2JD

      I hadn’t seen the McIntosh vid yet.  That kid looks okay.

  • Brian_W
  • Sven187

    From this limited look Sellers seems to be a little more well rounded than McIntosh. Plus he is 3 inches taller.

    • Sven187

       McIntosh does have a sweet stroke though.

  • Fresh

    on  a much different but pretty sweet note……….manny got the start for the cavs tonight 41 mins had 19 and 12 boards…….great game for him