Michigan making early impact with Indiana underclassmen

Dylan Burkhardt

Chandler%20White[1]Hyron Edwards (2)Jeremy Hogan | Herald-Times Eron Gordon (14) of Eric Gordon All Stars plays during the Adidas May Classic.
Chandler White, Hyron Edwards and Eron Gordon

From its graduating seniors, incoming freshman to future commitments, Michigan has prioritized its recruiting efforts in the state of Indiana. 2012 commitment Glenn Robinson III is the highest ranked 2012 Hoosier state prospect by Rivals.com and, when all is said and done, 2013 commitment Zak Irvin could be the highest rated Indiana player in his class as well. Five of Michigan’s last eight commitments are Indiana natives while two others played their AAU basketball for a team with Indiana connections. Michigan has made its presence felt and has continued to extend that effort to future classes, including 2014, 2015 and even 2016.

2014 prospects Trevon Bluiett, Sean Sellers, Aaron Brennan, Perry Poindexter and Bryant McIntosh have all listed Michigan prominently in the past year and at least a handful of those products should earn a Michigan offer this summer. This weekend in Indianapolis, the focus was on the future where a number of 2015 and even 2016 prospects stole the show at the IndyBall.com Shootout.

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Chandler White (2015), a 6-foot-2 combo guard from Fort Wayne Carroll, was one of the more impressive prospects at the Indyball.com Shootout. White is hearing from Michigan, Michigan State, Indiana, Purdue, Xavier and Butler and has already taken visits to Indiana, Purdue, Michigan and Michigan State. White reported that “Indiana and Michigan are both really up there” when asked whether any schools stood out at this time.  He also reflected on his visits to date:

“Indiana, I really like because of their atmosphere and fans. Purdue, I like them a lot because of the way they play. Michigan I went to for a basketball game, and I liked that.”

Another impressive prospect at IndyBall was Hyron Edwards (2015), a 5-foot-10 guard from East Chicago Central. Edwards lists Indiana, Purdue, Michigan, Xavier and Northwestern and has visited Northwestern, Indiana, Purdue and Michigan. Similar to White, Edwards reported that he “likes Indiana and Michigan so far”.

Eron Gordon (2016) is just an eighth grader but the younger brother of former Indiana star Eric Gordon picked up his first scholarship offer on Monday from Indiana. Gordon listed Indiana, Purdue, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State and Wisconsin as the schools showing early interest.

Michigan doesn’t offer prospects until June 15th of their sophomore seasons, so you won’t see offers extended to any 2015 prospects for over a year. However, recent recruiting cycles have proven just how valuable early evaluation can be in a state like Indiana – where early recruiting is generally taken to another level. Michigan’s first 2012 commitment was from Glenn Robinson III in September of 2010. At the time Robinson was relatively unheralded but his stock has risen consistently to the point where some sites have him ranked as the best player from the state.

Michigan prioritized its 2013 targets and had four commitments wrapped up before September of last summer – two from the state of Indiana – and the focus on the Hoosier State is unlikely to slow down anytime soon. Michigan’s list of young targets in the state of Indiana will continue to expand throughout the summer and these are just an early group of names to commit to memory.

Joe Eberhardt contributed to this report.

  • mitch

    Im really starting to like the state of Indiana.  The talent in the Hoosier state blows away Michigan.


    What’s with Eron Gordon’s jump shot? That’s a pretty broken J if you ask me.

    • Adam

      Exactly what I thought. He clearly has a ton of game, but that is one of the weirdest J’s I’ve ever seen

      • As an eighth grader… there’s a bit of time to improve his jumpshot.

    • YpsiTuckyBoy

      Looks like he’s trying to combine Shawn Marion and John Shurna’s jump shot.

    • Mac

      Hhah he releases it at about his chest!

  • TKWolverine

    OT re. this thread, but I’ll ask anyway. Dylan, there is buzz everywhere re. Reggie Cameron (though your site was the first to break it). How do you like our chances and what is his timetable?

    • The buzz is warranted. Reggie seemed genuinely positive about Michigan and the fact that he’s been communicating so much with Beilein (who’s visiting today) tells you everything you need to know about Michigan’s interest. Not to mention Beilein’s connections with Reggie’s coach, who also coached DaSean Butler.

  • Deacon

    In addition to great success for Michigan in recruiting Indiana, they seem to be doing it at Purdue’s expense. I can’t believe Matt Painter can be happy about that. Meanwhile, Tom Crean seems to be getting the players he wants. Will this put Painter on the coaching hot seat?

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    Chandler White looks like a total stud and is very polished for someone his age. I hope he’s a high priority.

  • Jeff

    It just seems inherently sleezy to me to offer an 8th grader a scholarship. He won’t be going to college for more than four years. Let the kid develop a little bit first.

    • Swinawer

      It’s happened before in Indiana. Bobby Knight to Damon Bailey. I’ve heard Bobby Knight called a lot of names, used a few myself, but sleazy never been one of them.

      • Jeff

        True, I always thought about Knight as being one of the cleanest coaches. Suprised by that.

  • Colby84

    Hey Dylan, great coverage as always. I was wondering how many offers you think the staff will handout on June 15th to the 2014 class? Also any prospects you think get an offer for sure? Thanks

  • Wayman Britt

    Mitch – you are right the basketball talent in Indiana for exceeds Michigan’s.  It never use to be that way.  The PSL, Flint and Saginaw use to produce tons of Div 1 talent; as well as, NBA players.  The PSL use to produce 5 or 6 pro players a year.  Since our economy has been down and census down, the number of talented players has lessen dramatically.

  • section13row15

    Matt Painter beat Michigan on the road and went further in the tournament than Michigan (taking the eventual runner up to the wire) after losing two of his best players of all time. Why would he be on the hot seat right now?

  • Macmiller

    Can anyone tell me why Eron Gordan look like he sucks at basketball but already has an offer?  I know he got good family history but in the end i thought basketball skill was what really determined if the player got a scolarship or not lol

    • SamGoBlue

       You are probably very inexperienced and not very knowledgeable when it comes to recruiting or scouting, but it’s very difficult to scout a kid like this. You have to realize that he is a 13- or 14-year-old playing probably everyday against 17- and 18-year-olds. He may look “bad”, but trust me, he will probably end up being very good. Basketball skill is incredibly tough to judge until about the junior year in high school.