Derrick Walton recaps Germany trip, looks ahead to AAU season

Dylan Burkhardt
331501512[1]Derrick Walton had the opportunity to travel the world this spring before venturing back out onto the AAU circuit. The future Michigan point guard represented the United States at the annual Albert Schweitzer tournament in Germany over the first two weeks in April.

Walton played on an 11 man USA team featuring Stevie Clark, Darryl Hicks, Austin Nichols and Kentucky bound Derek Willis and a number of other highly regarded 2013 prospects. Walton held his own with Team USA, averaging 8.0 points and a team high 3.3 assists per game throughout the event.

Team USA closed the tournament on a high note and the 6-foot guard played his best game of the tournament, scoring 20 points in an 87-81 victory over France to earn Team USA a seventh place finish.

Seventh place may appear disappointing at first glance but Walton pointed out that this United States team had barely played together before traveling to Germany.

“As a team we started off kind of shaky, just getting accustomed to each other. I think we did good for just meeting each other three days prior to the trip. I knew Steve [Haney] and Colin [Hartman] but that was it. We mostly just got to know each during the trip and during practice [overseas].”

Beyond a lack of experience as a team, the 6-foot guard emphasized that the talent overseas was impressive.

“It was insane. Those guys were really good. The best team we played against was the team that won it all, Spain.”

Personally, the Chandler Park native was pleased with how he played. “I think it helped me a lot and I think I played really well. The experience should help me a lot [coming back home against AAU teams]”

The two weeks in Germany weren’t all about basketball either. Walton and his teammates had the opportunity to explore the sights overseas. Walton was quick to point out that life in Germany was “really different” but reiterated that the two week trip was a great experience that included everything from exploring downtown to touring castles.


Walton also reflected on his highschool season, nothing that the end – a 30 point regional final loss to Detroit Country Day – was disappointing but making it clear that it was a successful season overall.

“It ended kind of bad, not bad but not the way expected to do. We had a good run and, personally, this was my best year.”

Now his sights are set to Las Vegas where he’ll make his summer league debut with the Michigan Mustangs. The Mustangs made a large off season acquisition, adding Flint Beecher point guard Monte Morris to the roster, and the move excited Walton.

“I feel good about it. I missed [AAU basketball]. Two basketball players are going to love to play together regardless [of position].”

Together, Morris and Walton have the potential to be one of the more dynamic guard duos on the summer circuit.


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    “I feel good about it. I missed [AAU basketball]. Two basketball players
    are going to love to play together regardless [of position].” Spoken like a True Player!!!

  • mlowry3

    Off-topic here, but Toledo has been hit with an APR-related postseason ban for next year, and their two shooting guards, Curtis Dennis (formerly of New Mexico) and Dominique Buckley (Iowa State) can transfer and play next next year without sitting out. Buckley started every game last year, averaging about 10 points per and shot 41% from three, and was second on the team in assists. He’s from Romulus, so he should familiar with our program. Could be a really nice addition as a low-risk, one-year rental.

    • sane1

      Too late.

      • mlowry3

        How so? We have two open schollies for next year, and only three of them are going to guards. Why not, hypothetically, take on a 41% three-point shooter for a season? What’s the harm?

        • SBell

           Buckley already proved he wasn’t cut out for big conference ball.

  • mitch

    Im not sold on this kid yet.  Is he multi-year starting PG for us?  Is he an All Ben Ten type?  Or is he a servicable starter or just a back-up?  Dylan what are your thoughts on his future as a wolverine?


       What, exactly, would sell you? He has all the quickness in the world, has plenty of offensive tools, and now we know he can hold his own against the best players in the world.

      His future is very bright.

      • jr_ewing93

        THANK YOU.

    • Guest

      He’s a multi-year starting PG for Michigan and an All-Big 10 types.  He outplayed a lot of highly touted PGs at Michigan camp that earned him a scholarship.

      JB has really good eyes on PG.  See Darius Morris and Trey Burke.

    • jr_ewing93

      tell me what do you need to be sold on. Let me anwser your ? for you. Is he a muliting starting PG. Yes. Most duriable PG I have seen at 6’0 175 in years. 148-168 FT line. thats 6 ftm 8fta again. Is he a all Big 10 type. Yes. I think but we will have to see because Walton has another year of HS. He will be a true floor general starter for the Wolverines like Burke and morris was. Now a quick ? for you. Are you having these doubts about Walton bcause these know it all recruiter dont have him rank in the top 20. You will eat the ? you ask when it all said and done. You have a nice day

      • mitch

        1.  He plays for Chandler Park, not the greatest competition.
        2.  He’s only a junior in H.S, so Im not sure how his body is going to be in the next 2 -5 years.
        3.  His jumper is a little funky
        4.  I hope he is an All-American at UM

        • jr_ewing93

          Ok. Lets go back again.

          1. competition. go on an it will tell you who they played this yr. In 8 of the bigs games against teams that were rank in the state, Derrick avg 31.0 pts 6rebs 6.8 ast 5 stls.

          2. Yes you right he is only a jr that about to be a SR. How much did trey burke weigh when he came to MI. thats what the weight program is for.

          3. Jumper. Everybody has there off days but what is MI really receruiting him for. They need a Floor general. A pure PG. When they need him to score he will hit the open jumper for them.

          4. Will he be an All American. Thats what we will have to see because its politics in those things. G. robinson III should have been one but he wasn’t.

          On this note DerrickWalton was aslo named to the Jr. AA team honorable mention. Only 50 jr made that list.

          • Sven187

             Exactly! Being and “All American” these days has as much to do with what school you commit to as how good you are.

    • sane1

      A LOT of people who know more about hoops than either of us believe that he’s the real deal. 

    • John

       He had a qaudruple double and had 47 points  in his high school season. Enough said.

  • rlcBlue

    Rivals updated their 2013 top 150 today, FWIW:

    Irvin  ****  63
    Walton ****  72
    Donnal  *** 116
    Hatch   *** N/A

    Young  *****   9
    Woodson ****  27
    Zeigler ****  68
    Morris  ****  82
    Sina    ****  90
    Cameron  *** 136

    • A2JD

      Since we potentially are losing both GR III and TH Jr. at the end of next season, bringing in a combo of Young and Irvin would be very nice on the wings.

    • A State Fan

      I think Irvin is going to be a real gem. that kid is another great athlete

  • Wayman Britt

    Love that Derrick is trying to recruit “Man Man” Morris, he knows they would be a great combination in college regardless of what position they play.