Trey Burke Named 2011-12 Michigan MVP, Douglass Most Improved

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan held its end of season awards banquet on Tuesday evening and point guard Trey Burke took home the top honor, being named the team’s Most Valuable Player in his first season in Ann Arbor.

Zack Novak accumulated the most awards, adding six awards to bring his career total to 17 after picking up seven a season ago. Fellow senior captain Stu Douglass was named the team’s Most Improved Player.

Full award listings after the jump. (Photo: Dustin Johnston) 

• Bill Buntin Most Valuable Player Award: Trey Burke
• Rudy Tomjanovich Most Improved Player Award: Stu Douglass
• Wayman Britt Outstanding Defensive Player Award: Stu Douglass
• Steve Grote Hustle Award: Zack Novak
• Thad Garner Leadership Award: Zack Novak and Stu Douglass
• Travis Conlan Sportsmanship Award: Stu Douglass
• Bodnar Award for Academic Achievement: Zack Novak
• Gary Grant Award for Most Assists: Trey Burke
• Loy Vaught Rebounding Award: Jordan Morgan
• Award for Outstanding Free Throw Shooting: Zack Novak
• Sixth Man Award: Matt Vogrich
• Iron Man Award: Zack Novak
• Charge Award: Zack Novak

  • Kool Breeze

    Perhaps the Charge Award can now be renamed “Zack Novak Charge Award”.  Dude knew how to draw a charge.

    • Sven187

      Sounds good to me!

  • Michiganman12

    No awards for Tim Hardaway Jr, that’s kind of sad. 

    • Second year in a row actually.

    • Matthew Detroit

      Curious that on a Beilein team there’s nothing like a “Three Point Dagger” award; Hardaway would likely contend. . . 

  • Asdfjoasfdj

    Were transfers eligible?  Would of had Smotrycz as the 6th man. 

    • If you watched the team this year, you could see that Vogrich was really assuming a leadership role on the bench, hustling a lot harder on defense, taking charges.  Even if Smotrycz was staying, I’m guessing Vogrich would have won this because of the intangibles.

  • ZRL

    Even though JB is publicly wishing Evan good luck, the fact that he gave the 6th man award to Vogrich over Evan may say something about what the coaches really think about his decision to transfer. Or I might just be reading too much into this.

    • gpsimms

       was smot there?  i guess he probably would be.  im assuming he’s finishing the semester and seems to be friends with people on the team…but it’s not a given he’d even be there.

      • Jengoblue

        He wasn’t there.

    • Mark

      Pretty accurate.

    • toblav

      I thought the players voted for who gets the awards, not the coach(es) picking them.  Which way is it?

      • sane1

        Players vote, and Evan was not there. Nor was Brundidge. Christian was there.

  • DingoBlue

    Congrats to the winners!  Wouldn’t they conceivably rename the Gary Grant Award to the Trey Burke award as he exceeded Gary’s numbers this year?  /kidding

  • Lyon Wolverine

    What about next year’s starting lineup and minutes?
    PG  Burke 35 mins Spike 5 mins
    SG Hardaway 25 mins Stauskas 15 mins
    SF GRob III 20 mins Hardaway 10 mins Vogrich 10 mins
    PF McGary 25 mins GRob III 5 mins Horford 10 mins
    C Morgan 25 mins Horford 10 Blake 5 mins

    Seems like there will be a big lineup (Hardaway at the 2/GRob at the 3 and 2 big men and a “small” lineup Stauskas at the 2, Hardaway at the 3 and GRob III at the 4)
    Maybe Eso gets in over Spike…?
    Max over Blake?

    • Fresh

      i like that for the most part………who plays the 2 and the 3 is going to be really interesting……..horford is going to be strictly 5 i would think, and i also feel that bielfeldt and mclimans are going to be battling for the extra few mins of action available at the 4, or possibly some garbage/foul trouble time at the 5

    • ZRL

      I don’t see Horford playing the 4 (not a good enough passer). The rotation will start a lot looser, but by midseason I think it looks something like this:

      PG Burke 36 mins Spike/Eso 4 mins
      SG Vogrich and Stauskas combine for 40 mins
      SF Hardaway 34 mins Grob 6 mins
      PG McGary and Grob combine for 40 mins
      C Morgan 25 mins Horford 10 mins McGary 5 mins

      That’s essentially an 8 man rotation. Given JB’s history I doubt we go much deeper then that. If Grob is so good that he needs to be on the floor more or Stauskas isn’t ready yet, then either Grob or Hardaway will play some 2. If McGary is so good that he needs to be on the floor more then he’ll play more 5.

      • Sven187

         Hardaway or Robinson will play the 2 before Vogrich. He is a very poor ball handler. Probably the worst guard on the team.

        • “Downtown” Graham Brown

           i agree, Vogrich is more of a 3 than anything.

          • ZRL

            I’m basing this on the fact that when Vogrich and Hardaway have been in at the same time the last 2 seasons Vogrich has played the 2 and Hardaway has played the 3.

      • Lyon Wolverine

         Actually you have nine guys there (Burke, Spike, Voggie, Stauskas, Hardaway, Grob, Morgan, Horford, McGary)
        I think that works a nine man rotation with 3 other bench players who will contribute in 1/3 of the games (Eso, Blake, Biefeld)
        And then the victory team of Eso, Bartlestein, Somala, Biefeld, Blake

  • storm33

    6th man award Matt Vogrich??? How about Evan Smotryz?

    • q-sac

       evan who…

    • John

       Why would you give it to someone who abandoned the team? With that said, I think that vogrich is the person that should get it even with smot.  He created a spark in many games late in the season to help us win.

    • rlcBlue

      Smotrycz was a starter for more than half the season.

    • A2JD

      I was about to post the same thing.

  • dustindbo

    In terms of leadership, I really feel like Matt Vogrich is going to be one of the captains next season. He’s the only true senior on this team along with McLimans and he’s shown he can make hustle plays rather than just being a spot up shooter. As think tho past year he’s shown leadership and he provide a spark to the team whenever he gets on the floor