Trey Burke will return for sophomore season

Dylan Burkhardt

IMG_4737The University of Michigan Athletic Department announced this afternoon that Michigan point guard Trey Burke will continue his career and return for his sophomore season in Ann Arbor. Here’s the athletic department release:

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — University of Michigan men’s basketball freshman guard Trey Burke (Columbus, Ohio/Northland HS) announced today (Monday, April 9) that he will continue his collegiate playing career with the Wolverine basketball program.

“Over the past few weeks, I have spent a lot of time thinking and praying about my future — not just about next year but many years down the road,” said Burke. “After gathering information, I am excited to be continuing my education at Michigan as we look to accomplish even more in our 2012-13 season.

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“I have so much more to develop as both a student and athlete, and there is no better place to do that than here at Michigan. I love my Michigan family and am really excited about playing with my teammates and our incoming freshmen. I want to thank my parents, my teammates and my coaches for the patience and guidance they gave me since this process began a few weeks ago.”

“We tried to provide Trey and his family with the best information possible and as much time as possible to make an informed decision,” said U-M head coach John Beilein. “We wanted him to think this through carefully so he was 100 percent certain of what he wanted to do moving forward.

“We loved coaching Trey this season. It is very unusual to have a freshman point guard play with such poise and confidence all year long. He is a clutch performer with a great work ethic and a brilliant future in front of him. As our team leadership changes hands, I know Trey will join the other returning players as we strive to be the leaders and best in all we do.”

Recently named U-M’s first Associated Press All-America honorable mention since 1998, Burke averaged 14.8 points, 3.5 rebounds and 4.6 assists in his first season. He helped the Wolverines to a 24-10 record, a share of the Big Ten regular season title and a second straight trip to the NCAA Tournament. His 156 assists broke U-M’s 27-year-old record for freshman assists in a single season, previously held by U-M legend Gary Grant (140, 1984-85).

Burke was named Big Ten Freshman of the Year by the media, All-Big Ten second team from coaches and media and a unanimous selection to the conference all-freshman team. Throughout the season, Burke was named the Big Ten Player of the Week once and the Big Ten Freshman of the Week seven times.

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  • MGoTweeter

    well there you go.  great news.  I am really happy that Trey took his time with this and hopefully made the decision that he feels most comfortable with.  

  • umhoopsreader

    this is amazing news…cannot wait for next season to begin! 

  • serious


  • Flwolve


    Now comes the next question and where does recruiting go from here?  I assume that ADV is the only remaining option for 2012 which is good because he’s a semi combo guard.  Does JB pursue another PG in the 2013 class?  I’m not sure that he can now that we added Spike.  IMO, Spike is that PG security blanket for the next 4 years in case something happens with Burke and/or Walton.

    • serious

       No – I don’t think we pursue another PG in the 2013 class with Spike in the fold now. I would still take Amedeo. I think he has a much higher ceiling than just a ‘role player’ as some have already anointed him.

  • P-nickel

    Man don’t play with me! you guys better be telling the truth!

  • Mith

    Oh golly this is wonderful news!  I honestly think this is the right decision, I hope Trey continues to improve and the eventual result is a high first round selection.  (I wouldn’t mind that happening in 3 years though.)

  • Danguilm

    So Awesome!  I am glad the parents and coaches were weighed more heavily in the end than some who were trying to push him to the NBA.  He will definitely be an NBA player one day – and likely an even better one by coming back to captain a team with lots of talent around him.  If he can improve his perimeter defense, and get even better off the pick and roll, it will help Michigan and his draft prospects in the future!

    #StayTrey #GoBlue

  • Indiana_Matt

    Wow! I was expecting the worst (for me as a fan)! This is fantastic!

  • Quaint06

    Great news and a great decision. We need him, and this will be a great season with him. Thanks, Trey!

  • Umgoblue525

    What a relief, the future looks bright now!  I hope JB learns from this too and gets a little more position balance going forward so one player leaving does not necessarily derail this train.  I think Trey made the right decision.

  • gobluemd16

    YES!!!!! I LOVE ALL OF YOU!  Honestly, he made a great decision for his future and I am glad he really thought things through.  Going through the whole “thinking he was going pro” thing will make me and other Michigan fans appreciate him coming back that much more.

  • WTHef?

    We’ve been burned so many times by early departures – thrilled he is coming back!  Feels like we just landed the best point guard recruit in the country.

    • Danguilm

      Damn – that is a PERFECT way to look at it!

  • Kevin in GR

    WHEW! A sigh of relief…….that’s great news! 

  • Mparting


  • Michigan maniac

    Thanks trey! Lookin forward to another great yr! The maize and blue baaaaaaby!

  • Mzorstar

    My first thought was, great, but I bet we wish we waited on offering to Spike.   My sense was that this was a panic offer.  But then I thought about it and its ever better news.  Spike can actually learn from Trey without having the pressure to perform as a freshman.  I know we have Walton coming in 2013, but even with his talent having a freshman start and play all the minutes at the point is a recipe for disaster (Yes, Trey, you are the exception that proves the rule).  Now, assuming Trey goes pro after sophomore year (don’t do it dude…we love you) then we have two guys who can compete for/share the point: a 2nd year Spike and a 1st year Walton.  Nice.

    • Quaint06

      Walton and Spike might be a pretty good combo. The disaster can come from Beilein’s system being hard on frosh. I hope Walt has a great career, but it could be a bumpy first year.

  • Mzorstar


  • toblav

    This feels right.  Do believe it is best for everyone.  Trey’s day for the NBA will come and he’ll be more ready for it.  In the mean time, let’s have fun.

  • David DeMember

    Great, now we can go back to hyping up Denard and saying pleasant good byes to Evan, Carl and Colt. :) 

    Preseason top 5, maxed out hype… FAB 3+2!It’s official, we’re back!

  • A2JD

    Wise move all the way around for Trey. If you are not sure you a top twenty pick, why rush it? He can enjoy his college experience and make himself into a better prospect. He benefits, as does the team, the school and the fans.

    Good move!

  • South Florida Maize Rage

    can’t wait for Dylan’s analysis post! This is a great day! Go Blue!

  • bbblue

    Goodman’s CBS Sports article now reads “Trey changes his mind on NBA” and cites “backlash of fans” as a reason for his decision.  This is inaccurate reporting at best, and, at worst, Goodman is reporting downright lies to save his own unfounded and unconfirmed earlier report that Trey was definitely leaving.  Pretty disappointing, CBS. 

    In any event…. glad things worked out this way and looking forward to next year.

    • Matt

      Some UM fans were a little unfair to Trey on his Twitter feed. I hope none of you post here. Wishing kid an injury for thinking of leaving was a little much.

      • bbblue

         Agreed.  And I would think that comments like that (from “fans”) would, rightfully, push Trey in the opposite direction.   Was more annoyed with the whole “changes his mind” thing.  If he never declared, and was just gathering info as he himself reported, what could he have “changed”?  Anyway… just griping on that particular outlet’s handling of this…

      • longhorn_wolverine

        Geez…did people actually say that on his Twitter?  I guess every fanbase has morons in it.  In fact, you would think this would have the opposite effect of what Goodman is implying…if people were on there personally wishing an injury upon me, I’d want to get the heck out of dodge ASAP.

        • gobluetwo

          There are actually people who pretend to be fans of a particular school in order to bash recruits and players of said school.  I would not be surprised if many of those saying negative things were not UM fans, students, alumni at all.

    • Jeff

      That guy sounds like a complete hack. Why would Trey care what fans thought if he was leaving anyway? It’s not like he’s from Michigan. Speaking of hacks, I wonder how Snyder will try to spin this in the freep.

      • SamGoBlue

         Actually, Jeff Goodman is one of the best in the business at what he does. To be fair, he never reported that Trey was 100% gone, he said he was “expected to leave for the NBA”. Also, if you have been following the story, you wouldn’t be so naive and would know that Trey actually had decided he was going pro BEFORE reconsidering after talking with his parents and coaches. Try to think before you speak. You know nothing about Goodman or Mark Snyder and have no reason to criticize them for posting information that they get from usually very reliable sources. Goodman is almost never wrong about something like this, but this was a unique situation.

        • bbblue

           Well actually… original Goodman article started off with, “Trey Burke is leaving Michigan after just one season.”  (The link is somewhere on this site.)  To me, that’s pretty 100%.  The same day, Burke’s Dad said the exact opposite.  I would that he would be a pretty reliable source. The coaches and everyone else close enough to be a “source” has said from the beginning: that they are “gathering information.”  The headline of Goodman’s article is misleading– it comes off (to me at least) as blaming Trey for the two conflicting CBS articles, when in reality it seems they just went with the source who could provide the juiciest information, even if ill-informed.  The “backlash of fans” thing is just silly too.  Wouldn’t that have the opposite effect?  Not questioning Goodman’s track record, but come on.  You can’t change your mind when you never made a decision.

          • SamGoBlue

             His Dad never said the exact opposite, he said he was “still enrolled at Michigan”. That’s far from saying that Trey Burke is staying in school. Goodman was not looking for “juicy” information, he was simply looking to break a story, and for once out of countless times his story ended up being wrong, but from everything I have heard Burke was set on leaving when it was reported.

            And what if I told you that Goodman’s source was a Michigan player? I know for a fact there were players on the team telling friends that Trey was leaving and Goodman is close with members of the team. Not saying it’s for certain, but it’s a possibility.

        • Carcajous

          Jeff…?  It is OK, Jeff.  You can admit you were wrong and move on…

        • Matt

           No issue with Goodman, but Snyder is terrible at his job.

        • Jeff

          Also, I would like to know how he knows Trey “changed his mind” due to a backlash from fans, that really sounds like a guy who is just making something up to explain why he was wrong about something else. I’ll admit I don’t really know Goodman, and it was guilt by association for me, since there are a number of hacks at CBS Sportsline who go after the sensationalist angle. Maybe this wasn’t typical for him. I don’t think there’s any denying Snyder is a hack though. He has a history of this kind of stuff. 

          • Ampgraham

            I agree with you with respects to the answer he (Goodman) gave to why he (Burke) changed his mind. How about the statement Burke gave as to why he is returning (which I believe is the most plausible reason for his return)….. As I mentioned on my post prior to this announcement; “Trey has good parental guidance”.

        • Mattski

          Nah, Goodman screwed up and jumped the gun. It p’d a lot of people off. Today’s report should have included an apology–that’s what accountability’s all about.

          “Try to think before you speak.” Going a little heavy on us there, bro. You work for Goodman?

          • SamGoBlue

             Once again, read my posts. Burke was gone before changing his mind, there is absolutely no questioning that. As for Goodman, no I do not work for him by any means. I just follow college basketball closely and know that he is one of the best at his job and almost always breaks the big stories. I would have liked to see something in the article today about “we were wrong last week”, but to be fair he never actually reported that Trey was “100% gone”, so not sure where you want an apology from. This was one of the first times I have ever seen him wrong, but I still bet he had a very good source to report in the first place.

        • Mith

          Wow, no need to be a jerk.  Goodman screwed up here, plain and simple.

    • SamGoBlue

      Once again, you have absolutely no backing for your statement. If you haven’t figured it out by now, Trey Burke was set on going to the NBA until the coaches and his parents were able to talk him out of it. We are all incredibly happy about this, and rightfully so, but Goodman was correct.

      • bbblue

        Goodman Article 1: “Trey Burke is leaving Michigan after just one season.”  Goodman Article 2: “Trey Burke has changed his mind and is deciding to stay at Michigan.”  Burke, Burke’s dad, coaching staff: “No decision has been made, in process of gathering information.” Article saying he was leaving was posted on 4/4, coincidentally the exact day when Burke, in the most recent video, said he had decided to stay (“last Wednesday”).  I think that’s pretty good backing.  Goodman wrote a misleading article and it still has a misleading headline, blaming the mix-up on Trey for “changing his mind” in response to “backlash from fans” (ridiculous in and of itself) instead of just admitting he jumped the gun earlier.  You’re wrong, Goodman was wrong, let’s move on.

        • SamGoBlue

           Well, yes let’s move on, but you are simplifying it a bit much. Goodman first reported that Trey was “expected to leave for the NBA Draft”, not once in the article did he say he had already declared. I also highly doubt that Burke actually decided to come back on the 4th, but that will probably always be a mystery. And as for “blaming the mix-up on Trey”, I don’t see any blame being placed on anyone in the second article; he simply said that Trey had changed his mind and will now return for his sophomore year, which seems pretty accurate from everything I have heard.

  • Paul F.

    Great news! Trey’s a great player.

  • Hallelujah 

  • Notorious

    Great decision by Trey. Next year he will have the opportunity to take more of a leadership role. With potentially more weapons around him to distribute the ball to, depending on how quickly the freshman develop, he will be able to showcase his ability to run the team more effectively as opposed to this year when so much of the scoring fell on him. With him coming back the Wolverines should be preseason top 10, maybe 5. That is going to bring the national exposure that will showcase these guys even more in their pro dreams. Spike is still a solid pickup because he will be there for the transition eventually from Burke to Walton. Beilein likes to recruit a pg every other class and when Morris moved a yr early it through his plans off because it was unexpected. Spike provides insurance and depth now. The Wolverines are going to be a beast next year. Go Blue!!!!

  • section13row15

    Great posts from everyone! Just think of the talent and athleticism we’ll have next year with Trey back in the fold. Any starting lineup predictions anyone? :)

    • Notorious

      I don’t know about the beginning of the year but by the end I’m guessing its Burke and Hardaway in the backcourt with Robinson, McGary, and Morgan up front. Horford, Vogich, Staukus, and Spike primary off bench. Still potentially pretty deep even with Evan and Carlton bailing.

  • Scott1222

    Yes sir!! Great decision Trey…Can’t wait for next season..GO BLUE!!!!

  • Macadocious

    YES!!!!!!!!!   Blue is back!!!!  Trey made a very smart, tough decision.  He will only get better and add to his resume here in Ann Arbor.  Can’t wait to see him back on the court.  Go Blue!

  • Quick Darshan

    I see five potential NBA players on the roster:  Burke, Hardaway, Robinson, McGary and (in a couple years because of his physical tools) Horford.

    We can safely say this is the most talent Beilein has ever had.  And Robinson is arguably the most talented player he’s ever had.

    • Ampgraham

      Nik Stauskas isn’t on your list dude?????

      • Quick Darshan

        I haven’t seen enough lateral quickness from him yet.  He reminds me a lot of Nik Calathes who’s playing in Greece (I think) right now.

        • Ampgraham

          Are you kidding me or what??? You’ll be a bandwagon rider soon enough!!!  

          • Jeff

            I wouldn’t take it personally, it’s extremely difficult to make it in the NBA. Five is probably too high.

          • Quick Darshan

            I’m already on the bandwagon..  He’s going to have a great college career.  But, I can’t see him guarding NBA shooting guards.

      • Dcoop15

        say it again bcuz he should b

    • sane1

      Horford in the NBA is a huge stretch.

      • Quick Darshan

        He’s got the physical tools, so at the very least he’ll be a late 2nd rounder.

  • Quick Darshan

    One thing that Burke will be able to add that he wasn’t able to display much this past year is the lob.  Once he gets in the lane, he’ll now have the choice of going all the way to the basket, pulling up for a floater/short range jumper or lobbing it to Robinson/McGary/Horford.

    • Ampgraham

      It’s called an assist!!! How he distributes the ball will help his draft stock next year.

      • Quick Darshan


        • Ampgraham

          What you described in your post “is called an assist”. “Lobbing” it to an open player. “Its called an assist”. Scouts won’t count how many “lobs” he made during the season.

          • Quick Darshan

            My dense friend,

            There’s a lot of ways to get a pass to an open teammate:  A bounce pass, a hook pass (something Burke has trouble with, but Darius Morris was great at because he’s taller) and so on.

            I point out the lob because Burke didn’t have the athletes around him for it to be a threat.  A guard with Burke’s size will only thrive in the NBA if he can make a big man choose between staying on his man and giving up a pull-up jumper or stepping up and giving up a lob pass.

            With GR3 and MM on the team, he’ll get to work this into his arsenal.

  • Notorious

    Those that stayed will be champions!

  • JD

    Great break for Michigan.  Trey reminds me a lot of Kyle Lowry, and thought if he left this year could have had a similar career path to him.  I do think it was a good choice but only expect him to be here for another year.  His work ethic and drive are too high and ill be surprised if he doesnt improve substantially this year.  Hopefully, for us maize and blue fans he can improve to the point that he is the best player in the game every night, instead of just most nights.  He was definitely worthy of first team big ten this year and the only better players than him in the big ten were green and sullinger in my opinion and maybe zeller on any given night.  Michigan and Indiana should be class of the conference with MSU and OSU on their heels.

  • Maritam

    I’m really glad that Trey Burke decided to return to Michigan next year.  He is a great person and athlete, but has a chance to grow both on and off the field.  This was not an easy decision for him, I’m sure. smm

  • Ampgraham

    This is my post from April 4, 2012:

    He’ll be back next year!!! Declaring now is too risky. He has good parental guidance. They’ll encourage him to make a rational decision (the best decision for his future). And if he thinks the best decision is the NBA, his parent’s will be more forceful and demand that he stay in school for another year to better develop his skills. Going to the league (NBA) is this kid’s dream and we (fans) can’t argue with that, but coming back to school doesn’t kill his dream, it only increases the possibilities of his draft status in my opinion. Before he played his first game at the M, I knew he was a program changer (check any of my earlier post) because of his passion and determination to get better. That same passion and determination should lead him back for another year or two, and will insure he gets to the league. And to those who commented about him leaving because his parent’s “may need the money” I’m sure they find that disrespectful and insulting!!!! This is not one of those cases….    

  • A State Fan

    It’s probably a good decision that he stayed, but unless he has some academic issues (rumored on this board and mgoblog) I think he’ll stay all four years now.  Coming back next year, I’m assuming he’ll score less (~13ppg) and assist more (~6-6.5). but those numbers wont get you drafted either. And with the talent around him, I doubt he’ll be a dominant scorer (18-20ppg) in his career. 

    Gonna be a loaded team next year for sure though. the B1G is going to be the best conference again

    • Rkw

      What acedemic issues??? Trey’s been a solid student all year.Lol!

  • jemblue

    Great news!  Next year is going to be a LOT of fun!

  • Mattski

    Hey Sam, to me “Trey was gone” is a far different animal from “Trey told somebody he was leaving” prior to getting with parents, friends, and coaches and coming to a formal decision. But we can agree to differ.

    The CBS report was irresponsible precisely because the author took it on such terms rather than making sure it really was going to happen.

    When people allude to a media circus–corrosive phenomenon–this is what they mean. Compare with the careful way that Dylan has handled this. The damage is done, they got a bunch of hits, sold some more soap, and don’t have to stand by their words at all. Goodman might not lose you but he loses some of us. Sorting out the wheat from the gossipy chaff over there is a full-time job, anyway. 

    • Mparting

      Sam, this quote makes no sense: “Burke was gone before changing his mind, there is absolutely no questioning that.” What are you founding this on? Do you experience telepathy with Trey? Because if so, you could have made this whole thing a lot less dramatic for us and told us what was on his mind. There’s ZERO evidence supporting that claim.

      • SamGoBlue

         I am founding it on the plethora of evidence that suggested that Burke had decided to go pro before changing his mind, simple as that. I don’t experience telepathy with Burke, but by following all of the stories closely and having some inside sources, I was able to piece together what I’m pretty sure happened, and everything pointed to him leaving:

        1. He had stopped going to class three days after the loss to Ohio in the NCAA Tournament.
        2. He emailed his professors telling them that he was dis-enrolling from their classes; obviously at this point in the year it would be far to late to drop a class and not be punished for it.
        3. He has apparently cleaned out his room and packed up his stuff.
        4. Certain players were spreading word that Trey had decided to leave.
        5. Numerous outlets report that he had decided to leave school.

        Perhaps not all of these were 100% true, but it’s pretty clear that the decision wasn’t simply up in the air this whole time; it seems to me that Trey had decided to leave school before his parents and coaches were somehow able to talk him out of it. Not sure how this is “ZERO” evidence…

        • SamGoBlue


    • SamGoBlue

       There is a HUGE difference between what Jeff Goodman and Dylan do. Goodman is known for breaking stories and has many, many sources in order to help him do so. Dylan is not looking to break stories but rather provide commentary on what happens to the team. If you fail to recall, Dylan quickly linked to Goodman’s story and basically assumed everything was correct as well. Neither was simply going for a juicy, made-up story to get hits, they were simply trying to get the story out.

      And when breaking stories like this, it is sometimes very difficult. No one wants to wait until the thing is actually done (i.e. Burke enters the draft or announces his return to school); they want to know what is going to happen before it happens. In this case, all the evidence suggests that Trey Burke was planning to leaver before changing his mind; it’s not always easy to predict things like that, which is why it’s hard to blame Goodman, or anyone for that matter, for it.

  • Mariannemoller

    Good news, should be a great year.

  • sshow

    Go Blue! Glad to hear Trey is back! Let the hype for next year commence!

  • Leronvytn2

    #1 in football & basketball in 2013.