Amedeo Della Valle planning weekend visit to Ann Arbor


142456288_amedeodellavalle[1]2012 guard Amedeo Della Valle confirmed to UM Hoops this afternoon that he’s planning to take an official visit to Michigan this weekend.

Della Valle plans to make his college decision by the end of April. He has visited Texas A&M officially and Arizona unofficially. A previously scheduled official visit to Arizona has been put on hold but Della Valle reported that plans are in the works to visit Ohio State in the near future.

Della Valle does not hold a Michigan offer at this time, but with three transfers from last year’s team, Michigan still has two open scholarships for the 2012-13 season.

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  • mitch

    I don’t think we need him anymore.  With Spike and Burke we’re all set.  Would they really want 5 guys in the same class?  Gotta spread the schollies a little.

    • Brad

      don’t think that will matter with burke likely leaving next year

      • DingoBlue

         Agreed, I am expecting at least one scholarship player to go to the NBA (or heaven forbid transfer) if not two.  We will still already have one more scholarship for 2013 as it stands assuming Austin Hatch has to reclassify.

        • Scott1222

          Did Hatch reclassify?

          • DingoBlue

            I have not heard any official updates on Austin in awhile.  That is only my own supposition.  I certainly wouldn’t mind it if he didn’t have to reclassify for what that meant about his recovery.

    • What those two said, plus the fact that Amedeo>>>>>Spike

  • Paul

    Very promising!

  • South Florida Maize Rage

    i think he’s Blue if offered.

  • Don Dula

    Cool, he can check out the spring football game while he’s there.  Not sure if he will have any idea what is going on though, being European and all.

  • Wayman Britt

    I know we have available scholarships this year and Amedeo is an okay, but not great player, should we do what Mitch is saying and spread out the offers?

    For agrument sake would you rather have Amedeo or Monte Morris?  I know one is a 1 and the other a 2, but wouldn’t you want the most talented player on the floor

    • DingoBlue

      As I said below, I’m expecting attrition every year from here on out.  With the talent we have coming through, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to be able to take both Della Valle and Morris.  Put a gun to my head and make me choose and I’d say Monte.  Put I also like the addition of Della Valle as a compliment to Spike/Stauskas in the backcourt that seem like they would be around for a longer time.

      • SamGoBlue

         I don’t think we have a shot at Monte Morris any more, but we’ll see.

  • john

    I dont think we should offer. We already have a 2 that can play the 1 ( stauskas) in this class. That means we can afford to wait and pick up another combo gaurd in the next class that may be a better prospect.

  • q-sac

    i hope we get him. he’s not going to be a top option at findlay but that doesn’t mean he can’t hoop. i’d be shocked if burke’s back after this year, even if his numbers are similar to last year’s. his end goal is the league. i know it’s early – but who knows whether mcgary / robinson are one and dones. plus vogrich is graduating, so i don’t see a lack of scholarships being an issue.

    all that said – can’t wait for big ten hoops this year. it looks like it might be a special year for michigan if the freshman can gel quickly.

  • maxwell’s demon

    I’d take him without hesitation. Stauskas alone at the 2 is not enough. We need more assurance. I would maybe feel differently if we were expecting Hatch in ’13, but that doesn’t seem like that’ll happen. And speaking of Hatch, has anyone heard anything lately about how he’s doing?

    • Jeff

      I think they have other guys in mind to play the 2 also. Sam Webb was saying this morning he thinks Hardaway’s main focus in the offseason will be working on his handle and expects to see him at the 2 a fair amount next year. Vogrich can probably play a few minutes there too.

      • gpsimms

        Please please Sam Webb stop telling people this.  He focused on handle last year.  I believe he’ll do it again and be, again, only marginally improved.  No way does Timmy get any effective run at the two.

  • A2JD

    It’s hard to say how this scholarship (if offered to ADV) will effect our future but I sure hope we are saving one for Dominic Woodson.

    • Yea, our class for next year needs a stud (or two), it’s nice to get that quantity of early commits, but the quality is not there (although I’m probably just spoiled from the last couple of great classes)

      • UM Hoops Fan

        For what it’s worth, Irvin and Walton are ranked higher than any of our recruits pre-2012 class (significantly higher than Burke).  And we’ll see where they end up in the rankings.  Regardless, they (and Donnal) look like quality recruits to me.  Of course, if another quality 2013 recruit wants to sign up, that’s good too.

        • A2JD

          Walton is not ranked in ESPN’s Super 60 (neither is Irvin) and is ranked #87 by Rivals.  I believe Trey was ranked in the mid 70’s by ESPN.  A number I thought was too low.

          I like what I’ve seen from Walton but (to me) Burke looked quicker, more explosive and dynamic, in H.S..

          This is not to say that I don’t like our class. I do. I think it’s Coach B’s 2nd best class. Adding a guy like Woodson would put it right up there with the 2012 class.

          • A2JD
          • UM Hoops Fan

            Trey – Scout 3*, #20 pg (not top 100), Rivals 3*, #26 pg (146 overall), ESPN 4*, 15th pg (84 overall)

            Walton – Scout 4*, 13th pg (60 overall) Rivals 4*, #20 pg (87 overall), ESPN 3* 18th pg (not top 60)

            So Walton is ranked 6 or 7 spots higher as pg and 50+ spots higher overall by Rivals and Scout, and 3 spots lower (pg) and likely 10-30 spots lower overall by ESPN.  Walton is ranked higher, overall.  Of course, Trey turned out pretty good. 

            Anyway, I wouldn’t mind a guy adding a guy like Woodson either…

      • Rblackmore

         I’d argue Walton is a stud and that Irvin is a likely stud as well…..  Watch Irvin blow up next year with Harris gone and Irvin being the man on that team.

        • A2JD

          How about “Stud Big”?  Donnal looks pretty good but Woodson looks like he could be dominant.  

          I like Irvin a lot too.  I’m guessing we’ll lose 1 or 2 wings after next season.

      • SamGoBlue

         I think Zak Irvin could end up being the best player at Michigan in a long, long time. Watch some of his highlight video; he is absolutely legit. Great shot, great midrange game, good to great athleticism, the complete package.

  • kevin

    Dont need him…actually shouldnt say “dont” but I hope they save the scholly.  Also heard Monte Morris has said…how would he fit in when speaking of Michigan. 

  • FLiPCiTyBLuE

    My man, ADV! Some of yawl are blind-this kid is the real deal. I’ve wanted him since Dylan first profiled him way back when we didn’t have a ship. Ultimate team player, great pedigree, a charge taking machine. People…wake up and smell the Italian Roast?!? It’s gonna be us or the bucks, and i for one don’t wanna see this guy wearing scarlet and grey. ADV over Monte all day long and every day of the week!

    • John

      Does OSU even have a commitable offer out to him?

  • Colby84

    Should I assume this means that ADV will get an offer this weekend?

    • Don Dula

       Pretty much.  As a rule I believe Coach Beilein does not offer scholarships until a recruit has visited campus.

  • Sven187

    He seems like he could be an upgraded version of Vorgich in a year or two. I’d certainly be happy to have him.

  • Jaisdaddy1

    wouldn’t be a bad pick up to be insurance at the 2 guard in case of injuries… will the staff use all the schollies this year or save one for next year?