Beilein: “Reports of Trey Burke’s decision to enter the NBA draft were premature”

Dylan Burkhardt

IMG_9801In a blog entry on, John Beilein stated that Wednesday’s reports of Trey Burke entering the NBA draft were premature. Here are the relevant comments for Michigan’s head coach:

First, I would like to note that Wednesday’s reports of Trey Burke’s decision to enter the NBA draft were premature.

My coaching staff and I have met with Trey and his parents several times over the past two weeks. Collectively, we have gathered and shared with each of them some necessary information that we feel will help Trey make the most informed decision for his future.

The Burke family has been very receptive to our assistance and appreciates that we have encouraged Trey to take his time and look at all of his options between now and the April 10 deadline.

With only one full week of classes remaining, Trey and his teammates, like all students at Michigan, are working diligently to complete their assignments and prepare for final exams. (Photo: Dustin Johnston)

  • Bosox1519

    Well that Daily writer who tweeted a photo of “trey burke’s room” must feel like an ass now. But seriously, there was nothing about that photo that proved it was Burke’s room…just sayin’.

    • John

      It didn’t prove he was leaving either. I know many people who use trash bags as a place to store their dirty clothes. Or he was just packing up to take his stuff home early for the summer since school is almost out. (He could be done as early as a week or so from now) Granted all the signs point towards him going to the nba but you still can’t assume anything.

    • Kevin in GR

       Even if it was his room, couldn’t it have been Brudidge’s stuff packed up as we know he’s leaving……

  • Chris

     JALEN ROSE ‏ @ jalenrose@ BunkerF16 My opinion/2 cents is that he will NOT leave. We shall see but I seriously doubt it.

  • toblav

    Seems Coach Beilein has a sense of calm and reason that is needed here.  As much as I hope Trey stays, it feels better to think he has exhaled and is taking more time to think it through. I want Trey to stay, but only if he wants to.  There probably isn’t a right or wrong choice, but Trey needs to think in terms of optimal choice.  Few of us are close enough to the situation to help him with that.
    My opinion is he’d be better off staying, but he knows more about it than I do.

  • A2JD

    Oh, the drama!

    Best case scenario (probably for Trey, Michigan and us fans) is if Trey stays and Spike comes on as a preferred walk-on. ADV would be a nice addition as well but not as necessary if those first two things happen.

  • Jeff

    So the rumors on here that he had stopped going to school appear to be false. Shocker.

    • Flwolve

      Can anybody here confirm that he has been to class?  I’ve got info that says otherwise.

      • Jeff

        Why does anyone have to prove that he’s going to class? I’m sure whatever his school situation, Beilein would not have said what he said if Burke had gone to far to come back. I still think he’s gone anyways.

  • Dr_ZC

    That’s what was missing. A statement from JB. I do not know why it took so long to hear from him.

    Trey, no matter your decision is, we hope you make us Michigan fans proud. I bet we all check the NBA game results the day after, to see how our NBA wolverines fared. Trust me, we do not get any pleasure when we see:


    • A2JD

      His statement came less than 24 hours after the rumors he was going came out. Maybe it just seemed longer because of the mass panic?

      • Jeff

        and I’m pretty sure Beilein wanted to sit down and talk with Burke and his family before releasing a statement.

        • Mattski

          I think a coach wants to be pretty careful about making public pronouncements about rumors, and to resist running after every one. I admire the tone of the comment, the emphasis on the kids’ schoolwork, AND the subtle but clear indication that he’s working to keep Burke from bolting without working the thing through. 

          I also agree that the photo of Burke’s dorm room oversteps. Add feeling like you’re in a fish bowl and being subjected to peoples’ premature and inappropriate internet outbursts to a lot of other reasons why you might want to make a move. 

          • A2JD

            Of course, it’s only going to get worse (privacy issues) in the NBA.

    • Sven187

      Speak for yourself.

      • bird

        Seriously.  You lose that bet. NBA – blecch.

  • Dr_ZC

    I feel there was a significant difference to the approach he took about Morris and Harris. He was fortcoming and informative to the press, before they came out. This year he gave interviews since Michigan lost to Ohio, but he never addressed the Burke issue.

  • gobluemd16

    Even after the comments made by Beilein, I still feel that Burke, himself, wants to leave.  There are definitely people surrounding him, possibly including his parents, that would like him to return to school and feel it is the best decision, but I think Trey has it in his mind that he would like to go pro.  Whether it is the correct decision or whether Michigan fans like it or not, it is his choice, and we have to support him.  Again, just my opinion from what’s come out from this situation.

    • Mith

      This is the part I don’t agree with.  We don’t HAVE to support him.  Good luck to him if he goes, but I don’t agree with the decision and I don’t have to like it.  And despite what some on here say, that doesn’t make me a bad Michigan fan.

      • Mpartington87

        He helped us immensely in winning a B1G championship. I think he deserves to be supported regardless of his decision.

  • Alex

    Whatever else has happened I definitely think that twitpic was uncalled for and a violation of privacy.

    I hope the reporter learns from this. The nice thing about college is you can still make some mistakes.

    In the real world, not so much.

    Case in point: that guy who worked for the social media agency that tweeted out how horrible Detroit drivers are while using Chrysler’s personal twitter feed. Not only was this guy fired but the entire agency lost the Chrysler account.

    There are benefits to joining the workforce but college is a real special time and should not be taken for granted.

    Make a smart choice for you, Trey.

    • storm33

      Could he just be going home for easter?

  • Jarrett

    What’s the rush?  If Trey wants to make a lot of money and be a good pro, his best bet is to stay at Michigan for another year!  A top-20 pick makes a helluva lot more money than a mid-second round pick, and his team feels a lot more obligated to play him if they’ve invested a higher pick in him.
    The only reason I could see Trey leaving now is that he doesn’t have the confidence that he can improve his draft stock this next season— Because I highly doubt that’s the case, it seems a no-brainer to stay, Michigan fan or not.  He’ll have a MUCH better team around him next year, but none of them will be stepping on his toes or competing for his playing time.
    Sure, anyone can get injured at any time, but you can’t live with that thought process– and he’s just as screwed if he get drafted in the late second round and gets hurt in training camp.

    So I ask again, Trey– what’s the rush?

  • guest

    Trey Burke is a typical 19-year-old kid.  If someone waved a few hundred thousand dollars in my face when I was 19, I’d leave school too.  Its a dumb move but oh well.  Blame the one-and-done rule not the kids who take advantage of it.  I wish the kid well but he’s not a Michigan guy.  He’s an OSU fan from Columbus who only went to U of M b/c OSU didn’t want him.  I bet in a few years he’ll be rocking an OSU shirt under his NBDL jersey.   

    • Mattski

      Presumptuous twaddle.

    • Guest

      Why blame the one & done rule?  It had no affect on Burke at all.  It only affects players who would have gone pro straight from hs.

      • Guest

        True. My point was that kids shouldn’t be allowed to go to the NBA until at least 2 years after HS. if they need money or aren’t college eligible, go to Europe.

  • ChocoJoe

    My friend says he looked in treys room and it just looks messy.

    • serious

      Trey’s room needs a security guard.

      • ChocoJoe

        lol yea

      • Guest

        Or a cleaning lady

  • ForeverBlue

    I really hope Trey stays and sharpens his play-making skills, including how to deal with different defensive looks.  In my mind he has a better shot at having a productive NBA career than either Manny or Morris but his last few games exposed his inexperience (and maybe some roster weakness).  He’ll have a pretty good cast to compliment him next season and I think he could take a gigantic leap.

  • FLiPCiTyBLuE

    I”m at peace w him leaving, should he stay i’m having a party.

  • kevin

    Who cares if the bags were packed…there is what, 1 week of school left so he’s cleaning early.  We all know how much crap builds up in your room when about to leave school for the summer

  • Jmartin610

    Any thought about Norfleet going 2-sport if Trey bolts – sounds like he’s a real warrior.

  • Aembo

    This reminds me of last year, when Darius Morris left. And look how we turned out. Just fine. Whether or not Trey leaves, Michigan will still be a contending team and my favorite team.

  • Joshcall

    Face it guys Trey is gone. But he does need to stay at least 1 more year if he does may he’ll be a lottery pick and Mich igan could win a title. He could also get LOT’S more money if he was a lottery to a 2nd to undrafted. Burke wrong move man.

  • Mattymoo1610

    We were gunna have a great yr this yr , hes not ready to go pro, just another morris , we have a great class comin in 2012 , Go Blue…

  • mgobball

    so did he just go thru last year’s letter and replace darrius with trey?

  • Blakejhildebrand

    With Trey Burke: Top 10 and potential final four team
    Without Trey Burke: Barely a top 25 team who goes no farther than the second round
    Fair Assessment? I think so.
    I understand how all the Wolverine faithful say that this is just like Darius Morris leaving and Michigan will be good no matter what. The fact of the matter is that UM had a replacement for Morris, this year they don’t. Spike Albrecht nor Della Valle can come close to replacing Burke. UM is now going to have to change the game plan from three point shooting to pounding the post. Regardless if he stays or goes though, UM still has no depth. This is where Beilein should learn from Izzo. Derrick Nix just screwed the team, but he will be replaced by costello, kaminski, and now payne will step up and play 30+ minutes per game.
    Anyway, the B1G will have 6 teams, in my opinion, in the top 25. MSU, UM, OSU, IU, Wisc, and now Minn all have the potential to be sweet 16 teams. Also, you can’t count Iowa out this year nor can you count out Northwestern. if the B1G can get 8 teams in, I will be very satisfied.

  • A2JD

    Trey finally made somebody’s Mock Draft.  Here, he’s going 39th (2nd round, non-guaranteed contract)Trey finally made somebody’s Mock Draft. Here, he’s going 39th. The other Mocks I looked at today still don’t have him going in either round.