Recruiting Notebook: Monte Morris back on the radar, 2014 stars

Dylan Burkhardt

Monte Morris back on the radar?

With Michigan’s scholarship availability shifting significantly in the last week, Monte Morris has been mentioned as a target back on the Michigan radar. Rod Beard, of the Detroit News, reports that Morris’ prep coach states that Michigan has resumed recruiting the junior guard.

Simply put, Morris is a winner. He led Beecher to a perfect 28-0 record and a state championship including 18 points, seven rebounds and six assists in the state title game. Morris also had 18 points, seven rebounds and seven assists in the state semis. The performances earned Morris a spot on the MLive State finals All-tournament team:

“It seemed like Morris always came up with that key basket,” Haske said after Beecher’s 74-60 title game victory. “Great team, great player, they’re the best team in the state.”

Morris is so smooth that he’s more athletic than a defender may suspect, and has mastered the pull-up mid-range shot that a Division I guard has to have. He had 18 points, seven rebounds and six assists to one turnover as Beecher closed out its undefeated season, after 18 points, seven rebounds and seven assists in the semifinal win over defending state champion Schoolcraft.

The wiry guard has a great feel more the game and seems to always make the smart play. Morris was named Michigan’s Class C player of the year.

Drake Harris ready for big summer

Drake Harris is going to be a hot name this summer and he’s on the radar of high major basketball and football programs across the country. Indiana and Michigan State have offered while Michigan, Ohio State, Georgetown and Illinois are all hot in pursuit. In football, he has drawn offers from Florida, Notre Dame, Michigan State and Michigan. Harris and Grand Rapids Christian were knocked off in the state quarterfinals but here are some highlights of Harris this season:

bilde[1]Jeff Meyer stops in on Trevon Bluiett

Trevon Bluieitt is another 2014 prospect that will be a hot name in the coming months. The Indiana junior already owns a pair of state titles and a handful of high major offers to go along.

Michigan assistant coach Jeff Meyer recently watched Bluiett and his Park Tudor squad work out before the state championship game. In the state title, Bluiett had 25 points and eight rebounds in Park Tudor’s state title win and now has totaled 46 points, 16 rebounds, four blocked shots and has shot 19-of-28 from the field in two state title games.

Here’s scouting footage of Bluiett from this season:

  • mitch

    Ive seen Morris play a few times and I like him alot.  I think he can play in the Big Ten.  He wont be a star, but could be a key piece for UM.  He is smooth, and knows how to win.

    • Kevin

      Drake is so slow with the release…decent drive game just based on that little of video.  But like JR said, that release will get punished in college.  Never was a big fan of Smot, but at least he had the height to be able to get off the 3’s

      As for the Trevo Blueitt kid…are you kidding me, the video is a joke!!!  There was nothing impressive with any of it.

  • JR

    Love the way Drake Harris goes to the rim with confidence and vision. But, his jump/set shot is really slow from when he decides to shoot and releases. Most of those would be jammed in his face in college. Has to get his shot off alot quicker for Big Ten play

    • Judvare7533

      Morris is the guy I want in blue

  • Jon

    How does a kid like Morris compare to a kid like MSU’s Trice?  Both seem to have the same body style… are there any other comparisons?

  • anton

    is it just me or does Drake Harris make Smotrcyz look like he has a fast release?

    • Marvin Anderson

      Agree.  All facets of his game seem to be deliberate.

      • Sven187

          Don’t agree. Its kind of slow but not Smot slow. Smot’s guy could come
        from under the rim as he starts his release and still get a hand in the

    • Mattski

      Comparison seems apt, but like Smot after two years in college slow/deliberate rather than Smotrycz in high school. 

    • A2JD

      It is kind of slow but the shots aren’t pressured.  Maybe he took his time because he had time?

      • DutchWolverine

         No.  It’s slow.  Saw him in person a couple times this year and both teams forced him to shoot 3s and it worked.  Great athlete and getting to the rim, but his outside shot is awkward, slow, and flat at this point in his career.

  • Don Dula

    Give me Drake Harris on the football field all day.

  • Mattski

    Who are we competing for Morris with–anyone? 

  • Sven187

    Back before Walton committed I was actually in the Monte Morris camp. Seems kind of weird to recruit PG’s in the same class though. I guess Syracuse backed off their recruitment of Monte? Seems like they were pretty interested last summer.

  • Don Dula

     Anyone know what’s going on with Bo Zeigler?  Is he going to follow Trey?  Are we still in the picture for him?  Can’t have too many long, athletic 6-7 guys.

  • section13row15

    Does anyone think Derrick Walton and Monte Morris could co-exist? It’s hard to say who would be ready to step up at the next level. Any thoughts?

  • SamGoBlue

    After having watched Drake Harris three times in the past couple seasons, I feel that I have a pretty good grip on his game. I don’t think he played to his potential in any of the games I saw him at, which makes it easier to judge weaknesses, but like many on here have already noted, his jump shot needs a lot of work. In three different games he did not make a three while I was watching him and seemed awfully passive at times on both offense and defense. His passing game has evolved and I have always been a big fan of his handles and his driving quickness, but those two elements are not enough to be a big-time college player. He still has some holes in his game that he can work on; I’ll be interested to see how he performs this season.

    • SamGoBlue

      This AAU* season

  • Jr_ewing93

    I believe Derrick & Monte can play in the same back court. Watch them this summer. Probably the best backcourt in the country AAU season. Go Mustangs!

  • Fresh

    On a side note, idk if this was mentioned anywhere but Texas A & M received a SG commit today.  might not have any impact on ADV at all but it could 

  • Paul

    I watched Monte Morris play several times this year – against the top competition Michigan Class C can offer.  He regularly exerted his will on the game and totally controlled the game – to whatever pace he wanted his team to play and for the opponent to play at.  He’s super smooth and has long arms.  Foremost, he’s a tremendous passer and hits lots of big shots.  I really hope he comes to MI!  He’d be a big improvement over Brundidge and C Christian and would be a great use of 1 of their scholarships  

  • A2JD

    I think MIchigan needs to really go after THE DRAKE.

    • Don Dula

       I love the Drake

    • JimC

      everybody hates The Drake!

  • BlueRev

    I’ve dreamed of UM getting two pg’s in a class. You got a starter with 25+mpg and the other picking up 15+ and maybe extra pt at the 2 (they’re both Burke-sized). Ideally you get a taller guy and a small quick guy, but these two about average pg height.

    But two guys can get after it fulltime yet remain fresh all game all season. They also have someone to sharpen them throughout their career. Possibly it keeps them around Ann Arbor longer too as you don’t have one guy dominating ala Burke, but dividing the domination.

    Yes–two pg’s can coexist and flourish, for personal development and team.

    • BlueRev

      Post meant for Sven below.

    • Mzorstar

      Yes! Think Jameer Nelson and Delonte West at St Joseph …they just killed it…and both made it to the NBA

    • Jr_ewing93

      Walton & Morris would be one of the best young backcourts in the country! Thats a fact.

      • serious

         Let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

        • Jr_ewing93

          What do you mean by that. You saying these to guys couldn’t be the best backcourt in the country.

          • serious

            Morris isn’t committed to Michigan. These kids are still juniors in high school. Neither has signed a letter of intent. I think its a little premature to call it a “fact” that they would be one of the best young backcourts in the country. Unfortunately, high school success doesn’t always translate to college success.

            Most of us believed that Brundidge would turn out to be a great player for Michigan, and look what happened to that despite many singing his praises. My point is that you never know.

    • Sven187

       I would love it. I just think it would be a hard sell to the kid.

      • BlueRev

        Hard sell to a one and done, but MM has 15+ mpg waiting as a frosh which could easily climb to 25+ the rest of his career. That’s time to develop while having fun winning and striving to accomplish future goals.

    • Sven187

      Or one of the could spend the majority of their career as a back up to the other.

    • AndyMooN

      Monte Morris is 6’3” and could easily grow more. That’s hardly Trey Burke size. 

      • Kenny

        he is young and can still grow but most recruiting sites list him from 5’10 to 6’1.