Report: Michigan to open 2012 NIT Season Tip Off versus Oakland

Dylan Burkhardt

imageCleveland State head coach Gary Waters had previously mentioned that Michigan would be hosting a regional pod for the 2012 NIT Season Tip Off but he revealed the entire list of participants while meeting with the media today. Per a report by Tom Mieskoski, Waters listed the following first round match-ups for the 2012 NIT Season Tip Off (first and second round games to be played in Ann Arbor):

  • Michigan vs. Oakland
  • Cleveland State vs. Bowling Green

The winners will meet in the second round and the winners of that game will advance to the semifinals and finals at Madison Square Garden during Thanksgiving week. Pittsburgh (confirmed) and Virginia have been rumored as other potential regional hosts in the tournament. Unlike many other preseason tournaments, the host teams are not guaranteed to advance to New York City and will have to win both games to advance.

You can find a complete run down of rumored and confirmed dates for Michigan’s 2012-13 schedule on this page.

  • Tom_McC


    Is Iowa State a home and home deal?

    • Yes — but I believe the return trip is schedule for Dec 2013, not Dec 2012. Last I heard at least. 

      • Tom_McC

         Gotcha…I remember it was a home and home and knew there was something a little quirky about the arrangement. 2013 makes sense.

  • Giddings

    Didn’t Beilein say after this year’s Oakland game that we wouldn’t be playing them again? So much for that…

    • MH_20

      I can’t speak for JB but I think he meant in a regularly-scheduled non-conference game.  I don’t think this qualifies since it’s a preseason tournament, though I’ll admit I don’t really know how these things work in terms of who gets to host, who plays where, etc.  Perhaps someone else (Dylan?) can shed some light.

      • Yep. The contract for the previous game is over, this is an exempt tournament so the agreements are different.

  • ZRL

    Wow, the schedule next year is going to be RIDICULOUS. 6 games against good power conference teams (assuming we get matched up with good teams in the ACC/PAC12 challenges) with 3 of those at neutral sites and 1 of the challenge games probably on the road, 2 home games against good mid-majors, and a road game against Bradley. This year we only had 12 non-conference games so that only leaves 3 games left.

    • With the Arizona news and that series starting in 2013… I tend to guess that the Pac12 stuff won’t start until that year and Michigan won’t have a game via that partnership in the upcoming season but that’s just a guess.

    • Billiam

       We can safely assume we’ll be a pre-season top 20 team, and top 3 B1G team.  I like our chances of playing UNC or Duke in the AAC/B1G challenge. 

      • Going by the home-away breakdown of this year… I would guess NC State or UNC. Wouldn’t be surprised if ESPN pairs UNC with Indiana. NC State will be coming off of a Sweet 16 at least appearance and brings in a loaded recruiting class. 

      • Billiam

         To clarify: I think we’ll be higher ranked than MSU and OSU
        1.) MSU loses Green, Thornton, and Wood.  Their freshman are 3 four-stars with a 5 star as well.  So, they’re going to still be good, but they lose some heavy talent with Green.

        2.) OSU loses Sully and Buford, and they’ve got no recruits signed yet.

        3.) We lose Novak and Dougless (two great Michigan Men, although not the most athletic.)  We replace them with GRIII, Stauskas, and MM. 

        I think we might be the highest pre-season ranked team in the B1G.  Remember, we already tied with those two teams this year, and we were ranked #13/14 in the nation.


        • A State Fan

          It’s going to be hard to say that UofM will be ahead of those teams if either team makes the Elite Eight (most likely both) or the Final Four (most likely only one). OSU has Eleven (!!!) ESPNU top 100 players on it’s roster right now, so they are still loaded with talent even if they lose Sully and Burford. 

          State will be interesting, because let’s be honest, Green is everything. But we will still have the best low post tandem in the B1G and pretty good guard play. 

          So I doubt that Michigan will be ranked higher in the preseason polls. But I do think that they will be contending for the B1G title again this coming season.

        • Jeff

          OSU may also lose Thomas. OTOH, even though Green is a huge loss I still think MSU will be pretty loaded next year. They have lots of talent returning and a great class coming in. IU could take the next step next year also, especially if Zeller comes back.

  • eddieben

    Wait a sec… “the host teams are not guaranteed – win or lose – to advance to New York City.” Really? So if UM wins both games, they may not get invited to NYC? And if they lose both or split, they still may get invited? What’s that all about?

    • Sorry that made no sense… Other tournaments the host schools are guaranteed to advance to the semis. So Michigan could lose to Oakland and still play in NYC. That’s not the case here.

  • Just talked with OU athletics: “We are not playing in the preseason NIT”