Video: Trey Burke, Zack Novak and Tim Hardaway Jr. react to NCAA tournament draw


Trey Burke, Zack Novak and Tim Hardaway Jr. met with the media this evening to discuss Michigan’s draw in the NCAA tournament – Friday against No. 13 seed Ohio in Nashville, Tenn. – and more. Watch the videos in the embedded media players below:

Novak and Hardaway after the jump.

  • Scott1222

    Clark Kellogg’s son transferred to Ohio….even more the reason to take it to them boys!!!

    • He didn’t transfer, he was recruited by them.

      • Scott1222

        Believe he transferred from Providence….

        • OhioTheStateUniversity

           No, that was his older brother.

      • Scott1222

        He was eligible to play for Ohio in the 2010-2011 season after playing 33 games at Providence starting in only 1….