Fourth-seeded Michigan to open NCAA tournament against Ohio

Dylan Burkhardt

Ohio State 77, Michigan 55 - 2Michigan will open the NCAA tournament with a round of 64 matchup against Ohio University on Friday, March 16th at 7:20 p.m. ET in Nashville, Tenn. at Bridgestone Arena on TNT.

The Wolverines were nabbed as the No. 4 seed in the Midwest regional. The Michigan-Ohio winner will face the winner of Temple versus California or South Florida in the round of 32.

Ohio is rated the No. 72 team in the country by and finished third in the MAC East divsion before winning the MAC Tournament. Game times and television information are expected to be announced later tonight. Tickets are available here.

John Beilein has coached in the NCAA tournament seven times and this is his third tournament appearance in five seasons at Michigan. Beilein is 8-6 in NCAA tournament games including a Sweet 16 and Elite Eight appearance at West Virginia. Michigan has won its last two NCAA tournament openers, against Clemson and Tennessee, but has fallen in the round of 32 to Oklahoma and Duke.

The Midwest Regional semifinals and finals are in St. Louis. The No. 1 seed in the region is North Carolina and the No. 2 seed is Kansas.


    Haven’t seen Ohio or temple play but I like our chances for sweet 16. But then north Carolina hopefully Henson doesn’t come back

  • snoopblue

    Well, we should beat Ohio. They lost to EMU and it looks like they just got lucky to win the MAC tournament, from watching the highlights. Temple beat Duke by 5 earlier this year, but then lost to some bad teams. Who knows, at least we get Temple in the second (third?) round so they won’t have much time to prepare for us  Sweet 16 should happen for us. Pray that UNC and Kansas stumble.

  • Jamesdunn24

    I’ve been following Ohio all year (they are my alma mater). They are a deep and experienced team. They are led by a great point guard in DJ Cooper (obviously not Trey Burke but hes good). They have the core of the same team that dropped 98 points on Georgetown a few years ago in the tourney. I’m not saying Michigan won’t be them but this is a good team which scares me. Go Blue (i think ha)!

  • rlcBlue

    According to KenPom, the two defensive standouts in our pod will meet in the play-in game:

    S    Team     O  D 
    4  Michigan  21 53 
    5  Temple    20 97
    12a Cal       50 21
    12b USF      178 16
    13  Ohio     114 50

    Ohio’s defensive strengths are forcing turnovers and suppressing 3 point percentage. Their weaknesses are fouling and allowing offensive rebounds. Their two tallest players are 6’8″. If we can value the ball, I foresee some backdoor baskets.

    A game against Temple looks like it would turn into a shootout; against Cal or USF, more of a grind-it-out struggle.

  • djalberts

    Committee had mich as #13 overall. highest rate #4.  Order from 11-15, FSU, Georgetown, UM, Wisc, Ind

  • ZRL

    Good draw, I think Temple has a very good chance of losing to the Cal/USF winner.

  • Scott1222

    Michigan #13 in actual overall ranking….Florida St (11) and G’Town (12)…..Wisconsin and Indiana followed us at 14 & 15 resp….

    • And I can’t say how glad I am we are playing Ohio vs playing Belmont!! We got very lucky dropping to a 4, in my opinion!

      • Scott1222

        Guaranteed it was the thrashing we took vs Ohio St and Florida St winning ACC….

  • Guest

    Well, first round games are always tough. Never know about a team’s nerves, feel, etc. But if we can get past Ohio like we should, Temple limped into the tourney, so they’re not exactly an on fire #5 seed.

  • jemblue

    Did the committee drop us to a #4 so we wouldn’t play in Columbus?

    • AG

      They dropped us to a 4 because FSU won the ACC Tournament.  We were the #13th team on the S-curve but that would make us the #4 in MSU’s region so they knocked us down one spot to the Midwest.

  • Scott1222

    Big ten w 5 teams in top 16 actual overall rankings!

  • Rkw

    Trey will goin against his good friend and former aau teammate stevie taylor.How ironic

  • rlcBlue

    The other Nashville pod is FSU-Cincinnati-Texas-St. Bonaventure. There really is no local team in the pod; Cincinnati is 230 miles away, Athens 324. It could be kind of quiet there.

    Does Bill Cosby still go to Temple games, or did he give it up when Chaney retired? I saw him entertaining his grandchildren in the nether reaches of the Kingdome while the Fab Five was dispatching Temple in the ’93 regional final.

    • Fvsdevin

      230 miles is very short, am I wrong?

      • Rkw

        4hr drive

      • rlcBlue

        Well, I’m sure the Cincinnatians will represent, but it’s not really part of their natural territory.

        By contrast, Kentucky fans will descend on Louisville like a plague of locusts (62 miles), Greensboro will be infested by Carolina and Duke followers (66 miles), Omaha will be awash in Kansas (163) and Mizzou (260) zealots spitting on each other, Columbus will be treated to an Izzone stampede (212), and Pittsburgh will have acres of unoccupied seats belonging to ‘Eers(61) and Bucknuts(145) partisans lost on the Pennsy Turnpike.

        I hope M’s supporters get down to Nashville; otherwise it may be as quiet as the Albuquerque and Portland pods.

  • MGoTweeter

    looking at Ohio’s schedule, they might be a little tougher team than I thought.  All but one loss came on the road and they only lost two games by double digits.  They gave Louisville a very good game at Louisville as well.  The only common opponent that I see is Oakland, whom they beat by 2 at Oakland.  They also beat a pretty decent Northern Iowa team at UNI by 17.  

    Not a whole lot of other quality opponents on the schedule (two other wins over 16 seed teams Lamar and UNC-Asheville) and they did only finish third in the MAC.

  • Scott1222

    Clark Kellogg’s son transferred to Ohio…even more the reason to take it to them boys!!!

  • ScottGoBlue

    Perhaps the selection committee has a sense of humor … Michigan finally will play Ohio.

  • Buford McBuford

    I think this is as good a draw as Michigan could have hoped for, at least until the Sweet 16 (although even there Kansas has quite the history of unexpected collapses).  The Wolverines have to up their game from this weekend, though, because they’re not going to advance if they play like they did against Minnesota and OSU.

    • Buford McBuford

      oh wait, I derp’d, it’d be UNC in the Sweet 16– well, both UNC and Kansas have way more talent than UM, but UNC appears to lack a killer instinct when I’ve watched them play this year.  If Michigan’s good enough to reach the 16 and UNC lets the Wolverines hang around, it could be interesting.

    • jemblue

      UNC is our presumed Sweet 16 opponent.  Kansas is on the other side of the bracket.

  • Scott1222

    Michigan tip is approx 7:20 ET Friday…

  • blue29

    Carolina is the most prestigious program in the country and I’m happy we’ll have a chance to beat them, getting revenge for 1993 and finally reestablishing us among the true bigs. Only problem is that THJ’s draft stock, currently in hibernation, would explode after he owns Barnes. But beating UNC has a much nicer ring to it than beating Syracuse. 

    I kinda hope we’ll face Cal first, cause they aren’t actually good. (I read somewhere that California stole their maize and blue colours from us in olden times.)

  • OH

    To anyone saying this is a good draw for Michigan, you are sorely mistaken. This is the worst 13 you could have asked for. This Bobcat team is dangerous. They led late in every single loss this year, except 1 including against number 7 Louisville. They are number 13 in the nation in 3pt defense and can run you to death. I wouldn’t be so sure you can get to UNC because you just might get upset in the first round.