Bracket Watch: Selection Sunday Edition

Dylan Burkhardt

Ohio State 77, Michigan 55 - 19Selection Sunday is here and for the first time since 1998 Michigan will be able to watch the announcement show without worry. There’s no bubble talk or nervous trepidation, Michigan is firmly in the field of 68 and should receive its best NCAA tournament seed since the 90s.

The only question that Michigan coaches, fans and players want answered: where are we going and who are we playing?

Most projections still have Michigan on the 3-seed line and the Wolverines could be in line to play close to home next week.

After the jump find the latest updates bracket projections, nitty gritty statistics and predictions. (Photo: Dustin Johnston)

Nitty Gritty:

  • Record: 23-9 (13-5 Big Ten) [All records are Division 1 Only]
  • RPI: 11
  • SOS: 12
  • Home Record: 14-1
  • Away Record: 6-6
  • Neutral Record: 3-2
  • vs. RPI Top 50: 7-6
  • vs. RPI Top 100: 13-7

Bracketology Rundown – All Updated Today:

  • Lunardi/ESPN: East Region: 3 seed vs. Belmont (Columbus), 3rd round vs. winner of Memphis/Texas
  • Glockner/SI: South Region: 3 seed vs. New Mexico St. (Louisville), 3rd round vs. winner of Cincinnati/California
  • Jerry Palm/CBS: East Region: 3 seed vs. Belmont (Louisville), 3rd round vs. winner of Cincinnati/BYU
  • D1scourse: Midwest Region: 3 seed vs. Montana (Columbus), 3rd round vs. winner of San Diego State/Virginia
  • Bracket Ville: South Region: 3 seed vs. Belmont (Columbus), 3rd round vs. winner of New Mexico/Xavier
  • College Hoops Net: 3 seed (14s: New Mexico St., South Dakota St., Ohio, Montana)
  • Crashing the Dance: 3 seed (13s: Marshall, Long Beach, VCU, Ohio, 14s: Colorado, Belmont, South Dakota St., Davidson)
  • Bracket Matrix: 3 seed (Consensus 14s: South Dakota St., New Mexico St., Ohio, Montana)

Nothing is ever guaranteed when you are predicting how a seemingly random group of athletic department administrators will analyze college basketball teams. However, there are a number of people who study this year in and year out and they are convinced – almost at consensus – that Michigan fits the bill for a 3-seed.

The most likely locations for Michigan to open tournament play continue to be Louisville or Columbus with perhaps an outside shot at Nashville or Pittsburgh. While it remains possible, it would be a surprising disappointment for Michigan to be sent west to either Albuquerque or Portland. All four of the most likely venues could provide ample opportunity for a strong turnout of Michigan supporters.

As for opening opponents, Belmont and New Mexico State are among the most likely No. 14 seeds to see next to Michigan’s name on the bracket. Both are uptempo and experienced teams that enter the NCAA tournament after winning their respective league tournaments that could provide difficult tests.

This is just a snap shot of the most likely scenarios at this juncture. Last year most bracketologists had Michigan projected as a 10 or 11 seed before the Wolverines were handed an 8-seed. In a couple hours the speculation is over and the Wolverines will move forward to prepare for their next foe.

  • Mistersuits

    St. Bonny’s making a run at stealing a bid, which would knock off Seton Hall, South Florida, NC State, Iona or Drexel depending on who you have in at this point. At St Bonaventure would almost certainly be a #14 seed, shaking up that mix.


    With that reshuffling that is going to go down, the committee will also likely weigh in the tournament runs of Louisville and Florida St (heading for a 4-1 record vs Duke & UNC) and that might be enough to knock Michigan off the 3 line.

    • Yeah… Gotta worry about Florida State, Louisville, or both rising too far up the S-Curve with their conference tournament performances. Just hope that doesn’t send us west.

      • Mattski

        Okay, so there IS a possibility FSU pushes us aside. They’re a good team, no doubt about it. 

        • Possible maybe. I don’t know that it’s likely at this point. St. Bonnies is a potential 14 seed now with their win as well. Definitely some additional intrigue.

          • Mattski

            If it gives Michigan a better way in, I am all for it. Would like to see Beilein remove the second-round monkey.

  • Brad Stone

    We were the 8 seed last year, not the 9

  • Naaa

    Hopefully no Vandy in Nashville

  • ZRL

    Do you know if there will be a selection-viewing party at Crisler this year? Also, I would not want to play Belmont. They seem more like a dangerous 12 than a 14 to me.

    • Crisler has no walls at the moment. They won’t be doing anything there for a while.

  • MGoTweeter

    Obviously want as high a seed as possible but matchups and location are far more important. Would hate lunardi’s bracket but most the other ones would be fine

    • ZRL

      I don’t want to play Belmont but wouldn’t mind a rematch with Memphis.

  • rlcBlue

    Well, Vandy and Florida State just helped their seeds…

    • Mattski

      Just met a guy at the Beth Israel Food Festival here in Tallahassee who swore if FSU won they were replacing us as a 3 seed. Some real possibility, or was he talking through his hat?

      P.S. Congrats to Leonard Hamilton. May you continue to bring good basketball to my town and beat Duke.  

  • Mattski

    Here’s the link for OSU-MSU; for some reason it wasn’t posted on the front page at CBS: 

  • Fresh

    who cares where they play or what seed they are they can beat anybody at anytime, potentially………..if you want to be the best then you man up and beat teams no matter who or where it occurs

    • I care because I’d rather not pay to fly to Portland :-)

      • Fresh

        ha fair enough