Michigan 73, Minnesota 69 (OT)

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan lacked intensity from the start and allowed Minnesota to take control of the game late but somehow escaped with the overtime win in Indianapolis. Trey Burke scored a career high 30 points, Zack Novak provided a pair of clutch threes down the stretch and Evan Smotrycz tied the game with a late triple to send the game to an extra session. Michigan outscored Minnesota 17-11 in overtime to advance to the Big Ten Tournament semifinals against the winner of Ohio State and Purdue. Full post game coverage to come, here’s your post game thread.

  • jemblue

    Not sure why so many doubt this team all the time.  They are tough as nails in the clutch.

    • Scott1222

      Agreed…at one point after back to back threes against us late, ppl were giving in….I said have some faith in our boys!!!

  • Jeff

    Hopefully, this magic will carry over into the big dance. This team truly never quits. Also nice to win when two players had to carry the team. I also don’t mind saying the refs sucked rocks in overtime. They just did.

    • jemblue

      The officiating was awful.  Not necessarily one-sided, but just terrible both ways – calling ticky-tack nonsense that got multiple players in foul trouble and resulted in way too many free throws.  And then for some reason they decided to swallow their whistle right under the rim multiple times.

      • AG

         Even the announcers on the national radio broadcast on 107.3 FM were saying “its like one official is making the calls and the other 2 aren’t helping him out at all.”

      • Billiam

        Just wondering, but can you name one time that the officiating was good?  Boy, I can’t.  The refs ALWAYS favor the other team.  It’s a CONSPIRACY I say!

    • Scott1222

      Rite..a bunch of touch fouls on us as Trey gettn mugged on every drive…

  • Scott1222

    Think I had a few minor heart attacks during this one…Wow…wasn’t pretty especially in 1st half…Burke was ridiculous…I’m sure he’s tired as heck…Hardaway stepped up…although Novack, Stu, and Smot struggled, shots were hit when needed the most..great d at times from Stu…just keeping it positive as we all kno there were plenty of holes in our game…take it and ride the momentum…..wow…heart still pounding…everybody on the thread have a good nite as we’ll speak tomoro..

  • Mattski

    Future All-NBA Interview Team member representing Michigan in the post-game. My god, that kid is poised. 

  • Mattski

    Matta discovering his bench late in the season could be an ominous development for the rest of the country.

  • PeteM

    Burke was amazing — wishing we could have a frosh of the year revote by the coaches.

  • Rkw

    Sooo trey wasnt first all BIG for what reason again???.I dont hear many IU fans churping about how its a travesty burke was co FOY with zeller right now!

  • maxwell’s demon

    Aside from those clutch 3s, this one of Novak’s worst performances I can recall. Guess he deserves credit for those shots though.