Plenty of Parallels for Two Big Ten Players

Dylan Burkhardt

09bigten-articleLarge[1]Jim Carty in the New York Times on the similarities between Zack Novak and Draymond Green:

“There are definite similarities,” Novak said. “He’s gotten better every year over four years, just like I’ve tried to. There hasn’t been one spike. Neither of us has had a down year in terms of developing our games. We’re both not afraid to tell our teams what they need to hear.

“I know that our fans probably don’t like anyone who goes to M.S.U., and vice versa, but regardless of that there’s a respect there, looking at what he’s been able to accomplish, what he does for his team, and all the ways he does it. You have to respect that.”

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  • Mattski

    Both leaders, yes. :)