Michigan wins first Big Ten title since 1986

Dylan Burkhardt

For the first time since 1986, the Michigan Wolverines can call themselves Big Ten regular season champions. The Wolverines finished Big Ten play with a 13-5 conference record and deadlocked in a three way tie with rivals Michigan State and Ohio State.

Michigan will be the No. 2 seed in the Big Ten Tournament next week, opening play on Friday at 6:30 p.m. against the winner of Northwestern vs. Minnesota.

  • Giddings

    WOOOOOOO!!! Thank you William Buford, but thanks even more to Zack and Stu, they deserve it!!!!

    • MGoTweeter

      so happy for stu and zack.  Absolutely amazing

      • Wayman Britt

        Yes, pretty amazing for two kids no other D1 program wanted.

        • Danguilm

          Link to the bracket? I figured we’d play someone worse than Minnesota or northwestern. What happened to Iowa, penn st or Nebraska when we are the 2 seed.

          • gpsimms

            iowa’s pretty good.

          • Mith

            We have a bye as the 2, that means the really bad teams have a game before we face them and will likely get knocked out.

  • Wayman Britt

    WOW!  I like the sound of that – Big Ten Champs.

  • MGoTweeter


  • Mike

    What a great season! So happy for Zack, Stu, and the rest of the team. Go Blue!!

  • jemblue

    What a year!  And what a great reward for the seniors and Coach Beilein!  

    Thanks so much for running this site – what a ride it’s been.

  • DingoBlue

    Go Blue!  So happy that Stu and Zack get to leave as champions.

  • Andyandersen

    J B has proved he can coach the game again!  

    Great regular season Wolverines!

    • Mith

      ???  He has proved that many times before this season.

  • Johnny Duris

    So stoked! Can’t help but think back to the Purdue game and wonder what could have been. That being said, I’ll take it! NOOOOOVAK!

  • Jreiss773

    Shared title still not great. Definately step in right direction though

    • Vanderch

      Hope this is sarcastic

      • Jeff

        Yeah, that was weak.

    • a2dan


    • ScottGoBlue

      Turn in your badge, you’re off the squad.

    •  You think that is what moou said with their shared ship?  They thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.

    • Ajerome33

      Sounds like a Spartan troll to me. If you are a Michigan fan, you should try and remember 1999-2008 when we were a joke in the Big Ten. This is a great moment for the hoops program.

  • Thanks Stu and Zack. Best Senior Class since ’89. Go Blue!

  • goblue85

    this feels so great to be on top.    GO BLUE!  Big ten champs  been a great year. 

  • Rebel999

    Wow! Is Michigan back or what?  With Beilein’s coaching skills and finally great recruiting this is just the start of a nice roll.  Buckle up it’s gonna be a great ride!

  • Rebel999

    Can’t be happier for Stu and Zack.  I truly believe they helped instill the will to win that was needed.  They should be as proud as new parents to see this finally come to fruition.  Now on to the conference and NCAA playoffs.

  • GregGoBlue


  • Vanderch

    Woo hoo! All this talk about the future, but winning the best conference in the country is about as good as it gets! Obviously winning it outright would be better, but this is HUGE accomplishment! Go Blue! Congrats to the seniors!

  • Hotstuff20m_2003

    Awesome accomplishment for the kids!

  • jemblue

    So will the guys cut down the nets at Crisler?

  • Blue_Jay12

    Great reward for Zack Stu & co.  Hope they come back for the banner raising next year!

  • AG

    This program has come so, so far in ways I almost didn’t think were possible.  Michigan is well on the road to a full commitment to 2-sport excellence like Texas, Florida, and Ohio!

    • Solrac

      3 if we can count Hockey. It is a revenue generating sport after all.

    • Jim25430

      Wrestling will make that a 3- sport commitment to excellence !

    • bird

      2012: BCS bowl W and a banner in hoops.  Oh, I like that.

    • Jengoblue

      I would argue 3. We have a fine hockey program too!
      (And this is not to mention our other teams, like our champion swimming and diving team. But I’m focusing on the ones that attract revenues and lots of attention). 

  • Solrac


  • ForeverBlue

    Thank you Stu and Zack and to JB who had the vision to bring them to Ann Arbor to lay the foundation. 

  • Couldn’t be happier for Stu & Zack. Kind of amazing that a year and a half ago there were people calling for Beilein’s head. Just hope all of the people celebrating this now remember it if we fall on hard times at some point.

    Go Blue!

  • Mattski

    John Beilein, Coach of the Year in the B1G. And Trey Burke deserves Freshman of the Year. I understand that Zeller is a fine player, but he has not carried his team to the championship.  

    • Prigby

      I believe it will be co-freshman of the year, althogh I hope Burke gets it by himself.  Go Blue!!

  • Ampgraham

    Beilein is a great coach!!! Won a Big 10 championship without a single McDonald All American or 5 star recruit. I’m ecstatic just thinking about Michigan’s future with the talent thats coming in the next few recruiting classes. (((((((((((((((Michigan is baaaack)))))))))))))))

    • UM4LIFE

      Honestly, just think Beilin can win a big ten championship with two starters that were 1 star. Makes you think what he can do with 5 star recruits

    • Ajerome33

      We definitely have a lot of talent coming in, but don’t underestimate the value of chemistry and leadership. Next year’s team has a lot to live up to. Let’s just enjoy this year’s team right now and worry about the future when it arrives.

  • davis104

    Congratulations Michigan, well deserved. 

  • Alex

    Truly amazing. This team has worked its butt off. They have stuck by each other. They have believed and continue to do so.

    The sky is the limit for this team and for many more to come.

    Go Blue.

  • BPocern

    I cut my knee open jumping when Buford hit that game winner, I was so pumped I didn’t realize it was bleeding until 5 min later, I hope it scars, this season and this team is one to remember! I never thought i’d cheer so hard for Ohio lol, but i’m so proud of every single one of our players, especially Stu and Novak! Now, let’s do some damage in the NCAA’s!

  • Iluvthebullets

    Anyone know if there are BIG ten champ shirts out there and where to get them?

    • LansingBlue

      http://www.mden.com/shopping/product.cgi?SA1200+1014  ..A few other designs on the site too so this isn’t the only one.  After these last 26 years, and especially these last few, I have to get one of these.

      • Jimbardo

        Just bought one and had it shipped to my office. I can’t wait to throw that bad boy on when it arrives! Yeahhh buddy!

  • JimC

    Way to go boys!!

  • Blue132

    Can someone please post what the new B1G championships trophy looks like. I have looked everywhere and all I could find was the tournament trophy. Also, does the team get the trophy now or at the start of next season?

    Go Blue!

  • A2JD

    Great regular season. Let’s hope we build on this. Go Blue!

  • davis104

    Sounds like Dawson tore his left ACL today. Was starting to play really well, don’t like to see that happen. 

  • Kenny

    Winning big ten championship with five starters that combined had one offer from other big ten school is what distinguishes beilein from other great coaches.

  • BostonBlue

    Who would have thought with Morris leaving for the NBA that Trey Burke would step in and perform at the level we’re seeing game in and game out. My congratulations to the entire team  that more than exceeded the highest of expectations. 

  • Rkwboo

    Hate to hear about dawson injury

  • Rkwboo

    O yeah rico beard is a clown!Lol For those that dont know he’s a sparty slappy beatwriter who cant seem to keep UM out of his mouth.

  • Rkwboo

    Its nice to take this all in and enjoy it! GO BLUE!

  • Champswest

    Big Ten Champions.  Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?   B1G and NCAA tournament runs would be nice, but anything can happen in a one-and-done situation.  One bad shooting night or meeting a hot team and you go home,  But, a league championship is won over an 18 game schedule and I’ll take it. 

    Sparty limped home with 2 straight loses, something the Wolverines didn’t suffer all year.  Good job men.  Congratulations, especially to Stu and Zack.  Go Blue!

  • sshow

    YeS! Go Blue! So proud of the team this year!

  • davis104