Michigan 72, Illinois 61

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan secures its first win in Champaign, IL since 1995 and remains in the Big Ten championship hunt. Here’s your post game thread, full coverage to come.

  • Wayman Britt

    The best thing I liked about this game was Hardaway’s 11 rebounds.

    Keep it up – Tim.

    • jemblue

      Tim had about the most efficient game you’ll ever see.  25 points on seven shots!  Throw in the 11 boards, two steals and a block and it’s probably the best game of his career.

      • Nick

        yeah it was his best game of the year likely, but rather than look at 25 on 7 shots, I think its more informative to look at his points per possession.

        7 shots + 5 free throw possessions + 3 to’s.  So 25 points using 15 possessions.  Which is awesome

  • ColinNer

    Good game but I felt we were playing with 3 1/2 players: burke, thj, stu, and j-mo defensive. Other than those 3 1/2, the rest of the team didn’t do much. Need to have solid games from 5 players every game if we are going to make a tourney run.

    • thatguy

      I disagree.  I think we played really good team defense tonight.  We rotated well and we forced Illinois to mostly take shots that they are uncomfortable with.  They did get some good looks, but they really had to work for them.  Every guy played solidly overall, I thought.  Our team defense was extremely solid, if unspectacular tonight.

    • jemblue

      But how realistic is it to expect five players to give you strong offensive games?  You can win a lot of games with two guys scoring 20.

  • jengoblue

    We’ve gotta’ stay focused, and this team sure isn’t done yet. But I just want to step back and put something out there, just for a second. 
    Remember back, before the B1G season even started, when we were discussing how many wins we might get in the Big Ten? I think most people were predicting 10, some were saying 11 and 12, but the people saying 12 were, as I recall, more or less dismissed. I just think it’s cool to see how far we’ve come. 
    Back to business now. Beat Penn State!

  • Ohardman2002

    Great Game for Tim.. he must  continue to stay poise and let the game come to him. He tends to shoot Mich out of the game at times. And look to drive to the basket more.

  • Blazerine

    Great win, I don’t care who it is. Winning on the road in B1G is never a gimme.

    Difference maker tonight was Timmy jr.
    Trey made the wheels go round but Tim showed what makes him so deadly…his versatility. Finally he worked hard on the glass, and given that we play with 4 guards he MUST rebound like that consistently considering the rest of our guards are 6’4 and under and can’t really be relied on to go up and get athletic boards against bigger stronger defenders.
    Having the ball in his hands on defense, getting a block, active hands and a few steals really fueled his offensive flow.

    Next: wtf with McLimans?!? When we have zero big depth to begin with and you decide to just use Evan exclusively at 5 I think you’re handicpping yourself. Especially with the rate that these two can rack up fouls. Evan made a few good things happen but he’ll need to pick it up going forward of this team wants to make a real run. I think he’s better when he starts, just my opinion

    Senior leaders: you better both pick it up. The past 2 games I have not been pleased with Stu and Zack’s performances. They get a ton of minutes and I think they can be more productive; especially Novak.

    Overall, let’s take Carr of business this weekend and then root for Ohio, Ohhh the pain. See what crap you’re forced to do when you blow games like Iowa and Purdue!!? SMH

    Go Blue!

    • MGoTweeter

      agree on the boards with Hardaway.  That is the biggest thing, well that and his defense, that I wish he would be more active on.  I can live with missed shots when they are good shots, but he has been a nonfactor on the boards all year.  Great to see him grab a bunch tonight.  Hopefully that continues.

      I did not even think about McLimans until your comment.  Don’t know why he did not see the floor.  If I had to guess it was just that Christian has been playing well in practice and they wanted to give him some run.  All in all, he did a fairly good job tonight.  

      Novak is a mystery to me right now.  I don’t know what happened.  He has really struggled as of late.  Perhaps its just wear and tear, but he just is not comfortable with the ball right now.  He was still somewhat productive tonight though.  

      I disagree on Stu.  He has played well lately.  He has not made a ton of shots, but he has made some.  The biggest thing I notice with him is just how much smoother the offense runs when he is on the floor.  Burke gets so wore down from having the ball so much, that I think it helps a ton to have a reliable guy out there that can settle things down and set up the plays.  Plus his defense when he was on Paul tonight was very good.  It seemed like the only time Paul got a look was when Douglass got switched off of him or was on the bench.