Game 30: Michigan at Illinois Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

Photo: Dustin Johnston

Michigan and Illinois will tip off at 7 p.m. eastern tonight as the Wolverines look to preserve their slim Big Ten title chances. Dave O’Brian, Stephen Bardo and former Michigan point guard Jalen Rose are scheduled to be on the call for ESPN.

Join in the discussion before, during and after the game in the comments section below.

Pre-Game Reading:

  • BluMoon

    Don’t stop that clock.

  • Wayman Britt

    Boy it sure seems like we miss alot of bunnies

  • BluMoon

    The Illini team they are talking about was really outstanding. 

    • Mattski

      Yes. They used to strike terror. 

  • BluMoon

    Let’s put these guys away.

  • MGoTweeter

    senior night at Kentucky?  wha?  who are they honoring the ball boys?

  • BluMoon

    No way Sparty and the Bucks could both lose is there?  ;-)

    • mgobird

       Everyday they wake up with that degree

      • MarcO

         Best comment of the night.  Absolutely hilarious!

  • davis104

    THJ with 25 points on 7 shots!!! MOAR efficiency like that Timmy

  • MGoTweeter

    i didnt mind Jalen for most of this game, in fact I thought he was pretty good in the first half.  But he is awful right now.  

    • Jeff

      I was glad to see him doing this game, but I’ve found him to be really irritating tonight. Seems like he’s not even watching the game, just trying to be clever and tell stories. The worst was when he agreed with that awful call on Douglass against Leonard.

      • Mattski

        With all respect, that’s usually the job of the third man, when you have three commentators, no? Kind of doing deep color. Agree that he was kind of over the top at the end, but. . . each to their own. (Like to think of Jalen AS our own, myself.)

  • BluMoon

    Very nice, but we have been very fortunate a few times.  I do love these guys though.

  • MGoTweeter

    good win.  Great games for Timmy and Burke.  One more win boys!

  • Mattski

    21-23 from the line? That’s impressive. Maybe M’s most complete game in a while. 

  • Morga2aj

    Does anyone else notive how weird the Illinois PA guy says “Meyers Leonard?” He sounds way to jolly