Photo Gallery: Crisler Center Construction Begins

Dylan Burkhardt
Crisler Construction 4

Michigan played its final home game on Saturday but construction crews haven’t waited to begin work on the next phase of Crisler Center renovations. After completing the William Davidson Player Development Center and revamping the seating inside the arena, the next phase will improve widening concourses along adding additional amenities, club seating and more. Check out the photo gallery after the jump for some construction photos (from Michigan Stadium Aerials) as well as mock-ups of the finished product.

  • Is there a reason why everyone calls it “Crisler Center” now when it’s always been known as Crisler Arena, and even says so on the brand new scoreboard?

    • Orders from the athletic department. In all seriousness… I believe it has to do with being combined with the PDC and the whole thing is a “Center”. I’m not exactly sure. It’s the official AD name at this point though (game notes, press releases, etc.)

      • I guess that makes sense. The court area is an arena, but the whole thing is a center. Look at Michigan getting all fancy.

        • Of course it’s also the Player Development Center within the Crisler Center? Go figure.

          • Vigorish

            Also makes it easier to sell arena naming rights.  Get rid of Crisler Arena and call it Crisler Center, then sell arena naming rights…”We are live at the Ford Arena at Crisler Center on the campus of the University of Michigan where the defending national champions face their in state rivals the Michigan State Spartans!!”  

          • Kool Breeze

            Dylan, don’t forget, with the most recent change, it is now the William Davidson Player Development Center.

  • MusketRebellion

    What is the timeline for this phase of renovations to be finished?

    • Inside Crisler there are banners that say it will be done Fall 2012.

  • Kevin

    Living out of state, I was wondering about the renovations already completed.  From TV you can tell there are aesthetic enhancements inside the stadium, but did any of the renovations make improvements to crowd noise?  

    • Kool Breeze

      Kevin, I renovations (new seats, some luxury boxes, etc.) haven’t really made it louder, but putting a better team on the floor (a.k.a. filling more seats) certainly has.

  • Burtcomma

    The house that Novak rebuilt?