The 25 Greatest Sneakers in Michigan Basketball History

Dylan Burkhardt

Not quite tempo free stats, but who doesn’t love a history lesson in footwear? Let’s start the debate, which pair is your favorite? Complex picks the Huaraches (above) as their top pair.

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  • joshua44

    these are the best i still have my pair f these adidas ts commanders

    • joshua44
      • ZRL

        Is it just my imagination, or did we wear something similar to that but with a winged helmet in the front for a couple games during the Manny/Peedi tourney year?

        Also, when you’re talking Michigan basketball shoes, it’s gotta be the black nikes the fab five wore with the maize jerseys and black socks.

        • joshua44

          no these are the shoes. manny and the whole team wore them for several games i only got them because i saw the team wearing them

          • ZRL

            Gotcha. I remember being one of the few who loved those shoes.

  • guest

    i kinda want our recruits to see this… as a former high school player, the amount of time i invested in finding the perfect, swag-tastic pair of shoes was ridiculous…but i feel that is true for most players… i know it isnt important at all, but if im a teenage kid, im definitely interested in some cool kicks. just another perk of picking Michigan.


    Maui shoes.

  • jemblue

    The guy made a goof – he calls the Air Force Max the #1 shoe in college basketball history (on a different page) but then calls it the #3 shoe in Michigan basketball history.  Same author for both.

    • Zak

      And he called the Air Jordan XI the “greatest sneaker of the 90s,” but had them ranked fourth behind two other pairs from the 90s.