Michigan 67, Northwestern 55 (OT)

Dylan Burkhardt

Survive and advance. Michigan knocks off Northwestern in overtime by a final score of 67-55.  Full post game coverage to come. Here’s your post game thread.

  • MGoTweeter

    great OT, terrible first two halves.  Michigan survives somehow

  • rlcBlue

    I didn’t watch any of the games, but I know we looked a hell of lot better than Missouri and Georgetown.

  • MGoTweeter

    what happened to Crawford by the way?  He did not seem to play a lot in the second half

  • S B Reiter

    Win out . Go to final of big ten tourney, get a 2 seed. Play into the elite 8. Things happen after that.

  • Michman

    Rpi 10
    SoS 7
    Big win tonight..

  • jemblue

    Win out, and we will win the Big Ten.  Sparty is not going to run the table.

  • eddieben

    Game was won in the first four minutes of both halves and the five in OT. That’s what mature, battle-tested teams do.

  • I was at the game tonight….Let me tell you, Welsh-Ryan was PACKED tonight and probably 60% Northwestern fans vs. 40% Michigan fans. Hearing the crowd chats of “Go Blue” and “Airball” when John Shurna missed a three on his home court was a BEAUTIFUL thing!! Also, Tim Hardaway needs to shoot 1,000 ft’s tmrw! That could have cost us the game but had a blast! Go Blue!

    • Fvsdevin

      yeah, we usually pack in our fans in Evanston, especially for our football games there.