Open Thread: ESPN College GameDay in Ann Arbor

Dylan Burkhardt

Photo: Michigan Basketball

ESPN’s College GameDay programming will be airing live from the Crisler Center this morning in preparation for Michigan’s priemtime showdown with Ohio State. GameDay will go live at 10 a.m. on ESPNU before transitioning to ESPN from 11 a.m until noon.

Students began lining up at 11 p.m. last night and Denard Robinson is expected to be in attendance for what John Beilein calls “a day long commercial for Michigan basketball”. We’ve joined in the excitement as well, Kevin posted video interviews with Rece Davis, Hubert Davis, Digger Phelps and Jay Bilas along with our traditional pre-game content last night.

Join in the discussion below as you sip your morning coffee and tune your television to ESPN.

  • Didn’t take long for a 1-3-1 reference. Digger Phelps got one in during the first segment.

    • Flwolve

      Did JB really employ a ton of 1-3-1 at West Virginia?  I know he’s known for that defense but we play it so little that I can’t believe that JB is so famous for it.

      • He did run it quite a bit. I also think we could see it a lot more in the future when you have guys like Glenn, Mitch, Stauskas, Irvin with all sorts of length on the perimeter.

        • ZRL

          I also think part of it is we run it a lot during big non-conference games (Kansas, Duke, Memphis, etc). Since these are the only UM games a lot of national analysts watch, they assume we still run a lot of 1-3-1.

          • rlcBlue

            It’s all about unfamiliarity – announcers who aren’t really familiar with the team look at their cheatsheet, which talks about Beilein’s WVU teams playing the 1-3-1, and they just repeat what they’ve read.

            Likewise, teams that aren’t familiar with Michigan are more susceptible to the 1-3-1, because it is an unusual defense. B1G teams all devote some practice time to attacking it, because Northwestern and Michigan are known to use it. For Beilein it becomes a trick pitch – it can be more effective as a threat than in actuality. We force conference teams to spend time preparing for something that doesn’t happen, and when we run into teams that aren’t ready, we throw it at them.

            Look for when he chooses to go zone in a game. One of the favorite times is off a timeout, when the opponent has spent time designing a play to attack the man-to-man. It’s another example of him reacting to the other team – we’ll play the defense that puts the other team at the greatest disadvantage.

            Of course this flexibility only exists because the team can play multiple defenses credibly. Remember him moaning about how bad the fundamentals of the ’07-’08 team were?

  • Housedawg24

    Basketball and football programs unbeaten at home this year keep it up #beatohio

  • Joe Lunardi’s Friday bracket has Michigan as a 3 seed in Nashville 

    • GregGoBlue

      If we have to play Duke again in the early rounds I’m going to go crazy.

      • That would be in the Sweet 16 in that bracket. A bit different than the second (third) round.

        • GregGoBlue

          Good point. I just don’t want to be in Duke’s region or play Duke come tournament time period. Coach K perennially has that team playing well come tourney time, especially if they play well during the regular season. 

      • q-sac

         i want to play them again.

  • Rkwboo

    Digger is a old grumpy man! wish he could have stayed home!

  • Team watching in the locker room, going live on ESPN now. 

  • Rkwboo

    Just goes to show how much of a (football) school UM is when denard is out on the panel with the guys before any bball players on a bball show.Dude is like a rockstar

  • Bill

    BEAT o hio!

  • Skinzkid

    Pretty weak crowd

    • gpsimms

      yeah, it didn’t seem very big.  although, i haven’t really watched college basketball gameday very often.  was that more or less typical?  anyone know?

      • JimC

        They never seem to fill an arena, or even get close.  My guess it was a slightly smaller than average crowd.  No big deal.

        • gobluemd16

          I talked to a bunch of Gameday people as I got chosen for a contest, they said it was the lowest attendance in the 6 years of the show.

          • nturi

            it’d be interesting to see the response towards the attendance in the media. Im not even sure many ppl even watch the hoops gameday. Im as bout a big fan of college fball and bball as im sure many of you are, and I’ve got to think the fball one draws more viewers??

          • nturi

            Also, best way to overshadow it is to have a great crowd tonight and bring home a spirited win over tuo$. 

  • I don’t like this. I’m just a fan and I feel enormous pressure to win tonight. Can’t imagine what it’s like for the players.

    • Mattski

      Does seem like a bit much. Hope the players are taking it in their stride. Michigan has been admirably composed the last few years under Beilein, and I’ll bet they’re that way again tonight. 

  • Digger and Hubert both pick Michigan.