Michigan 70, Illinois 61

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan moves to 9-4 in Big Ten play and maintains its perfect home record on the season with a 70-61 win over Illinois. Full coverage to come but here’s your post game thread.

  • gpsimms

    Nice shooting day. Orherwise, thank goodness for illini offensive ineptitude. That was not Michigan defense.

  • South Florida Maize Rage

    Only a half-game back in the Big Ten with Michigan State playing Wisconsin this week and Blue hosting Ohio on Saturday. In great position.

  • DB

    2nd solid win in a row.  Both were games Michigan should win (about 70% on Kenpom) but were not guarantees.

  • jemblue

    Is Beilein the frontrunner for Big Ten Coach of the Year?  He should be in the conversation, at least.

    • gpsimms

      he’s got to be.  i think it’s ridiculous he didn’t get it last year.

    • UMQuasi

       I’d be surprised if it’s not Crean

      • gpsimms

        if crean gets it this year, it just adds to the ridiculousness of beilein not getting it last year.  he is doing approximately the same thing beilein did with a  young team last year, except with mcd’s aa level talent.

        • If MSU wins the league Izzo gets it IMO. If OSU wins the league I could see Crean or Beilein getting it.

  • Jeff

    The most encouraging thing I took from the game was that three guys who haven’t been helping much are showing signs of life. Hardaway played well in the 2nd half against Nebraska and played well today. Vogrich has been on fire from three the last two games and Smotrycz was doing some work in the first half.

  • KJay

    Beilein is an amazing coach.  Flipside is that Weber is really underachieving.  The pure talent on the Illinois roster is, IMO, better than that on Michigan’s.  With Richardson, Paul and Leonard and that supporting cast that team should be much, much better than it is.  I can see why Illini fans are getting frustrated with their coach. 

  • GregGoBlue

    Very complete game, I thought. 

    I think THJr changed up his routine a bit, passing up pregame shooting to sit on the bench and get in the zone, also being super early to Crisler to shoot around by himself. He had some wonderful assists and seemed more focused this game. 

  • important win– I’m nervous about both the OSU and @Northwestern games coming up, so it’s great to have this win in the pocket.  Also encouraging to see Hardaway and Smotrycz stepping up their game; if those two get hot, this can be a really dangerous team in the tournament.

  • Stu Cazzo

    Not the greatest defensive performance, but the boys were scrappy as always.

    Just huge to get THJ, Smotrycz and Vogrich going offensively. The team needed that offensive boost today and if they can keep that up down the stretch, things are going to get real fun here. 

  • rlcBlue

    Our home winning streak is 15 – all 14 games this season, plus the season-capping win over MSU last year. I’ve got Sparty at 16 – all 15 games this season plus their final home game against Iowa last year.

    Without Gasser’s answered prayer, we’d be sitting on 19 straight.