Michigan 62, Nebraska 46

Dylan Burkhardt

Photo: Patrick Radigan

Michigan rides nearly perfect second half offense into an easy win at Nebraska. The Wolverines move to 18-7 (8-4 B10) on the season and will host Illinois on Sunday. Full post game coverage (including video, photos and analysis) coming shortly. For now, here’s your post game thread.

  • coaches need to do some testing on whatever was in the half-time refreshment water and get that stuff into mass-production stat.

  • Ashwin Johri

    when is hardaway gonna get out of his slump?

    • a2sk

      I liked the assists he had in the 2nd half.  Nice to see him looking for the pass instead of outside shot.

  • This Spartan blogger posted about a positive run in with some Michigan fans in East Lansing last weekend.  This a nice post to remind us of the good that college sport fans can bring.  


    • BraveWolverine730

      I was there for that with my fellow Maize Ragers(though my face got blocked out in the back). I’m glad we were able to make that kid’s day because he certainly helped brightened ours among the cacophony of middle fingers and ill-natured taunting during our trip.  

  • Azad

    Nice win for us…if Hardaway can keep the same 2nd half mentality I think he will continue to be positive for us on the court even if his jumper isn’t falling as much.  Most of his 3 point attempts today at least weren’t that forced, I don’t think.  Vogrich hitting open jump shots would be major for us down the stretch. 

  • Stevehanselman16

    Duke unc game was amazing to watch… Exciting stuff

    • MGoTweeter

      duke-unc and mizzu-kansas the other day, were great examples of how fragile a lead can be when you are careless with the basketball late or take bad shots.  Neither UNC nor Kansas had any business losing those games, but a couple dumb turnovers combined with bad shots or missed free throws along with a couple threes at the other end and all of a sudden a ten point lead is gone.  

      That is one reason you always preach valuing possessions to players.  It’s great to be able to get up and down the floor and score, but at the end of a game it is far more important to be able to execute and run 30+ seconds off the clock.