Draymond Green expected to play Sunday

Dylan Burkhardt

10458395-large[1]The word from East Lansing is that Michigan State senior captain Draymond Green is expected to play on Sunday against Michigan. The news should come as no surprise to anyone that watched Green’s post game interview, in which he guaranteed victory on February 5th, after losing to Michigan.

Green left Tuesday’s game at Illinois with the knee injury and appeared unable to put weight on the injured leg walking off of the court. An MRI on Wednesday revealed no major ligament damage to Green’s knee and he has reportedly been practicing.

Joe Rexrode quotes Tom Izzo on Twitter, noting that Green “will go for sure” but Izzo isn’t sure how much he will play, citing minor swelling and emphasizing the importance of today’s practice.

Diamond Leung quotes Michigan State spokesman Matt Larson:

“He (Coach Tom Izzo) does expect Draymond to play,” team spokesman Matt Larson told fans at the MSU Rebounders Club luncheon Friday.

Rexrode also reports that Green practiced on Thursday, is expected to practice today and quotes Green’s mother, Mary Babers:

“I think he’d play if he still had a crutch,” Babers said.

Babers, though, said Green still has swelling in his left knee and still is suffering from the flu. When she left for Saginaw on Thursday night, he still wasn’t eating much. The good news for Green is, he has been told that playing won’t jeopardize the knee. So it’s about mobility and pain tolerance.

“I’m sure he won’t play a lot and he probably won’t start,” Babers said, “but if he can go, he’ll go.”

  • Billiam

    It’s good to see him play.  Want to destroy the whiner.

  • Sven187

    Bring it Chubby!

  • hotshot14972

    I am already tired of this Draymond coverage. Everyone knows he’s not going to miss this game seeing as how he already guaranteed a victory. If he misses the game the announcers will say what he means to the team, and if he plays they’ll say the same thing plus they’ll say every time he makes a play that he;s so gutsy that he’s playing on a sprained knee.

    • JimC

      Exactly.  The media just gush all over Sparty…I expect him to come in late in the first half, or maybe in the second half, when the game is tight.  And it looks like some heroic effort for him to play, so the crowd goes bezerk, the announcers start spewing their sparty juice, and so on and so on.

  • Mbball

    yawn…when you whine like he does, it makes sense to participate in the game too. 

  • Mattski

    Best possible outcome: he says he’s ready, he’s not, he plays lousily (as always against M), they lose, he and Izzo practice their spartan stoicism. . . and a day later they start whining like crazy that he was injured, etcetera. Because they are whiners and that’s what they do. 

    Meanwhile the win is in the bag and no one really gives a rat’s fur tushy. 

    Course, they have to play the game, and it won’t be easy. But Morgan is my man, and Michigan  has given Draymond fits for two years. 

    Looking forward to the game!   

    • Guest

      Actually, it’s Novak who has given Draymond fits for years. Draymond has been terrible against Michigan.

  • Chemist

    A man who backs up his words. Awesome!