Recruiting Notebook: Rankings Refreshed, Beilein Watches 2015 Star, Walton Nears Quadruple Double, More

Dylan Burkhardt
396441_367388366621343_107407169286132_1482560_821628827_n[1] published updated Class of 2012 recruiting rankings on Tuesday afternoon and Michigan’s commitments were all on the move. Mitch McGary fell from the No. 2 slot to No. 20 but is still regarded as a five star prospect. Lake Central forward Glenn Robinson III rose all the way the No. 27, two slots short of a five star rating. Finally, Nik Stauskas moved into the top 100 in the No. 83 slot and picked up a fourth star.

Read after the jump to find out about Derrick Walton’s big night, Mitch McGary’s recent performances, John Beilein stopping in to watch a blue chip 2015 prospect and more.


Derrick Walton Records Triple Double, Nears Quadruple Double

It was a big night for Michigan’s 2013 point guard commitment as Derrick Walton exploded for 34 points, 11 rebounds, 10 assists and seven or ten steals in an 80-56 win over Detroit Cesar Chavez. The final steal tally is up for debate with multiple sources, including Walton’s father and coach, reporting 10 steals but other outlets reporting seven steals.

The debate will certainly rage on but it’s another big night for the lightning quick floor general who has had a tremendous junior season. A triple double, nonetheless a quadruple double, is impressive in a 32 minute high school game.

luke-kennard[1]Beilein Watches Luke Kennard

John Beilein was on the road recruiting Friday night in the state of Ohio (pictured top). Michigan’s head coach was watching 2015 phenom Luke Kennard, a  6-foot-4 freshman from Franklin, OH. Kennard is averaging 17 points per game for Franklin High School and he’s surpassed 20 points in seven games, reaching double figures in all but two. Kennard scored 22 points in Friday night’s win over Valley View to move his Franklin squad to a perfect 14-0 on the season.

Kennard has already visited Ann Arbor several times and recently noted Michigan as one of the teams recruiting him the hardest:

“I’ve visited Ohio State, Michigan a lot, and I’m taking a visit to West Virginia and Michigan State,” he said.

Asked if any of those schools have made firm scholarship offers, he said, “Michigan has really talked to me a lot (about that), and so has Ohio State. But not as much as (UD).”

Kennard holds a scholarship offer from Dayton.

947330[1]More on McGary

Mitch McGary fell from the No. 2 spot in national rankings at both ESPN and Scout to the 20 range and struggled on national TV against super recruit Nerlens Noel but he has put together a couple solid performances of late. McGary had 12 points and 12 rebounds in a win over South Kent and 15 points and nine rebounds in a win over Bridgton. He may not be an elite scorer but he will provide an immediate impact with his size, energy and rebounding ability. Here’s Evan Daniels of

“I think we may have gotten a little aggressive after the summer (with McGary), he had a terrific summer, but there are concerns,”’s national basketball recruiting analyst Evan Daniels told “His lack of ability to score consistently is one, and maybe we over-valued him a little over the summer.

“That said, he’s still a terrific player, and he’s still a guy who will have a pretty big impact at Michigan and should be able to produce right away. … Michigan is still getting a terrific player.”

  • mitch

    Can 1 and done talk please stop now.  I see him being a 4 year, very good player.

  • Mattski

    Izzo complaining about unbalanced schedules. Says he thinks the conference champ is now sometimes determined by the schedule. Curious what others think: 

    Saw that Green twittered he would be okay, btw.

    • Here’s what he tweeted… Not sure if it necessarily says he’s “OK” or that he would already know.

      “I serve The Awesome God knee will be fine Michigan in Sunday… ”

      It’ll be interesting if they do an MRI or anything like that today. 

      • sane1

        That would be both great and surprising if the knee is OK for Sunday’s game. Hard to see going from putting no weight on the knee today to playing on Sunday.

    • Ben

      It is “tweet” or “tweeted”, not “twittered”.

    • a2sk

      I think Izzo is right.  The B10 was one the the last major conferences to add a conference tournament.  Prior to that, we had a true round-robin conference schedule and the regular conference title actually meant something.  While the expansion of the conference and the addition of tournament may make the round-robin format impossible now, anything that gets the conference closer to a complete round-robin schedule would be a good thing.  I would much rather see more conference games than meaningless non-conference ones.

  • sane1

    I think that they did “overvalue” Mitch a bit. However, citing his scoring as a concern is very unfair, IMO. Someone has to pass you the ball in order to score. With all of the top 100 kids on his team, he doesn’t get the ball in scoring position that often. If he played on Stauskas’s team where they actually run an offense and try to get their big man touches, he’d score plenty. Number 20 is fine with me, though.

    Re: Walton, great stats and best guard in the state, but the level of competition he’s playing is very low overall. Wish he was playing class A or B.

    • I’m not sure. Back to the basket offense has never been his strength. I think it’s fair to say that it was over valued. He can do some nice things with the ball and finish but has struggled with his jumper at times. 

      • gpsimms

        Yeah, to me the funny thing is that McGary’s offensive strengths will be really similar to Morgan’s.

        They both move really well for their size, and that helps them to outrun people down the floor and score in transition.  McGary’s undeveloped post game means, to me, that he will not be an upgrade over Morgan on offense.

        However, my understanding is that defensively he’s a little more of a shot changer than Morgan is.  So he will get some run as a freshman for sure.

        My bet is that the great majority of Michigan fans find his freshman season to be disappointing, thanks to Sam Webb’s article with quotes about how Mitch mcGary would be the best player on M’s roster, today.

        • Conversely, this is a bit harsh I think. McGary already has significantly better ball skills than Morgan. Dribbling, passing, etc. He’s a better rebounder, a better defender and is bigger and stronger.

          • gpsimms

            that’s true.  he can lead a break after a board, which morgan wouldn’t do…

            but then again, smot looked great rebounding and leading the break in highschool, too.  we’ll see when he gets here.

          • Mattski

            You just have never loved Morgan the way I love Morgan. :)  I’ll grant your expertise, but with two years to go and some great–if hesitant–moves sometimes in evidence, I still see Morgan becoming a really fine players. 

          • Mattski


      • Quaint06

        Dylan, about his jumper, what do you know about his 3-point shot specifically? It seems to me I saw something on this site a while back saying he had a pretty good 3 (or maybe just a longrange jumper). I’d also be interested to know if you have his shooting stats for this season or last season–I went only to Brewster’s site but didn’t find stats there. At any rate, I’d be shocked if he didn’t start most games next near and perform as one of the top 3-4 players. Burke-THJ-GR3-McGary should be a great quartet.

        • I wouldn’t call him a three point threat. He’ll take a few maybe, especially in AAU, but his shooting isn’t really his strength.

          • Quaint06


      • sane1

        I think that that game against Noels was given a lot of weight. Noels would give anyone trouble. Tarczewski is now in the top 5, but does not have outstanding back to the basket game; but he gets fed and puts up numbers. 

    • Mgoblue

      Waltons team is in class B… Their schedule consisted of consortium,king, beecher, Toronto Henry carr and grand rapids Ottawa hills! How is the competition low?

    • eastside finest

      Walton is in class B

  • Billiam

    McGary’s finishing will nevertheless be a boon.  How many times have we bemoaned Morgan’s 2′ misses?  I don’t think that happens (as much) with McGary.

  • UM Hoops Fan

    A little less pressure on Mitch to dominate straight out of the gate is just fine.  I’m still excited for the 5* big-man that we beat out Duke, UNC, KY, etc., for, and I expect him to make an immediate contributor next year.

  • MGoBlue_JT

    Less pressure on Mitch is good I think. 

    On Jan. 23rd I had the opportunity to watch Brewster play at MCI. Because of where he was ranked, I was expecting a tremendous performance out of him. Granted, Brewster was WAY better than MCI…so i never got a true look at him. He picked up his second foul midway through the first half and sat until the second. By that time, Brewster was up by 25-30.

    He was a GREAT teammate. Very team oriented. Always getting guys involved in the game…. whether it be the starting five or the 12th man. Definitely not a back to the basket type post player yet. But he’s a tremendous passer out of the post. Decent jumper to about 15-16 feet. I’m sure he could hit a 3 on occasion if needed though. Very relentless crashing the glass on both ends, and a good shot blocker as well. 

    It was a pleasure to see that Brewster team in person though. That is quite a team. IMO, Jakarr Sampson and Aaron Thomas were the best players on the court. By far….

  • Jr_ewing93

    Walton had 10 steals. I was there counting stats. I’m a stat man.