Game 23: Indiana at Michigan Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

 Jamie Owens

Michigan looks to stay undefeated at home as it hosts the Indiana Hoosiers for an early 6:30 p.m. tip off at the Crisler Center. Fan favorite Gus Johnson is on the call along with Shon Morris for the Big Ten Network. The big news out of warmups is that Jon Horford is dressed, whether he plays or not remains to be seen.

Follow along and participate in the comments section below before, during and after the game.

Pre-Game Reading

  • Al

    Sure feels good its the other team jacking up 3’s while we make free throws

  • davis104

    Push the margin! Think of kenpom!

  • DB

    Wow, that was the most nerve-racking 12 point win in history

  • JDR

    Woo! Who would have taken 2-1 in this stretch heading into East Lansing? I sure would have…

  • DB

    Ha.  Beilein had to stop himself from saying the “State” when he said Indiana beat Ohio

  • Mattski

    Big threes by Hardaway and Douglass down the stretch. Michigan didn’t fold. Love it. 

  • Joel_C

    Good win tonight. Bring on Sparty!

  • Alex

    Very solid game. Good start to the second half. I’ll be at the Breslin on Saturday, my first Michigan away game.

    Go Blue.

  • Indiana_Matt

    Big win. I was a little nervous coming in. Felt this was a must win, in some sense. Good job, boys!