Ohio State 64, Michigan 49

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan battled but couldn’t muster enough offensive production to upset Ohio State in Columbus. The Wolverines move to 16-6 (6-3 B10) on the season. Stay tuned for more coverage throughout the afternoon but here’s your post game discussion thread.

  • A2MIKE

    Hard to win a game when you allow the opponent to rebound 50% of their misses for what seemed like 20+ second chance points.

  • gpsimms

    lots of things to point at for this loss.  ohio is really good, and we didn’t play well.

    the one things that really annoyed me though, is how when colton and vogrich came in, they both got some boards right away.  rebounding is not something you need talent to do.  athleticism helps, but it is not a requirement, you just need to box out and work hard.

    vogrich and colton work hard on the glass.  usually, zack is such a fighter, but he wasn’t himself today.  timmy was not tough.  smot was not tough.  usually stu and trey make more plays on the glass than they did today.

    none of that really matters though, because if you are as bad on the offensive end as we were, then better rebounding would have just turned it into a 5 point loss instead of a 15 point loss.

    • A2MIKE

      I agree.  One thing I won’t miss is Stu making freshman mistakes like dribbling into a corner and then passing while falling out of bounds, or trying to go baseline and stepping on the end line.  He is so solid in the other phases of the game, but he has mental lapses that would infuriate me if I were Beilein.

      • gpsimms

        yeah, although he does that baseline thing so much, and trey does too (though usually when trey does it the result is less bad), that i actually think they are being coached to try that play.  i do not know why, it seems like it sometimes generates an open corner 3, but too often it just becomes a crazy falling out of bounds try to chuck it to the top to reset the offense, or just a straight turnover.

        • Billiam

          Well, sometimes coaches teach you to do that play because it gives you good options.
          1.) If you can get the lay-up, go for it.
          2.) If you can’t, you can stay inbounds and the opposing team has to look away from their man to try to help.  This allows more cutting lanes.
          3.) If the corner 3 is open, pass it to him (jumping OOB if needed)

        • rlcBlue

          I remember some commentator earlier in the season say that Beilein teaches them to jump out of bounds to make the pass from under the basket to the corner. Of course if the guy in the corner isn’t open, you’re going to turn the ball over.

          • Billiam

            read my response to gpsimms.  I’m pretty sure option #2 is the one they’re looking for, and dudes only jump OOB when that will set up the shot.

          • rlcBlue

            Well, it’s Beilein’s offense – they’re going to take whatever the defense gives up. I think you’ve got the options ranked in the preferred order; the better the defense, the further down the list you have to go. tOSU’s defense is pretty good. You have to give Matta credit for getting his band of burger boys to buy in.

  • Buford

    Splat!  Well, that’s the toughest game, in terms of talent and location, that UM’s going to have this year, and it was close in the first half.  Hoping the Wolverines can make more of a game of it in Ann Arbor.

    • jemblue

      Even pretty late in the game it was 50-43.  Ohio ended the game on a 14-6 spurt that made the final a little deceptive.

    • MGoTweeter

      make more of a game of it?  It was a one point game in the second half and a seven point game down the stretch.  UM played poorly and was in it, no reason they cannot play well and win in Ann Arbor

  • Pesull

    For a team that was built for the three, their production of late has been abysmal. They can’t match up with big front lines. I thought Morgan played a good game but had little help. And way too many turnovers. 

  • Billiam

    on the + side, we did beat Dylan’s prediction by 1, and the game was closer than the final score.

  • Quaint06

    Looking at the schedule, I figure us for 21-22 regular season wins. We’d probably need 1 B1G tourn. win for a seeding that is relatively favorable for getting us through the first weekend.

    • MGoTweeter

      if they get to 21 or 22 wins in the reg season that means they go at least 11-7 in the B1G.  They would be close to the top of the nation in terms of wins versus top50 rpi.  Regardless of what they did the the conf tourney, I would think that would get them at least a 6 seed.

  • snoopblue

    What was with the color guy today. I can’t recall his name, but he sounded like he was having a stroke whenever OSU did anything. On the dunk, I understand, go crazy – but he was attempting to yell on layups. His attempts at yelling just sounded like an old white man fighting a diaper change at a nursing home.

    We’ll get em at home. Ohio’s good, but we are right behind them. At this point I’m for seeing more of McLimans and Christian. They aren’t complete liabilites on defense and crash the boards hard.

    • MGoTweeter

      I think Mclimans has definitely earned a 5-10 minute stretch per game depending on he is playing in that game.  But he did have several errors on D today and really struggled to hold his own against the Ohio front line.  It just so happened that several times the ball bounced away from his man and so he took no blame for failed box outs. 

      Christian is more of a mixed bag.  He still seems lost at times on D and O.  He always plays hard and puts himself in position to make plays, but he still struggles to finish those plays.  Perhaps more playing time gives him confidence to finish plays, but it might just be that he needs another year of practice and weight lifting. 

      • umnyc

        I agree. I think there is definitely a role for McLimans on this team. He might not have the skill that Smot brings, but his physical energy on both ends of the ball is a welcome change. Smot looks like he’s wearing lead boots out there sometimes.

      • Ace_maker4

        I agree McLimans deserves more minutes especially if Horford is unable to go.  He fights on both sides of the court and now appears to be able to hit an open jumper or two along the way.

    • q-sac

      bill raftery. that’s the way he always announces and i love it. and i don’t think he was one-sided.

      • A2JD

        I don’t either.  ohio scored more buckets so he talked about them more.

  • Guest

    The game was pretty much what I expected. A longer more athletic team just makes it so tough for Michigan unless of course everything is falling. We are a one dimensional team that has to make a high percentage of 3’s and defend like crazy to beat the upper tier teams in the country.

    In addition this game really exposed the fact we only really have one true quality ball handler; does that change with more minutes next year by Brundidge and the arrival of Stauskas?

    In closing I think we need some variety in the offense. Maybe running a high/lo post deal once in a while between Smot at the high and Morgan at the low. Getting THjr more opportunities on the curl and in the post when he has a smaller defender on him.

    We simply have to get more easy points from the line in these sort of games and that will not happen tossing up desperation 3’s late in the clock.

    • MGoTweeter

      I don’t think this game exposed anything about Michigan that we did not already know.  We already knew that Michigan had one ball handler in terms of a guy that can consistently create off the dribble.  We already knew that the team was reliant on threes to play their best, since they take a lot of threes.  We already knew that they are better when they get easy baskets, as that is true of every single team in the country.

      Ohio is an elite team and perhaps the best defensive team in the country.  Very few teams are going to have success anywhere on the court against them.  They lost one game when Sullinger did not play.  They lost another game when Brandon Paul went absolute bonkers on them from three despite having guys draped all over him on most of his shots.  And they lost their other game on the road in the final minute of play against a team that was buzzing with confidence at the time.  

      All that said and Michigan was right in this game despite not playing very well.  It was not just missed threes, it was missed layups as well.  No team is ever going to be perfect or have a perfect formula and all teams are going to lose games.