Michigan 66, Purdue 64

Dylan Burkhardt


Michigan holds on in West Lafayette for its first road win of the season and remains in first place in the Big Ten at 16-5 (6-2 B10). Full post game coverage coming shortly, here’s your post game thread.

  • Giddings

    WOOOOOO! Great execution on that inbound at the end to drain 6 seconds off the clock. All Jackson needed was an extra 2 seconds on that final possession to get in the lane and make something happen.

  • Rkwboo

    Nice win!! we might as well get used to these type of games fellas especially on the road.

    • I hope not. LOL. I don’t think my heart can take all these ups and downs.

      • Jeff

        Been that way the last two years. Nail biters galore!

  • Well, it wasn’t pretty, but you knew they were going to go on a run eventually. I give our guys a lot of credit for hanging tough and gutting out a win.

    Smotrycz should have thrown it to Novak and the game would have been over, most likely, but I’ll take a road win any way I can get it. Go Blue!

    • gobluemd16

      Yeah I think he could have also, I just think he was worried about it being intercepted, I think there was a defender somewhat in between the two.  Either way, great job hanging tough after going down.  Great game by THJ and Morgan when Burke didn’t play his best.

      • Jetsgreen

        Burke wasn’t doing a thing on either end but he is a closer, really took over down the stretch

  • Jetsgreen

    Bring on the Buckeyes! Nice to get 4 days of rest. Not sure if the team needs it but I do!

    • gobluemd16

      The win makes me feel so much better going into the game at OSU, probably our most difficult of the season.  We really won’t be expected to win, which will hopefully allow us to play loose and maybe pull the upset.

  • jemblue

    Huge.  You’ve got to grit them out in this league.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure what kind of ‘point’ Beilein was trying to make with JoMo, but it nearly lost us the game! Get over it Coach!

    • jemblue

      Morgan can’t go more than about 25 minutes a game.  If we had Horford available it wouldn’t be such as issue.

      • Anonymous

        He played 33 min vs MSU

        • rlcBlue

          They may be trying to keep him fresh for the future, too. Does our next opponent have any good post players?

          • umchicago

            no. none that i can think of.  just some sullinger dude.

        • jemblue

          Yeah, but he didn’t play well against MSU.  Maybe he was gassed that night.  

    • I don’t think Beilein was trying to make a point. I think he just wanted to make sure he kept J-Mo fresh for the stretch run. Wouldn’t have minded seeing us use McLimans for a couple minutes at the 5, which would have at least made Painter think twice about going small, IMO.

    • Scottie_follett

      Get your resume ready.  Maybe you can apply for the job when it becomes available.

  • vaneasy2338

    maybe analysts will stop using our 4 road game sample size and extrapolating this as failure  the entire season…but probably not

  • good win. I love when im wrong. Key for next game: limit Smotz. he is now becoming a complete liability to this team

    • Couldn’t disagree more. He was 3-5 from the floor and hit 3-4 free throws for 10 points and couple boards. He did a nice job of getting to the interior instead of spotting up at the 3 point line tonight.

      The only mistake was putting him at the 5, because Purdue countered with Hummel at the 5, which obviously isn’t a good matchup for Smot at this point. When we played Morgan, painter went big, which was when we were playing out best ball tonight.

      • gobluemd16

        His defense was the reason Purdue went on a run.  With him in the game we were outscored by 15 or 16 for the game, and in the second half they went on the 14-3 run to take the lead when he played.  He did play pretty effectively on offense, but his defense costs the team as other players often have to compensate for his slow rotations, IMO.

        • He definitely struggled defensively, especially with the high pick and roll, but as much as anything, that had to do with him having to guard Hummel. That’s just a bad matchup for him.

          So I agree he hurt us defensively, but it was because of who he had to match up with.

          • Guest

            Agreed, that’s where he struggled. I personally wonder why he struggled with Hummel though. Hummel is not that fast. He should not be able to just blow by Evan. He is mainly a perimeter-oriented player. The reason, I think, he struggled, is just that Smotrycz is  right now, not smart enough to defend in the Big 10. His situational awareness is poor, he is late on cuts, doesn’t know where to rotate. Hopefully it’s something he fixes, but right now, on defense, he is a big liability to the team.

        • A2MIKE

          His defense is very rough at this point in his career.  He actually does much better against big lumberjacks, like Nix, Bergerren and what not.  Painter was ready for that small lineup and countered with Hummell at the five as noted above, super smart.

    • rlcBlue

      Smotrycz was the only player off the bench to play more than 5 minutes and you want him to play less.

      You do enjoy being wrong.

    • Wayman Britt

      Smot didn’t have a tremondous game, but he didn’t play that bad, did he Mike?

      I think he played a lot better than the last couple of games.

    • Mith

      Exaggerate much, Mike?  Yeesh.  Smotz is far from a “complete liability”.

  • MichMatt417

    Morgan easily MVP of the game

    • Anonymous


  • Cza

    Bacari has pulled a miracle with Morgan. Never though I would be cursing Bielien to put Jordan back in at any point in his career. Huge win!

  • JimC

    Tremendous win!  Everyone played well in their role, and the boys shot 54% which is the best shooting at Mackey in something like 10 years!  (if I heard correctly on ESPN)

  • Azad

    Depth is definitely an issue right now for us but we gritted out a road win…the Arkansas loss was very disappointing but we got another conference win going into a really diffficult 3 game stretch..@ OSU, Indiana, @ MSU…dare to dream for a 2-1 stretch?? 

    • madtadder

      Nothing wrong with dreaming of 2-1, but it’s hard to envision getting a win @OSU or @MSU with the way we’ve been playing.

      • Indiana_Matt

        You never know. But I must say, at the start of this 6 game run, I thought we could feel good about going 3-3 and that is definitely within reach.

    • ChathaM

      I’ve been thinking in 3 game stretches lately. In my mind, I was hoping for one win over the three straight road games (Ark, Pur, and OSU). So, they’ve reached my goal, and the home IU game will be the start of a new small chunk of the season. Of course, it doesn’t really matter how you choose to break up the games; I just thought it was interesting to see that I’m not the only one who thinks that way. 

  • Buford

    Good, gutsy win by the team.  It’s a mentally tough group of players, and that should pay dividends down the road.

  • Observernba

    Morgan was HUGE!

    • Indiana_Matt


  • Guest

    Good win. Our end of game, under 10 second defense could use some work. I’ve always been weary of it since EvanTurner-gate. Let Horford come back when he’s ready – don’t want to re-aggravate the stress fracture, which commonly happens. Although, then it really comes down to whether we want to burn a redshirt for just a few games.

    • Kokobear

      Its not just a few games, in my opinion. 10 regular season games (all conference games), the big ten tourney, and the big dance…If I were him I feel like that’s worth it to return and I would think Belein feels so too.

  • Andy

    Great win!  I would have liked to see Douglass on Jackson exclusively in the last ten minutes.  I know Burke doesn’t match up anywhere else, but Jackson’s penetration was the entire offense.  

  • anton

    At this point we absolutely have to get Horford back.  He is going to be the key to the final 10 games.

  • goblue85

    big road win for us!    take it and run.  GO BLUE!   torrent?