ESPN Updates Recruiting Rankings; Robinson & Stauskas Rise, McGary Slips

Dylan Burkhardt
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ESPN published updated recruiting rankings for the class of 2012 this morning and Michigan’s commitments were all shuffled around. Mitch McGary dropped from No. 2 to No. 21, Glenn Robinson III moved up to No. 26 while Nik Stauskas jumped four spots to No. 78. Click through to view to full ESPN Class of 2012 Recruiting Rankings or discuss the shift in the comments section.

  • Indyrays

    The McGary fall was probably more of an adjustment than anything. He’s not really a No. 2, but he’s better than No. 21. As for Glenn Robinson’s jump, it’s well-deserved. I’ve seen every one of his games this year, and he’s playing well. Michigan fans will be glad to have him. You can read about Glenn’s entire season at

  • JMac13

    I feel like McGary’s ranking is more indicative of his team rather than his talent. In the game on ESPN it appeared the only time he got touches was on the offensive glass. You typically don’t make the meteoric rise during AAU ball that he did unless you are absolutely dominant. Either way, a guy that can come in and should be able to get you 10 and 10 a game will be highly valuable next year.

    • eastside finest

      rankings are ok but sometimes serves the kids  a problem one minute you  uo the next you down  if its based on your summer , the wow walton played his butt off and this season averaging 26ppg a game instead of going up he went down, he’s probably the second best player in the state of michigan regardless of class , it’s who you know

  • chrissays

    I’m really not concerned with McGary’s slip, other than the loss of seeing the Block M as the first school on ESPN’s page. From what I saw on ESPN a week or so, an trust me I’m no expert, it looks like McGary is extremely team oriented (I guess you have to be when your team is filled with fellow D-1 athletes). He doesn’t seem to care about stats, but still puts up great numbers. I think it might be a good thing he slipped too…that way any ego issue that comes with a high ranked recruit could be stabilized (not saying he has one, but if he did, it could be a positive slide). Still think he will be a beast here at U of M. On GRIII, glad to see him jump…much deserved. 

    • Mattski

      Agreed. If he is not a finished product that Michigan has to tailor the O around, that may work to Beilein and Michigan’s benefit, McGary’s–long-term–too.

    • Plus, AAU plays such a larger role in recruiting than 10 or 15 years ago.  All of McGary’s hype came because of his performance in the summer time.  His high school team is loaded with ball handlers and scorers.

  • Mbball

    we have a great class. what was burke rated in espn’s top 100 last year? very low or not at all? 

    • Mith

      Burke was around the 70’s or 80’s if I remember right.  That may not have be ESPN though.

      • rlcBlue

        Burke was 84, Brundidge 75. You can view ESPN’s rankings for different years using the dropdown menu at the top right of the page.

        • rlcBlue

          Also useful is the team page, especially for calibrating how accurate this ranking is as a predictor of actual performance. Smotrycz and Hardaway slipped into the top 100 at 84 and 93. Darius Morris barely made it at 100. Morgan’s “grade” of 75 might have gotten him in the top 500. Novak and Douglass got grades of 40, which I think means there was some doubt about whether they have the right number of chromosomes.

          • Allen

            Just wanted to say this is the funniest comment i have seen in a while

          • 2nd that

  • skitchbeatz

    Does ESPN just hate Michigan?

    • Guest

      When it comes to bball recruiting, ESPN is one of the best in business. They have Dave Telep who is an excellent bball recruiting analyst.

      • kruser

         Agreed…..ESPN may suck at football recruiting but they do a very good job at BBall recruiting IMO.

        • SBell

          If they do a very good job, it’s odd that they could’ve been so mistaken about McGary, so late in his high school career to have proclaimed him #2. Either he’s been terrible, or they don’t know what they’re doing.

          • Danguilm

            Mcgary hurt himself by puttin up 2 pts in his biggest game of the year.

          • Sven187

            Not too much he could have done about that when the guards on his team treated the game like a glorified pick up game.

          • Indiana_Matt

            Agreed. Too many guys on his squad for him to have gaudy numbers.

          • Kelt

            He couldn’t score against Noel who will be one of the great shot blockers as soon as he steps on a college court.

      • Observernba

        ESPN is horrible. They’re the ones that pulled McGary out of nowehere and put him in at #2 to begin with. Once they did that, everyone else followed like the spineless sheep that they all are. Nobody goes from sitting on the bench one year to being #2 in the nation in a one year period, when nothing about you has changed. This is not a knock on McGary. He had nothing to do with the rankings. This is a knock on ESPN and Telep. Every guy in the top 100 has had a few huge games and if you see them in issolation, you’d think that every one of these guys is going straight to the league. McGary happend to have a couple of huge games in front of Telep – who instantly anointed McGary a superstar. Once Telep decides you’re a superstar, its virtually impossible to lose that designation. McGary is a good player who is now probably close to where he should have been in the first place.

        Mark my words. Now that Telep has moved McGary to #21, all the other ranking services will have him at exactly the same spot within a few weeks. As an experiment, I’m going to watch what SLAM does with its rankings. As of Wed Jan 18, 2012 (6 days ago) they have a “NEW” list with McGary at #2.

        How much you want to bet that by the first week of March that they have McGary at #21?

  • kruser

    Trey’s Picture in the post is AWESOME!

    UM has 2 of the Top 30 and 3 Top 100 players……How long since we’ve been able to say that? WOW!

  • PeteM

    I know that this is a bit off topic, but Arizona has an incredible class.

  • MJoeBlue

    Not that it really matters, but, Stauskas moved to 78 not 79.

    • Yep. Pretty sure they moved one more person down. It was 79 earlier.

  • Mac

    21 is too low for McGary.  Wow, VCU, Butler, and Boston U. all landing top 100 guys!

    • Indiana_Matt

      Dunham (Butler) is a really nice player.

  • kainkitizen

    These must be the final rankings for the 2012 class of recruits.  I’m still very please and happy that Coach Beilein is going after the top 100.  I believe this class will be the point of return or not for Coach B and mens basketball program. 

    Also, VCU deserves a gift with recruiting.  They did make an impressive run in the NCAA tournament last year.

  • Parent of Athlete

    Any ideas on how to get recruited my Michigan?

  • Kevinklee123

    All this seems a little silly. Is there a big difference between the 21st guy versus the 2nd guy (yeah…19 for the wise guys out there). We have an awesome coach that knows how to get the most of his talent. This huge boost in talent will make Michigan a top ten next year.

    Who cares where McGary ranks???

  • Ampgraham

    Forget all of that ranking stuff, Nik Stauskas goes hard. He’s a baller period!!!!! He is going to have Chrysler rocking during his time at the U.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised at any of our 3 ’12 recruits becoming most valuable over the next 4 years, whereas last year, I was sure Trey B was going to be better. I think Trey Robinson is probably the best bet.