Arkansas 66, Michigan 64

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan battled all the way back and had a chance to win at the buzzer but Trey Burke’s game winning three point shot went in and out. Full post-game coverage coming soon.

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  • mlowry3

    That hurt. Not as bad as a Novak forearm to the face, but it hurts.

    • RB

      You want hurt? Ask Tyler Hansbrough how Gerald Henderson’s fist feels.

  • Jeff

    In a way, I’m almost glad they lost. I would hate for them to think you can get away with that garbage performance in the first half. Maybe this will make them even more focused on beating Purdue.

    • Joel_C

      I think they understand that you have to play better in the first half to win, normally, even if we had pulled it out, but hopefully this can ignite our performance in Big Ten play, or at least be good experience come March. We HAVE to get better on the road.

  • ATLblue

    I can live with Trey Burke’s shot, kid puts in 110% effort every game. Can’t say the same for Hardaway. Beilein needs to make a statement. In my opinion he should sit him at the start of the game At Purdue, and put Ev at the 4 and Novak at the 3. Something just to get him THJR going. 

  • snoopblue

    Tough loss to swallow for the team after being down 20 and almost making it back to win. In reality, we didn’t need this non-conference win to make the tournament or anything. We are in, our goals are to win the Big Ten. In my opinion, once Big Ten play starts it’s probably hard to get up for a nonconf game, especially in a season like this where first place will change almost every day. Hardaway and Smotcryz (& even Vogrich) will get out of their respective slumps, it’s just a matter of  when.

    Hope the flight back has a few cold tubs on it. GO BLUE

  • Stu Cazzo

    Game was lost in two spots, the first half obviously where Arkansas couldn’t miss a shot and UM dug themselves a 20 point hole. The second spot was when it was 59-48 in the second half for 3 minutes and UM couldn’t take a good shot to save their lives. Tough loss, great battle to come back, but this shoulda been a W.

  • Alex

    Would much rather have the next two than this one. Too bad they lost but they never gave up. Quite admirable effort.

  • JimC

    It could have been worse.  A lot worse.

    Pretty good tune-up game for Tue  @PU, which seems roughly as good as Ark.  The kids need to get used to the hostility on the road, and this game was good experience.

  • maxwell’s demon

    Well I thought we really needed to win this one or @ Purdue, but this one should have presumably been the easier one. We certainly appear to have the toughness to play on the road but need to figure out how to come out playing and imposing our style of ball from the tip.

  • Trey’s going to be exhausted after that game, my goodness. Jordan played well. I would have liked to see him in the game a bit more maybe. Vogrich really hurt us a couple times. It’s sad he hasn’t worked out at all. If he can just be a guy who hits jump shots and doesn’t hurt us he can contribute for this team, but he does neither right now.

    Evan wasn’t much in this game but that’s not really shocking to me because this game was just so fast. Tim is getting into his own head a bit….this game was always going to be tough for him with that much ball pressure. For all that though ended up close against a tough team in a very hostile environment. We killed them in the second half… if we hadn’t come out flat, who knows.

    • JimC

      Agree with everything.    Apparently Ark only scored 20 in the 2nd half.

  • C_weezy

    Hardaway’s definitely not himself right now.. He just has to relax and let it come to him like last season. This is Trey’s team just like it was Darius’ a year ago. Ncaa basketball has always been controlled by the point guards.

  • South Florida Maize Rage

    Character-building loss. There’s a reason Big Ten teams don’t go down to Fayetteville to play. Arkansas could sneak into the top 50 in the RPI eventually and this loss won’t even be a blemish on the tournament resume. I think Novak or Stu needs to have a sit-down with Hardaway. Too much bad body language. Needs to just relax and play.

  • JimC

    For entertainment purposes only, just scanned thru the Open Thread.  Lots of jumping off a cliff in the first half.   
    Well, I guess we’ve all done it before.

  • Buford

    Dug too deep a hole in the first half, although it was good to see them fight back.  I’m not sure if the problem here was the road so much as the expectation of a semi-easy game and the accompanying lack of intensity– sort of like what seemed to happen in the Iowa loss.  Arkansas is definitely not a team you want to come out flat against, at least if they’re playing well like they did today.  UM doesn’t role over and die, though, which is heartening.

  • johnnyumfan

    Lack of dept, especilly at pg, could wear Burke down

  • SnortingBeileins

    Arkansas hit a ton of contested 2 point shots, many of which were not good looks. They made enough to win, but hard to see that continuing. Against a team without a ballhandler like Burke, though, they might run some good teams out of the gym. When Burke didn’t have it, a turnover always looked possible. Only Mickelson was impressive among their bigs, but their harem of guards was like a poor man’s Jay Wright Villanova team.

    Burke had an excellent game handling the ball, but he had a bad shooting day. It happens. Still was a couple of inches from winning the game with that last shot. He’s starting to get NBA buzz. This game showed he’s fine with the higher tempo he’d see there. If by some miracle he and Hardaway play 3 years together (2 with McGary and Robinson too), this team is going to win multiple tournament games at least one year.

    Novak was excellent and Morgan’s offensive skills are solid. He’ll have a nice career here.

    I won’t really comment on Hardaway, since I don’t know what to attribute his withdrawn nature to. He didn’t really look comfortable out there. Hopefully it’s temporary.

    Douglass couldn’t hit a shot today either. One of him or Burke have an average day from outside and Michigan pulls it out.

    For this season, I think the team is a perimeter player away from being a real contender (Burke, Swing, Hardaway, Novak, Smot, Morgan playing heavy minutes, Horford and Vogrich playing spot minutes and Douglass switching between the two groups depending on the matchup and how his shooting is going) along with maybe a real defensive lynchpin inside. Next year, McGary and Robinson will make the frontcourt deeper, even with Novak, going, but one of Stauskas, Brundidge or Vogrich is going to have to play well for the team to challenge for the B10 and Final 4.