Open Thread: Mitch McGary, Nik Stauskas at Hoophall Classic on ESPN

Dylan Burkhardt


Two of Michigan’s 2012 commitments, Mitch McGary and Nik Stauskas, will be playing nationally televised games this afternoon as part of the 2012 Spalding Hoophall Classic on ESPN’s family of networks. This post will serve as an open thread for discussion during the games and we’ll have plenty of follow-up content as well. Here’s the relevant portion of the schedule:


  • 2:00 PM – Nik Stuaskas – ESPNU – St. Mark’s School (MA) vs. Friends Central (PA)
  • 4:00 PM – Mitch McGary – ESPN – Tilton School (NH) vs. Brewster Academy (NH)
  • Sven187

    Damn don’t get ESPNU.

    • Depending on your ISP you can probably try WatchESPN. We also plan on posting highlights tonight.

      • Sven187

        Don’t get that either. Or the BTN and NFL network for that matter.

        • Sounds like it might be time for a TV upgrade ;-)

          Game about ready to tip on ESPNU.

          • Sven187

            I live in a town of 1800. There is only one option. Well thereis satelite but that’s not really and option either with all the trees.

  • Stauskas is #21 in white.

  • Ace_maker4

    How tall is Nik supposed to be?

    • I’d say around 6-foot-6. He’s playing pretty well early in all facets besides his three point stroke. A couple of nice passes, a nice drive and a mid-range jumper but 0-for-3 from three point range.

      • Ace_maker4

        I like the fact he drives the paint and kicks it out which fits Michigan offense – did not like the first 2 quick 3’s taken outside the rhythm of the offense.

  • MGoTweeter

    stauskas seems to be having trouble beating his man off the bounce.  He has had a couple nice kick outs off penetration and a nice pull up jumper, but he has not been able to get to the rim.  Missed one wide open three and two other guarded threes.  Defensively he has not really been involved at all but does have a couple of rebounds.

  • Ace_maker4

    Dylan not sure if you recall but the center Kaleb # 33 is a euro player that I brought up a long tie ago before he was well known on the national scene.

  • Tazcewski is the 2nd coming of Hakeem the Dream according to these announcers

    • Ace_maker4

      Not sure about that but he is a true low post guy who is playing against players who are obviously not as physically gifted as he is at this point. Not to mention he has a huge ht. advantage in this game.

  • Ace_maker4

    Off topic Dylan; any word on Horford coming back or is a medical redshirt  a possibility?

  • Ace_maker4

    Love that move going to the rim.

    • Ace_maker4

      Then followed up by a smooth wide open 3 in the rhythm of the offense.

  • Brian

    Stauskas starting to heat up

  • MGoTweeter

    Stauskas finds his stroke.  The great thing about his shot is that he has a quick release.  Combine that with his 6’6 frame and it is very difficult for the defense to get a good challenge on the shot.  He has a great floor sense as well.  He understands where to go with the ball and he might not get the assist but he makes the right pass that leads to the assist.  

    Definitely would like to see him be more active on defense with his size and reach, but that is probably true of all high school players.  He will have to work on his quickness and strength.  A lot of his drives are built off him being able to handle the ball and use his body to get by smaller defenders.  He is much more of a crafty driver than he is an explosive driver.

  • maxwell’s demon

    Looks like a pretty capable ball handler. Seems like he could just as easily play 3 as 2. It’s going to be interesting to see where minutes go next year between Brundidge, Vogrich, and Stauskas.

  • Brian

    lol these announcers are awful.  Not even smart enough to figure out that the #23 C was a typo, and referring to Stauskas as very skilled for a big man.  

  • maxwell’s demon

    Uh, so Nerlens, pretty good.

  • Bouje13

    Thoughts on MM? So far I’ve been underwhelmed with him

    • Ace_maker4

      Reminds me of psycho T from North Carolina; all hustle.

    • Brian

      He is playing against a guy who would probably give Sullinger or Zeller a tough matchup right now.  

      Not to mention that Brewster does not really seem to make any effort to give him the ball.  

      That said he hasn’t been playing the best ball lately.  Needs to step it up a bit for sure.  

      • Ace_maker4

        Not sure about Sully as he has so many low post moves and he is so strong. But for being the # 1 Power Foward you would think MM could muscle down low in the post and at least get to the line.

    • LansingBlue

      Definitely agree with your comment.  Dude’s gonna be a great addition to the team with the size and hustle he brings but I’m guessing he drops a bit when final rankings come out

  • Ace_maker4

    Mitch getting shut out in the first half.

  • Adam

    So much talent on McGary’s team that he barely gets to even touch the ball on offense… he definitely provides a ton of hustle and you can see the talent

  • JMac13

    It seems like the only time McGary ever touches the ball on offense is if he gets an offensive rebound

  • Ace_maker4

    I just realized Jalen Reynolds from Livonia plays for Brewster; and going to Xavier.

  • Giddings

    Maybe it’s just because Tilton is playing so much zone but it doesn’t look like Brewster runs any sort of offense. It’s more like whoever wants the ball most is gonna get it and then try to do something with it. Mitch seems to be drifting around a lot and not really calling for the ball. He is crashing the glass hard though and blocking a few shots.

  • Ashwin Johri

    wow this sucks

  • maxwell’s demon

    Anyone know if there are going to be more Brewster games on TV throughout the season?

  • Champswest

    Has anyone ever thought about running some offense through McGary?

    • Jeff

      Yeah, watching that game, I was thinking that his teammates absolutely never passed to him. Didn’t pass much period. Tons of talent on that team though.

  • South Florida Maize Rage

    Before we all jump off the bridge in regards to McGary, he was facing the best defensive player in the last five or six recruiting classes according to the ESPN guys. Nerlens Noel is an absolute beast. His athleticism is a nightmare for opponents. I was just happy to see Mitch go right at him in a couple situations (namely the missed dunk attempt in the first half). Mitch will be fine. He’s not going to have to face Nerlens Noel every night. If Noel had not reclassified, I think he might be ranked higher than McGary in the 2012 rankings. Just my opinion.

    • Observernba

      I don’t think we have to jump off a bridge, but it does cause some concern when a 20 year old (250 lbs) that is ranked #2 in the nation for 2012 can’t score against a kid that’s 17. Meanwhile, last year Stauskas scored 19 against Noel.

      • Jeff

        McGary is 19 and Noel will be 18 in a couple months. Noel is an insane athlete.

        • Observernba

          There are 26 months between them. According to my calculator, that’s over 2 years.

      • South Florida Maize Rage

        I didn’t watch the video but it would seem that Noel would not be guarding Stauskas in a game. Could be wrong but I feel like they don’t play the same position…at all. It’s a bad matchup for McGary, that’s really it. Wait til he gets some time with Coach B and Bacari. I don’t think UM should have any worries.

  • Ace_maker4

    Not jumping off the bridge just lowering my expectations which is probably healthy. MM is what he is and that is a big effort big man that succeeds most when he out works the other guy. Like I said below he reminds me of Tyler Hansborough which is not a bad thing as he won a national championship.

  • Kokobear

    underwhelming but…calm down people. Look at him playing on his AAU team and in the summer camps (where he vaulted in his rankings)…he will be fine. Granted I was disappointed…but it’s not the end of the world that he was outplayed by an elite prospect in 1 game. Also, Brewster didn’t really make an effort to run plays and feed him the ball – a lot of ‘me’ basketball on that team.

    • johnnyumfan

      McGary is still raw IMO. I don’t know if he has any post moves because he doesn’t get the ball in the block and his Brewster teammates made some bad passes to him the few times he was in the post.

      Besides, the best player next year will be Glenn Robinson III.

  • BigTimeTimmyTim

    Any word on why Mitch didn’t start today?

  • Kevin

    no offense ran thru him, 1 game and he’ll come around.

  • Quaint06

    I’m not worried, but a bit perplexed. To some extent, since this is far from the only game in which he’s had low point totals, I get the sense he has great potential to disappear for large periods of time offensively. I’m getting the sense that, at least in some games, a lot of his value is going to be in rebounding, setting screens, getting a lot of little things done, but not looking to score. Note I said “in some games.”