Video: Mitch McGary Early Season Highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

We’ve seen Nik Stauskas lighting up the Raleigh Invitational and Glenn Robinson III putting defenders on posters but we haven’t seen as much footage as Michigan’s most highly regarded recruit, Brewster Academy big man Mitch McGary. Our friend Ty Kish, of City League Hoops, passed along this early season highlight footage of McGary in action:

  • Flwolve

    Too bad he’s likely not a 4 year player because that guy is our Zack Novak replacement in terms of intensity.  Sometimes it looks like he could kill somebody out there, much like Novak during last year’s MSU game.

    • SubAlum_06

      My first thought when I saw this was it is good there is another guy with this intesity coming to replace the Novak intensity-especially when he went to the floor for the ball.

  • Sven187

    Mitch and Brewster Academy is going to be on ESPN Sunday afternoon. Pretty sure Nik is going to be on ESPN U as well.

    • Scott1222

      Nice…good look…

  • mikey_mac

    Not much to love about his jumping ability (I am thinking JoMo has him on vertical), but lots of energy, to say the least. And some very good passes from him as well… Seems like a great fit for B1G/UM basketball.

    • kenfizzle

      vertical is barely relevant when you are 6’10” plus I love Morgan but if he played with half the intensity that Mitch does he’d be average a double double easily

      • Champswest

        Vertical is always relevant, even if you are 6’10”.  So many time I have seen Morgan, Smotrycz or McLimans get the ball underneath the hoop and get it blocked or miss the shot and I am screaming “Just dunk the damn thing.”

        • Sven187

          And vertical has very little to do with the situation you mention. That has way more about being tough and not playing soft. I guarantee you all the 3 are capable of going back up and throwing it down from a straight vertical perspective.

          Not to mention Morgan has 2 and half years of D1 strength and conditioning under his belt while Mitch has none yet.

          • Kevin Luoma

            I agree vertical isn’t everything, it is desire and intensity like Rodman and Kevin Love and McGary has it with size.  Can’t wait for him to bring the fury next year.

  • kenfizzle


  • ColinNer

    Intensity wise he reminds me of Chris Kramer (unfortunately) more than Novak. Kramer and McGary seem to interact with the fans a little more than Novak which creates a “love him on your team / hate him on the other team” effect.

    • Fvsdevin

      We all know that Michigan fans love them some Novak, and I’m willing to bet MSU isn’t soooo friendly towards him after last year’s game in Lansing. 

  • I love how most of the non-foul highlights end with him head down and/or shoving people out of the way so he can get back on defense.

  • FLiPCiTyBLuE

    Daaang, it’s as if Anno composed this mix just for MM. Nice werk, City League Hoop’s team!

  • Tom, Too

    He’s a monster.

  • Mattski

    Highlights, but. . . some great court awareness in evidence there. Maybe he and JMo can get Smotrycz screaming out there, too? (I know Burke will remain unflappable.) 

  • bball

    Starting Lineup next year?
    5. Morgan4. McGary
    3. Smotrycz
    2. Hardaway
    1. Burke

    • Sven187

      Smot will not be playing the 3. There is no way in hell he could defend at that position. His ball handling while decent at the 4 would be very weak at the 3.

      It would look a lot like Bill Cole at the 3 last year for the Illini. He couldn’t guard anyone and bogged down the offense. Its one of the main reasons they underperformed last year.

      Someone is just going to have to come off the bench. My guess is it will me Mitch to start and will switch to Jordan at some point. I think Robinson starts at the 3 next year.

      • YpsiTuckyBoy

        By the end of next year I think it will be:
        5. McGary
        4. Smot
        3. GRIII
        2. Hardaway
        1. Burke

        I think Morgan will sub for both McGary and Smot, and when Morgan’s in he’ll play the 5 and either McGary or Smot will move to 4.

        • ChocoJoe

          Or Hardaway staying at the 3 and a battle for the 2 spot. Is GR3 really better than Stauskas?

  • WingedKnight

    Between Burke, THJ and now McGary and GRIII, we are going to be impossible to stop on the fast break!

    • Ampgraham

      Don’t forget Nik S, who is really going to blow people away when he makes it to the college level!!!

  • ForeverBlue

    I still can’t believe this kid is coming to Michigan.  One and done or not, he’s going to bring so much positive attention to the program and help finally demolish that lingering image of JB as an offensive system coach that plays zone defense.

  • Ampgraham

    Before the season started, I posted that Trey B was the truth and he hasn’t disappointed!! I’m not a person who goes with the popular picks, but with players that go hard. Nik S goes hard!!! He will be the next darling for Wolverine fans. Mark my word!!!