Video: Nik Stauskas at Raleigh Holiday Invitational

Dylan Burkhardt

Here are highlights of 2012 Michigan commitment Nik Stauskas in the Holiday Invitational tournament in Raleigh, NC. Stauskas exploded in the final game of the event, scoring 28 points and making five threes.

  • mitch

    This kid is going to be a stud at UM.  He’s going to be fun to watch for 4 years.

    • Budland

      I live in raleigh and went to watch him play.  Couple things of note: 1) he warmed up with a michigan t-shirt on and his parents were sporting michigan gear also, 2) he has a 7footer on his team (number 8 player in country going to arizona) that their coach feeds almost every single time down (and he is a black hole), so nick is definitely a second option on the team.  3) he would score 30 a game if he played in the detroit public school league.  He is very good at taking the ball to the basket (he goes left almost every time) and making creative passes.  4) I talked after with another uofm fan that sat with his parents…his parents sounded frustrated that they basically throw the ball to the post every time.  During the game I watched (the first game of the tourney) he made an awesome dribble move and shook his guy and pulled up for a three, his coach went bananas screaming at him for a couple minutes to “run” the offense (meaning give it to the big guy).  He is much more athletic than he looks and much more than a jump shooter.  Saw him take a guy off the dribble and dunk in the lane (against a team with a 7 footer going to indiana and another kid going to florida).  Can’t wait till he gets to ann arbor.

  • Mattski

    There is sort of a calm razzle-dazzle about his game that makes you feel he’s always grinning inside; this isn’t just one of Coach K’s stiffs. 

    Really high expectations for M the next couple of years. 

  • Champswest

    I knew Nik could shoot, but this video also shows great vision, ball handling and passing skills.

    • GregGoBlue

      Second that. Kid looks like he’s developing into a terrific wing prospect for Beilein’s offense. Now my question is: can he play defense?

    • sane1

      The videos have been out there for a year or more showing all facets of his game. The rep as a three point specialist still persists for some reason.

    • SamGoBlue

      Really reminds me of Vogrich in high school though. Dead-eye shooter, some good driving, but a little slow on the feet still. I’m very confident Stauskas’s game will be more diverse than Vogrich’s now though.

  • jemblue

    Dylan, this is a little off-topic, but do you know why realtimeRPI’s computer model is so down on U-M?  They predict us to lose every road game on the schedule and finish 17-13.  

  • Mattski
  • Dirtgrain

    Any reports on Stauskas’s defense?

  • Observernba