Recruiting Roundup: Glenn Robinson III Dominates Brandon Jennings Invitational

Dylan Burkhardt

The latest on Michigan basketball commitments and recruiting targets from across the country including news, scouting tidbits, video highlights and more.

Class of 2012

Glenn Robinson III – Commit

It’s either a really great day or one of the worst weeks ever if a high school basketball player ends up on Hoop Mixtape – the Sports Center Top 10 of YouTube – and for Robinson it was a great day. The 6-foot-7 senior wing led his Lake Central team to a win with 33-points at the Brandon Jennings Invitational against North Carolina bound J.P. Tokoto.

We posted highlights of Robinson’s game on Sunday but if you missed them, or just want to see Robinson’s dunk again, here’s a clip from a different angle courtesy of Hoop Mixtape:’s Eric Bossi was in attendance and impressed by Robinson’s play:

Already a four-star prospect who ranks #34 nationally in the class of 2012, Robinson continues to take his game to new heights. With near 6-foot-7 size, a great frame, deep range and plenty of athleticism, Robinson is one of the most efficient wings in the country.
Capable of operating as a jump shooter, Robinson also has a high post game, scores at the rim and finishes on the break. While he doesn’t rely on his athleticism, he has the ability to attack and put people in the rim when he needs to just like his father used to do.

Bottom line, both Robinson and Tokoto looked improved since we last saw them even though they operate in very different ways on the offensive end.

Nik Stauskas – Commit

St. Mark’s knocked off St. Andrew’s, 61-47, and Milton, 69-35, with relatively ease. Stauskas had 12 points in the win over St. Andrew’s and 22 against Milton.

Mitch McGary – Commit

Brewster beat New Hampton after a four week layoff, 70-54, but stats for McGary were unavailable.

Class of 2013

Derrick Walton – Commit

After playing a loaded schedule over Christmas break, Chandler Park played just one game last week: an 82-41 win over University Prep. Walton had 24 points and eight assists in the victory.


Photos: Jamie Owens

Zak Irvin – Commit

Hamilton Southeastern won at Harrison, 62-45, and knocked off Muncie Central, 60-51. Irvin had 13 points in the win over Muncie Central and Hoosier Tracker posted this positive review of Irvin’s play:

Irvin didn’t shoot the ball well against Central, just 5-13 from the field, but he didn’t let that affect his overall game.  Along with his 13 points he had 5 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 steal.  In most games Southeastern plays, Irvin is usually the second best player on the court behind Harris.  His senior year, with Harris gone to Michigan State, he should explode and be one of the top 3 players in his class.

Mark Donnal – Commit

Donnal had 27 points in a 71-54 win over Perrysburg to push Anthony Wayne to 6-1 (5-1 NLL) on the season. Donnal made 13 of 13 free throws and scored 21 points in the second half. Donnal also had 17 points in a 65-53 win over Southview earlier this week.

Dominic Woodson

No stats were available for Woodson recently but here’s footage of his strong play early this winter:

Byron Zeigler

We don’t have any stat updates on Zeigler but here’s footage of a monster dunk he had on Jordan Hare:

Class of 2014

Drake Harris: game high 24 points, four 3-pointers, in win over Northview

Sean Sellers: Sellers had 25 points and six rebounds vs Shelbyville and added 16 points and 10 rebounds vs Connersville. The Indiana Recruiting Guide was impressed versus Connersville:

Sellers is a better rebounder than what I previously thought.  I know he was going up against a smaller Connersville team, but the way he attacked the glass and secured the ball was impressive.  I also really like his offensive skill set.  He has a very good outside touch with good range, puts the ball on the floor well and can attack the basket, and also has a nice interior game that will continue to improve as he gets stronger.  He can play college basketball at a very high level (as can McIntosh).

Bryant McIntosh: McIntosh had 20 points versus Connersville and impressed the Indiana Recruiting Guide as well:

McIntosh is the real deal.  I was very impressed with the way he handled the ball and he showcased some very good quickness and athleticism as well.  McIntosh is also a very good shooter from the perimeter.  He takes the ball to the basket very well and has good body control around the rim.  Tonight, I thought that he actually struggled a little bit because he was just missing some shots around the basket that he would normally make, just wasn’t getting the rolls.  He had a “quiet” 20 points in my opinion.  Very impressive game.

Peyton Allen:  Allen had 15 points in a 56-46 win over SHG and a game high 27 points in a win over Jacksonville.

Keita Bates-Diop:  Keita Bates-Diop four threes on his way to 16 points in a win over East Peoria.

Grant Evans: Evans had 16-points and nine rebounds in a 49-46 win over Blue River.

Tyler Wideman: Wideman got knocked out of Lake Central’s game in Wisconsin after taking an elbow to the head but did have a nice dunk in the video above under Glenn Robinson’s name.

Trevon BluiettBluiett had 15-points in a 47-37 win at Heritage Christian on Friday.

Cliff Alexander: Alexander had 16-points and nine rebounds in a 49-46 win over Blue River.

Perry Poindexter: Poindexter had five points in a 70-66 loss at Ben Davis on Friday.

Notes and disclaimers: Don’t hesitate to pass along articles, scores or other tidbits to Just because a player is not listed here for this particular week doesn’t mean anything other than we couldn’t find a significant update for the week.


    At the :31 mark in that video. The guy standing up. Is that Mitch?

    • TMURDA

      Never mind. I guess it doesn’t really look like him from the other angle. And sorry for the double post

    • Chris

      He may be a Mitch, but it isn’t Mitch McGary.

  • Chris

    The dunk that was #4 by Tokoto is unreal!  That could make an NBA top 10. 

  • Sjerome

    who is #10 who has the #4 and #2 plays in the brandon jennings invitational, that dude looks ridiculous.

    • Chris

      J.P. Tokoto.  He is commited to North Carolina.

  • mitch

    Great stuff as usual.  You should consider adding Maceo Baston in your 2014 portion of your recruiting round-ups.  The kid is going to be an excellent player by his senior year.

    • Abockjr

      Forgive me, I’m from VA. Maceo has a kid? That would be a great addition nto the Michigan family.

      • mitch

        Yes, a sophomore at Troy High.  Averaging about 15 a game right now.  Looks exactly like his pops, but he’s only 6’2 and growing.

  • Indiana_Matt

    Glenn Robinson is UNBELIEVABLE. Hard for me to imagine us with this influx of athleticism next year.

  • Allen

    What are the chances of GRIII gettting that 5th star and being a McDonalds AA? Also, Irvin as a Senior, top three in his class? What does that comment mean exactly?

    • The quote about Irvin being top 3 in his class as a senior is referring to in the state of Indiana I believe.

      I don’t think Glenn will make the McDonald’s game or get a fifth star but he might play in some other big all star games. Don’t think that really matters either beside being good for the kid.

      Also worth noting that Mitch won’t be in the McD’s game because he’s post-grad. He should be in the Jordan game though.

      • Allen

        Thanks Dylan. I agree with you but it’s nice to have the buzz around Michigan hoops. Having McD’s kids generally will help with that.

  • The Yooper

    I gotta say, this tournament was just flat-out amazing. The competition was phenomenal, it was the size of a HS gym so you got to be right next to the players, it was cheap, and best of all I got to see GR3 and Tokoto go at it!

  • Colby84

    Dylan, who do you think is at the top of the 13 recruiting list? Would it be Ziegler or Woodson? Thanks a lot for all the coverage

    • ColinNer

      I am not sure if either of them are at the top of the list of 2013. We already have 4 commits (if you include Hatch) for 2013. That puts us over the 13 scholarship limit even if McGary is one and done. With the way Blake is contributing as a redshirt sophomore, a 5th year is looking a lot more likely than about 6 weeks ago. That being said, I think Woodson fills the bigger need.

  • Bchevy6

    Is Michigan recruiting James Young for 2013 if Austin Hatch isn’t ready to play?

    • Young has been struggling a bit. Most recently he had a pretty lackluster performance in front of Tom Izzo.

  • shaq2012

    Dylan! Where do you rate PG Walton in the state and the country now. Rivals has him like #88, ESPN PG #31 and Scout #57 and PG #13. Ok lets be real here! I believe when its all said and done that what will be a top player in class of 2013.