Michigan 59, Wisconsin 41

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan handles Wisconsin at home for a 59-41 victory to move to 13-3 (3-1 B10) on the season. Full post game coverage coming shortly but here’s your post game thread.

  • Stu Cazzo

    Great game by the boys today and great defence. Novak and Burke will get the majority of the props as they should, but Morgan had his second very solid game in a row and should be commended.

    • ForeverBlue

      As should Stu and his 5 steals.  I actually think with Wisconsin’s deliberate slow down offense it played into the Wolverines hands.  Unlike Indiana where the game got too fast for them at times, they could dig in today and having a guy like Burke who can push the ball gives them a shot to take advantage of any openings.

      My favorite part of this game is that it looked like Michigan came out with an attitude to punch first and not wait to react.  Again, I think Burke’s ability to push the ball and out-quick guys just makes this team so much more dynamic.

  • jemblue

    Fantastic game.  Cazzie should be proud.

  • maxwell’s demon

    Haha, nice bo pic

  • Indiana_Matt

    Great game, indeed. This may have been already mentioned in comments on the last post, but gee, I hope Wisconsin gets rolling again. Make this win look good. The Memphis win doesn’t sparkle like it used to.

    • Mcscott13

      Iowa St. win starting to look better

      • Indiana_Matt

        True! And the Virginia loss is looking less problematic all the time.

    • rlcBlue

      They get IU and tOSU in Madison – I expect them to win one if not both of those.

  • DB

    Jordan Morgan had 11 rebounds in 19 minutes.  He was just all over the place.  Wisconsin’s bigs had nothing down low either.

  • Timmy’s growth spurt combined with Smot getting some muscles and Morgan continuing to be a tank means we can actually rebound a little bit now. I like it. We continue to be a very awkward team to play against. I keep telling myself that Burke will hit the freshman wall any game now but it hasn’t really happened yet.

    • Alex

      Indiana wast his best game but everybody has bad games.

  • ChocoJoe

    Good playing through the first half Morgan and Smotrycz fouls.

  • MGoTweeter

    always great to get a win over Wisky regardless of how good they are not this year.  Really impressed with the defense today.  Burke was able to handle Taylor and that allowed other players to stay at home on shooters.  Tremendous effort all around.  

  • Guest

    for anyone wondering what the review (that seemed to last longer than halftime) was, Bo Ryan was upset because after trey burke’s transition bucket, which was set up by hustle plays from Novak and Stu. Novak went to high five Stu and hit busawitz (or however u spell his name) on accident. Immediatly after, Novak apologized, but Bo Ryan still insisted that the refs go to the monitor to try to get Novak out of the game. Rather than challenging his kids to match the effort from Novak and Stu, he whined to the refs in an attempt to dismiss the Novak. 

    • rlcBlue

      “or however u spell his name”

      Today, at least, it’s spelled Bruisedtwit.

  • Jimmy

    Stu Douglass! 30 minutes, 5 points on 1-1 shooting, 5 steals, no turnovers.  Love him or hate him, this is a great performance from our 6th man and team leader.

  • gamerleg22

    torrent?  miss it most of it due to work sigh.  GO BLUE!    f bo ryan  hes aw whiner.

  • Gö Blau

    Take that, Pomeroy! 

    • MGoTweeter

      funny, that was my first thought walking back to the car after the game

  • GregGoBlue

    Excellent defensive game today. Several times we defended to the last second of the shot clock and forced a turnover or a bad shot. We also were very active on the defensive glass for most of the game, I thought, and credit THJr for being a big part of that with his double-double.
    Complete game from our team today, and it started on the defensive end. 

  • Alex

    Great game. Should be a good game by the end of the year. Take the NW and Iowa games and we are in a good position.