Indiana 73, Michigan 71

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan never folded and kept battling but Indiana was just too much down the stretch at Assembly Hall. Post game coverage coming soon, post game discussion in the comments below.

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  • Indiana_Matt

    We could’ve been better. I think we win by 10 at home.

    • Joshmofo1

      It’ll be a lot closer than this :). We’ll have Sheehey back! 

      • Indiana_Matt

        ok. that’s true. wolverines by 9 :)

        • Joshmofo1

          You’re smart!

  • Stu Cazzo

    Just didn’t get enough good shots in that last couple minutes after the game was tied at 68. Woulda been really nice to get that one, and I love the way boys battled.

  • Joshmofo1

    IU fan here. 

    I think this game talks a lot to heart and battle of Michigan. There were moments, especially early, that I thought this game would be a complete blow out. Even when we went up 10 late, I thought we would finally put it away big. But Michigan battled back hard, and showed that you wanted it more than the Hoosiers it seems. 

    You limited Zeller and Watford at the end of the game, which forced VJ3 to make some dumb plays which really killed us, and you finally got Burke and Hardaway involved. I’m looking forward to the rematch! I think it will be close again. 

    • Joel_C

      Thank you for actually posting intelligent comments and not trolling. It was a very well-fought game on both sides and I am really proud of how our team battled back. I initially thought Indiana was the 3rd best team in the conference but with the way Wisconsin’s playing I gotta put them 2nd right now, behind only OSU (I don’t think IU will win in Columbus but we’ll see).

  • DingoBlue

    it’s incredible that the final score was so close.  If we get one-two more stops on D, different game, despite the ugliness.  Good effort boys!

  • FLiPCiTyBLuE

    Plenty of good shots to take the lead, seemed like it was meant to be…just wasn’t. Good fight boys, GO BLUE!

  • gpsimms

    Well, Trey Burke had to play like a true freshman eventually.  Terrible game from him and Timmy, they tried hard, but Trey had many terrible decisions, and Timmy needs to make a three.  And if he’s missing his J, he can’t let that effect his effort on d.

    Everyone else played great.  Typical novak, stu was great, and Jordan Morgan was an absolute warrier today.

    • gpsimms

      Overall though, I should say I’m thrilled it was this close, and they fought hard.  It definitely bodes well for the rest of the conference slate.

    • ForeverBlue

      Burke had a tough shooting night but he also had 8 assists and 7 rebounds.  He wasn’t horrible tonight.

      • gpsimms

        A tough shooting night is a little understated.  If he was taking a lot of good shots but missing that is one thing, but he worked his way into the lane and drew double teams and forced up extremely tough shots many times.  Those are turnovers, we had 0 chance at rebounds on any of those.

        Also, he missed most of his free throws.  I love love love Trey, but I do think he was terrible tonight.  And it’s not that he didn’t play hard or anything, he just played like a true freshman in the toughest arena in the country.

        • gpsimms

          He missed all of his freethrows, I guess.  Anyway, just my epinion.

          • Living4justmejustme

            Trey tied Wortford for the second leading rebounder behind Morgan and he led both teams with 8 assist. Yes, it was uncharacteristic for him to miss 4 FT but a “terrible performance” is a bit much….As you stated, “just my epinion”…or “opinion” 

          • gpsimms

            if it’s on the internet, it’s an e-pinion.

  • ChathaM

    I thought that the vast majority of Michigan mistakes were characteristic ones (eg.- foolish pass by Morgan, poor shot selection by Hardaway). That’s not a knock on the players per se; more an observation that UM didn’t play poorly at all, and that the players probably know exactly in which areas they need to improve. I’d say that the only player who made some uncharacteristic mistakes tonight was Burke, and he clearly deserves a pass when you consider the environment.

    The best thing to take away from this game, IMO, is that UM scored in the 70’s against a  good team, on the road. That alone gives me a lot of optimism going forward.    

  • Hokeisit

    If I had my way those officials would burn in hell for how they called that game.  Thou shall not lie.  Thou shall not steal.  Thou shall not bear false witness.  It’s not just a good idea…Its the law.

    • Joel_C

      Could be a little harsh

      • rlcBlue

        True; they should merely toast in Pinckney.


    Holy 300 plus comments in the OT. Definitely a good indicator of the quality this blog provides. Love the content.

    All that said, we had our shot. Those kids battled so hard. Wish THJ could make a 3 though. Feb. 1st we will take IU at Crisler. Going. DOWN.

  • Indiana played pretty terrible besides the efforts from Watford and Zeller. Neither team played very good in my opinion but both teams still made some big plays. IU missing the front end of a one and one to go up 5 or 6 and Michigan hits an NBA three to cut it to one. Entertaining but not a very good effort by IU besides the two aforementioned players. Both teams are very good though. 

    Also, ” we win at home by ten.” That’s not a smart comment. Every game is different, and teams are feeling different coming into different games. If the teams played tomorrow, maybe. But they don’t play for a month. Depends heavily on who is healthy, who is hot, etc. 

    • maxwell’s demon

      Well Watford played out of his goddamn mind, so that maybe makes up for some of their careless team turnovers.

      • Watford has played ” out of his mind” a lot recently. He’s just a tough match-up for a lot of teams. 

    • Indiana_Matt

      I think your comments are even handed. But here was my thinking:

      Jan. 8 – IU smokes PSU. UM pulls out a close one to a slumping Wisc.
      Jan. 11 – UM defeats NW.
      Jan. 12 – IU smokes Minn at home (of course).
      Jan. 14-24 UM loses at Iowa but then picks up three straight wins (MSU, Ark, PU).
      Jan. 15- 26 IU loses bad at OSU then loses at Nebraska by a buzzer beater. They crawl back to Assembly hall and beat PSU by 9. Then they lose by 10 at Wisc.
      Jan. 29 – IU pounds Iowa at home and gains a little swagger back, but it is the kind that you can tell won’t last. Michigan finally knocks off OSU on the road in an extremely close game.
      Jan. 30 – Zack Novak meets the woman he will marry. Cody Zeller hits his head on a door frame.
      Jan. 31 – Trey Burke has best sandwich of his life. Christian Watford breaks a tooth eating a sandwich that is mediocre at best.
      Feb. 1 – Michigan wins by 10.
      Feb. 12 – the Walking Dead returns and the changes in writers/ show runner makes a huge difference. Zombies are fun again.

      • gpsimms

        you’re not the_knowledge’s top friend, so i think you will not be accurate.

        • Indiana_Matt

          I am not exactly sure what that means. What’s with the underscore :)

          • gpsimms

            he’s this dude that makes predictions on mgoblog.  his schtick is that he lives in the future.  he is hilarious.

          • Indiana_Matt

            haha. will have to check it out. I only read this blog.

            don’t worry. I will not make another attempt at this type of humor.

          • gpsimms

            fwiw i still thought it was funny

          • Brad Stone

            Made me laugh

      • Joshmofo1

        I stopped reading when you said IU loses to Nebraska.. I started again and stopped when you said IU gets smoked at OSU, yet Michigan wins at OSU. 

        • Indiana_Matt

          The OSU thing felt a little like wishful thinking as I was typing it. But we have played OSU close in recent games. I think they will be extremely focused on IU for payback.

          • Joshmofo1

            I agree with you. I’m very very scared for that game.. OSU has a bad habit of murdering teams who beat them.. 

          • Indiana_Matt

            I just have to say, I called IU losing to Nebraksa. I called it!!! Haha.

  • eddieben

    Someone mentioned this earlier, but that game looked a lot like Duke in Round 3 last year. So close despite being so far the whole game. Good fight. Go Blue.

    • Indiana_Matt

      Gosh. You’re right. That’s very true.

  • D-Train

    Tough loss.  Despite the decent numbers we put up, we just didn’t hit enough open shots, especially Tim and Trey.  They just couldn’t get it going.  It also felt like the offense wasn’t flowing like it usually does.  Defensively, Watford is a really tough match-up for us.  We don’t have anyone with his height and athletic ability.  Looking forward to the rematch in February.

  • kainkitizen

    It was an intense game minus the bad moments from both teams.  The big ten is looking really good and it’s going to be extremely competitive.  The team from the south has their hands full this season with being first in the conference.  Great game!!  It’s not a bad loss on the record books. 

  • gpsimms

    also, is it just me or did jmo do a pretty damn good job on zeller?  I felt like zeller was getting all of his points on novak (just once i think), smot (lots), and mcclimans…

    maybe i’m wrong about that, but i think morgan had a great game on both ends.

    • ChathaM

      I agree. Morgan was outstanding defensively (as usual). If IU was looking to feed Zeller in the post, they only had a fraction of a second to do it, as Morgan was always quick to deny the entry. Contrast that with the late game possession where Smotrycz simply played behind Zeller, and Zeller got the ball in the lane, and it’s so clear how good Morgan was down there.

  • Alex

    I am somewhat encouraged also. The performance this year vs. last year, against a much better Indiana team, is night and day. I actually think Michigan can win the Big Ten this year or at least finish as one of the top six teams.

    Let’s finally beat Wisconsin that game is much more important. The home games are more important any way.

    Looking forward to rematch.